Basic Programme Information

The following information is important regardless of which Slim & Save plan you follow.


You should consume two to three litres of water per day, this includes the water you use to mix your packs. Please note it can be dangerous to consume large volumes of fluids in a short space of time. In hotter climates or if exercise is undertaken you should adjust extra water to balance against water loss.


Once Ketosis is established tea/coffee can be consumed freely (providing you do not exceed any allocated milk allowance) however, it is not recommended to intake caffeine before ketosis is established. Although rare, caffeine can prevent some people from getting into ketosis.

Food Packs, Meal Packs, Shakes, Bars

Our packs are often referred to as Food Packs, VLCD Weight Loss Sachets or Meal Packs, these terms cover shakes, meals, soups and bars. We often get customers who are confused as to what constitutes a “Meal”. In our literature, website or forums etc, when we reference a Meal Pack we will be referring to one of our food packs which could be a shake, soup, meal or bar. When we refer to the “home-made” meal on the Lifestyle Plan we will refer to it as a “Low Carb Meal”.

Vegetable Allowance Weight

Unless you are using the meal planner (which we recommend), then you will be having 200g of vegetables from the list. This 200g is the cooked weight where applicable.

Over 17st? ( /

Customers over 17st are able to have one extra food pack per day regardless of which plan you are on. Once your weight drops beneath the 17st mark you should revert to the number of food packs stated for that plan. If you are over 17st the extra pack is optional if you need it.

Milk Allowance

The Lifestyle Plan requires you have 150ml of skimmed milk per day, where on the Simplicity Plan the milk is available to use, but is optional.


Our programme is not suitable for anyone who is Lactose Intolerant or has allergens to Soya. If you are Coeliac then please be sure to purchase only from our Gluten Free range.