Exercising On A VLCD

When on a VLCD you can expect your energy levels to be lower than normal, even when in deep ketosis. Due to the lack of glycogen and water in the muscle, performing too much exercise will actually lower your metabolic rate without increasing fat/weight loss. Therefore exercising on a VLCD can be difficult to do correctly. You would benefit by doing 3 to 5 sessions per week of low intensity Aerobic Exercise.

When exercising it is important not to train too intensely. You are fine to train at 60 to 70% of your MHR (Maximum Heart Rate). Maximum heart rate is determined by your age.

Most gym equipment will have sensors for you to see your heart rate or alternatively you could wear a heart rate monitor.

Suitable types of aerobic exercise includes:

Light Aerobic:

Cycling (up to 10mph), golf, low impact aerobics, swimming and walking (3mph).

Moderate Aerobic:

Cross trainer, cycling (over 10mph), jogging, running (5mph).

Please check with your doctor before you start any form of exercising on a VLCD!

Target Heart Rate (THR) Calculator:

To get the maximum benefits whilst exercising on a VLCD, it is best to work at a pre-determined target heart rate. (60 to 70% of MHR (maximum heart rate)

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