Getting Support & Staying On Track

At Slim & Save we know that the benefits of a TFR (total food replacement) diet speak for themselves. But we do recognise that in order to get the fabulous results that our products give you, you need to be totally dedicated.  A TFR (total food replacement) diet is a very hard diet to get started on if you are not 100% focused. Due to the very low calories involved many people will either give up before they enter ketosis or they will sneak little treats/cheats to keep them going.

If you can keep yourself motivated to see through the first three or four days until you enter ketosis you will then see your appetite decrease and the plan get easier. Those who find themselves sneaking a little snack here and there to keep hunger at bay will never achieve ketosis and therefore be continuously hungry throughout their time on the plan.

We would advise if you are reading this before you commence your diet that you pick a day that will give you adequate time to get organised, clear your cupboards and prepare yourself for a couple of hard days ahead.

What happens if I have a ‘lapse’ or ‘fall off the wagon’? Sometimes you may not be able to resist temptation. If this happens then please don’t panic; just forgive yourself and move on. Just think about everything you have achieved so far on your weight loss journey. Consider sitting down and writing a list of all the positive things you feel about being on your Slim & Save plan.

At Slim & Save, we have a dedicated team to answer any questions you may have, keep you motivated and on track.

You can contact us easily via the following methods:

  1. By telephone, call us on 01642 762252
  2. Email, via our ticket system.
  3. Live Help, available on the bottom right-hand side of our website.
  4. Facebook, we have a closed group on Facebook with thousands of members all giving great advice and support.

Please note the forums & Facebook are not always the best place to get an official answer as some posts can be missed. We would recommend that if you require an official response to use methods 1 to 3 listed above.

Our staff are always happy to help and welcome the opportunity to assist you.