Helpful Hints!

For best results, wait until you are mentally prepared before you start a VLCD programme.  Pick the day that you will start and ensure you have at least a couple of days to get motivated and organised before you commence. Pick a day to start when you will be least affected by the possible side effects of starting the diet, i.e. headaches, nausea, tiredness and lack of concentration in the first three to five days.

Do not buy food that you know is going to tempt you!

Keep off the scales! We know how great it feels to see the scales going down but don’t be fooled into thinking you will see a loss everyday because you won’t. Weigh yourself the morning you start 3 times and take the average, do the same weekly thereafter. Getting weighed multiple times per week or even on a daily basis is a recipe for disaster. If you stick to the plan you can be confident of great results without hopping on and off the scales.

Don’t leave it too late to re-order your packs! Although we offer next day delivery occasionally things can go wrong and if you run out of packs it might just be enough to bring you off the plan. You should aim to order your next food packs whilst you still have at least four days supply.

When feeling hungry, remind yourself why you are following the plan and where you want to be in three/four/five months time! Go into our closed Facebook group and get support from other members.

Starving and just need a nibble? Don’t fall prey to a couple of chips or a slice of toast as this will contribute to bringing you out of ketosis and back to increased hunger and further snacking.

If you need to go out then be prepared and take a shaker/water and a shake or a bar with you to easily consume whilst out and about.