Meal Planner

We have a fully-featured meal planning app where you can add all of your daily food intake and monitor your estimated Ketosis level. Your meal planner is created automatically when you create an account at our site, just look for the meal planner tab in the customer area.

When registering for the meal planner you will need to set the plan you are following (Simplicity or Lifestyle)

All of this information is private and only visible by you and our admins (excluding password which is only accessible by you).

Once logged in you can click on meal planner at the top of the page which will then present you with a calendar. Click the day on the calendar that you would like to add entries to. You will then be taken to that day, where you can type the name of the product in the search bar. Select which meal time you will have it at, as well as the quantity you will have of that item before clicking “Add to planner”. You will continue this way for the rest of the products for that day.

The meal planner will give you a running total of how many calories you have had, as well as how many calories are remaining. In addition to this the meal planner is counting your carbohydrates based on your choices and will display your current estimated ketosis level on the left-hand side and provide the following notifications:

  • Green = In Ketosis. (Good)
  • Amber = Risking coming out of Ketosis. (Bad)
  • Red = Over the Carbohydrate threshold. (Extremely bad)

The more you use the Meal Planner the easier you will find it. The biggest benefit of using the meal planner is the extra choice of vegetables and protein sources for those on the Lifestyle plan.