Reward Points

When you purchase from Slim & Save you will get between 1 and 15% of your transaction added back to your account in the form of points. These points represent a monetary value that can be redeemed at checkout against your future orders.*

Achieve between 1% to 15% of order value back in points, based on membership level (See Below).

Membership Levels

As a way of saying thank you for loyalty, Slim & Save offer a loyalty rewards points programme that gives you a percentage of your order value back in points.

The percentage of your rebate will depend on your current membership level:

Membership Levels

Please note:

  • Postage cannot be paid with points.
  • No points gained for postage paid.
  • Not transferable.
  • No cash alternatives.
  • Customers who have not placed an order for 12 months or more will lose any accrued points.
  • Customers who are part of our 999 or NHS Schemes will not incur points on purchases as they are receiving 10% off their order as standard, they will however still gain points on referrals or competitions.