What is Ketosis

Recently there has been a revolution in the world of weight-loss. A process has been discovered that maximises weight-loss safely and efficiently without the need for calorie counting or starvation. That process is called Ketosis.

You may already have heard of Ketosis. Ketosis is a natural process that occurs in our bodies. This feature explains all you need to know about Ketosis. It truly is a weight-loss phenomenon so prepare to be amazed at how Ketosis in conjunction with Slim & Save can help you reach your weight-loss goal faster than you could ever imagine.

Firstly, lets start with the background…

Most people become overweight because they take in more fuel (i.e. food and drink), which is measured in kilocalories, than their body can use. The excess fuel is stored as fat. Fat is usually stored under the skin in areas like hips, thighs and waist and around the vital organs – no surprises there!

When an individual decides to lose weight they usually have three criteria for their choice of weight-loss method. The three criteria are usually:

  1. to lose weight safely
  2. to lose weight quickly
  3. to be able to maintain their new lower weight

Slim & Save’s Very Low Calorie Diets (Lifestyle and Simplicity Plans) meet all three criteria.

Having established that a Very Low Calorie Diet (‘VLCD’) is probably the most efficient way to lose weight, Slim & Save VLCDs incorporate Ketosis. That’s why so many people have lost weight quickly and safely with us. (Click on the following link if you want to read about the Benefits of a Very Low Calorie Diet ‘VLCD’)

So how does Ketosis work?

When you are eating conventional food which is normally high in carbohydrates (i.e. you are not on a weight-loss plan or diet) your body will make energy by converting kilocalories in your body. The production of glucose is involved in this process and is stored as glycogen. When you are on a VLCD, your level of glucose becomes depleted as your kilocalorie and carbohydrate intake is reduced significantly. On a VLCD your body will automatically take its energy directly from your fat stores (hips, thighs and waist etc). In summary, when you are on a VLCD your body naturally uses up or ‘burns’ your existing body fat (which is why you lose weight so quickly).

Ketosis- How Ketosis WorksTechnically speaking, your body usually takes its energy from three places: conventional food that you have recently eaten, glycogen and existing fat stores. Taking energy from recently eaten food, which contains carbohydrates, is usually the first port of call for your body. If you are on a VLCD you will not have ‘eaten’ conventional food (e.g. carbohydrates) so your body will need to go elsewhere for its energy. Glycogen is the next port of call as it is a type of sugar that is stored in your liver and muscles. After about three days your glycogen stores will be used up and your body will start to take its energy directly from your stores of body fat. On a Slim & Save VLCD you will be consuming fewer kilocalories than you require. You will therefore be using your fat reserves without even trying.

When your existing body fat reserves are used