VLCD – Health Check Questionnaire

You are only required to answer this questionnaire once every 12 months. Should your health status change please revisit the questionnaire via your account page.

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 Are you under 18 or over 75? 
 Are you pregnant, given birth in the last 12 weeks or breastfeeding? 
 Do you have an allergy to lactose, milk or soya? 
 Will you be drinking any alcohol whilst on plan? 
 Do you have Type 1 diabetes, liver or kidney disease or any other serious illness? 
 Do you suffer from any form of epilepsy, acute or chronic renal failure? 
 Do you suffer from porphyria? 
 Do you suffer from any psychotic illness, severe depression or bipolar disorder? 
 Do you have a serious heart condition or had a heart attack in the last 12 weeks? 
 Have you undergone major surgery in the last 12 weeks? 
 Have you ever suffered with an eating disorder? 
 Do you believe you have any health condition which you have not yet spoken to your doctor about? 
 Have you checked with your doctor that a VLCD is suitable for you, and you agree to be regularly monitored by your doctor? 
 Have you read and agree to the Slim & Save Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Allergen Policy? 

You have either not completed the questionnaire or your answers indicate that you are not suitable to follow a VLCD programme. You will not be able to continue through to the checkout based on your answers

Answer questions to proceed

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