10,000 Facebook Group Members Celebration!

We are very excited and proud to announce that we have reached 10,000 members on our Official Facebook Group. What a fantastic milestone!

Since we evolved in 2008 our members past and present have helped build an incredible community and we have seen so many members progress on their weight loss journey and reach their goals. There have been some really amazing success stories that we have loved sharing.

All 10,000+ members are extremely valued in our Facebook group, and we love to hear from you. It’s a great platform to provide quick answers to your questions about the Slim & Save plans, as well as allowing members to share their knowledge and tips on the best way to stay focused whilst on plan! We also love to hear the Non Scale Victories (NSV’s), your incredible transformations, the weight you have lost, the new clothes you have fit into, and the goals you want to achieve when you get to your goal weight. It’s also great to see people making friends and buddying up to help each other along the way, and forming friendship groups, and even meeting one another if you’re close by.

We have worked really hard and have undergone many positive changes over recent years. We are extremely proud of you all and we hope that once you reach your goals you will continue to share your advice and experiences.

So to all our incredible members, we would like to show our appreciation and thank you all. Here’s looking forward to the next 10,000 members!

Not a member of our Official Facebook Group yet? It’s a closed group so any posts you make can only be seen by the members in the group.


  1. Can’t wait to get started again after having a baby. Slim and save meant I lost enough weight to have ivf and I am forever thankful.

  2. I think reaching 10,000 group members is a testament to how supportive the slim and save staff and the group members are to one another x x keep up the great work x x

  3. This is the first diet i have been on with support and help from day 1 it was a massive help to me in the first instance as i have never been confident about losing weight i was made to feel at ease and not like a freak i went on to lose 52 lbs plus and felt like i had a helping hand all the way i am so grateful to sns for all the help n support i had to help me to goal i could not have done this on my own

  4. well done on reaching 10000 sns has literally gave me a new lease of life I went from 16stones to 11stones I suffered with thyroid issues and to my doctors confusion since my weightloss my thyroid has sorted it self out so no longer on medication, I have tons of energy and I now I’m so broke because I love clothes shopping I have so much confidence and enjoy my sexy dresses for our girly nights out this has defo been my year Iam one fit slim and confident young woman and all thanks to this amazing diet. THANK YOU

  5. Well done you guys not only do you help people win the fight against their weight troubles but also help them win their confidence back with the excellent motivation and support that is always at hand. Here’s to my 10.000 SNS fb family and a great big welcome to the next 10.000. Congratulations.

  6. Congratulations on reaching 10,000 members! The level of support from staff and other members on this group is amazing and so motivating! Seeing people’s successes and how they deal with any small setbacks helps you realise you’re not alone, you can do it and that no one is going to belittle or put you down! I love it! 🙂

  7. By far the best weightloss plan ive used, brill customer service and everyone on the fb group page is always there to help and encourage x

  8. Sns is a diet so GREAT
    all portioned out, ready to go on your PLATE.
    Just open your packet,
    then to the kettle just tap it .
    a few minutes later with
    a mix or a shake there it is ready
    NOT EVEN SANTA shall take ,
    for it is delicious sometimes looking a little suspicious, but down goes the weight …so I go tell my mates,
    SNS is my hero ,if you haven’t tried it yet go give it a try , no one ever judges coz we all started at zero …. ……
    it’s not great but it is 3.37am and I couldn’t sleep lol…merry Christmas everyone.

  9. This is the best plan I have ever used to lose weight and to maintain and at 71 years I have tried them all. The fact that I can come onto Facebook and read all the tips, comments, ideas and success stories is so motivating.

    The S and S team are second to none and I cannot praise them highly enough.

    Thank You for being here 24/7.

    Helen x

  10. Being on a VLCD can be a bit lonely, but this Slim and Save group is a friendly community that makes me feel less alone on my journey. Thank you!

  11. You really do help so many people get their freedom back, and all your support is amazing always there when need, well done to you all and roll on the next 10,000 people you help to lose weight x

  12. Thanks to the support I get from the FB it means that while my daughter and friend are sat here drinking Prosecco and eating Doritos and my favourite dip I’ve got the willpower to not join them and am sat eating pickled onions! Lol

  13. This is an amazing group Facebook chat and admin are all very helpful go out there way to sort things the support is amazing …Thank you S&S …

  14. Moving the support groups onto Facebook was an amazing thing to do. You feel like there is always someone to talk to. The support team are amazing on here too always there to answer any questions. Well done slim and save

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