60-Day Countdown to Christmas.

Dare we say it? Its nearly that time again where Christmas and New Year parties are hopefully back on the agenda. Do you need that extra motivational push to help keep you on track and ready to Rock around the Christmas Tree? Whether you are planning on going wild and letting your hair down to party this Christmas, or simply want to feel confident in your own skin to enjoy the festive season with loved ones, we hope this challenge will keep you going over the next eight weeks.

We will be having three main categories for this challenge as follows:

  • Most Supportive Member
  • Most Inspiring Member
  • Best Overall Improvement

Ninja Foodi

At the end of the challenge, three lucky members will each win a fantastic- Healthy Air Fryer Oven to make delicious fat-free meals!

The challenge will start week commencing Oct 18th and run through to Dec 20th 2021, all entrants must be submitted by the 31st of October 2021. To keep everyone engaged and motivated each week, we will have mini categories where members can win a ten-pack bundle of either shakes, soups, meals or bars along with a copy of the famous “The Beck Diet Solution”. A must read for anyone who struggles with weight gain.

This will be based on engaging and sharing your top tips, enthusiasm, and supporting each over throughout the challenge. Simply a bit of fun to keep everyone going. We will announce the categories for the weekly challenges at the beginning of the week, and the winner will be chosen at random. So you have got to be in it to win it.

Categories for prizes each week for engagement:

  1. Best Reason for not giving up
  2. Best Top Tip
  3. Best Motivational Quote
  4. Best NSV
  5. Best positive attitude
  6. Best Recipe
  7. Best Broken Habit
  8. Best ability to try something new

Why not join the festive fun and enter here.
You can download the poster here.

Good luck from all the S&S Admin Team!


  1. My packs are arriving today. I started yesterday as had some left. Will send in my photo to join the challenge when I’ve got the poster printed.
    1. Best reason for not giving up is that I know it works as I’ve done the plan last year for 13 weeks without cheating! Amazing for me. The benefits are abundantly clear. You feel healthier, more active, good about yourself, motivated by other people commenting on their progress and yours. Personally along with all these my best reason for not giving up is I’m going to become a grandparent to twins and I want to be active in their lives for a very long time. Good luck everyone!

  2. Please count me in for the challenge, my packs are arriving today, really excited to be starting my journey tomorrow morning….. onwards & downwards

  3. I will start the challenge with my 2 beautiful friend’s. Estelle and Penny just a few days later as we’re on holiday.
    Good luck everyone x

  4. I’m 13st 1lb from 18st 7lb my ideal weight for would be 11st 7lb -12st I’m diabetic and would love to be free of it gd lk to each and every one of us fingers crossed

  5. I’m up for this . Team work we can all come together support and motivate one another. The prize would be a bonus but everyone feeling their best is the perfect result.

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