Bye Bye Fatman – 110lb Progress Update

Bye Bye Fatman BeforeI have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager. I have been morbidly obese throughout my adult life most of the time. I lost a serious amount of weight about a decade ago but soon piled on the pounds again. My situation worsened during the global pandemic, as I became separated from my wife and children for over a year – I was working in China and could not return to the UK without losing my job!

During this period, I coped by binge eating and drinking far too much beer. I ballooned to 410lbs (186KG) and upon my return to the UK, I promised my wife and children that I would lose weight and get healthy.

Although I am now on the wrong side of 50 (although I look 37) I have a young family; my children are 6, 3 and 1. I gradually realised that if I want to see my children grow up, I need to improve my health and well-being dramatically. Thus, on 12th July 2021, I embarked on my weight loss journey with Slim & Save.

I have now developed a routine that begins with having a bar for breakfast – my favourites being Crispy Strawberry and Crispy Caramel. I usually swap the bar for porridge or pancake at the weekend. Throughout the day, I will rely on the meals as my staple diet – Chilli Con Carne, Sweet and Sour Noodles and Spaghetti Bolognese are my meals of choice, although I try to vary the meals to get some variety in my diet. I also have the odd Caffe Latte or a Thai Vegetable Soup if I have less time on my hands or fancy a change. I have stuck to the Simplicity Plan for the overwhelming majority of the time. I find it much easier just to use the meals, packs and bars rather than think about what I will eat. And the fact is the diet works! I lose weight every week, and I’m now down to 300lbs (137KG) – meaning I have lost 110lbs or virtually 50KG.

The weight loss has given me a new lease of life. These days I will use the stairs rather than an escalator, pick things off the floor, and cross my legs when sitting on the sofa! Perhaps best of all is that I am now much more comfortable playing rough and tumble games with my children. These Non-Scale Victories inspire me to keep going!

Bye Bye Fatman - ProgressMy journey is far from over. I haven’t set myself a final target, and I will keep going until I feel completely comfortable in my skin. I expect to be on the plan for another four or five months. I don’t rush the weight loss; if I’m hungry, I’ll have an extra meal or a bar. I recognise that I’m on a long-term plan and that patience is the key. I am now quite used to consuming vast quantities of water (as well as copious amounts of tea!) and taking the inevitable frequent toilet breaks!

Time will tell whether or not I have managed to overcome the binge eating disorder from which I have suffered all my life. I have made many changes to my diet and lifestyle that I am hopeful I can maintain when I finally stop relying on Slim & Save products. I may continue to use the water flavours and bars even after I have returned to eating food. Moreover, the fact that I cannot drink alcohol whilst in ketosis has been wonderful for me. I still can’t believe that I haven’t touched a beer for seven months!

One thing that I have found really useful has been to chronicle my weight loss journey on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram under the name bye_bye_fatman The videos help me to stay focused and have provided an amazing visual reminder of how far I have come in seven months. Hopefully, they also help to encourage others who are setting out on a similar quest to radically transform their lives.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone at Slim & Save, and all those who use the Facebook group for their support, advice and encouragement. My journey has never been a lonely one!

Bye Bye Fatman

Looking for motivation and positivity whilst on your journey? Why not follow Bye Bye Fatman on his amazing journey and get motivated by his fantastic attitude and superb dance moves!

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Everyone at Slim & Save is enjoying watching your journey and extremely proud of your progress, we can’t wait to see the next update!


  1. Well done on your journey so far, you have inspired me to get back on the plan. I really struggle at times, but reading this has given me the boost I needed. Good luck with the rest of your journey.

  2. Thank you so much for this, as a binge eater myself I can really resonate with this post. I am currently on day 13 of the diet and am currently doing really well and seeing these posts really give me the motivation to keep going!

  3. Like you I have struggles since my teen years with weight and it just went on and on!
    I became the Funny Fat friend and decided this year that I am going to be the Funny friend.

    Thank you for sharing and I have checked out a few of your videos on youtube and it was has been amazing to see your transformation.

  4. Wow! What an amazing journey you have had so far. I am not on social media so haven’t seen your journey so far but this blog is fantastic and you can really tell how far you have come. I hope you will keep us all posted throughout your journey. What an inspiration.

  5. Fantastic blog! Well done to you, I am just starting my journey and this has given me a great boost. Hopefully in a few months I will be telling my story too 😊

  6. You are an absolute Joy to watch, always positive, entertaining and full of fun. Your journey so far has been amazing have thoroughly enjoyed watching you not take yourself too seriously and have fun on this journey you are on. Keep up the amazing work and I shall look forward to more updates 🙂

  7. Well done. Your story is an inspiration to me. I too am a binge eater so doing this plan works out my portions for me because I lie to myself about what is ok to eat and what isn’t. Alongside my plan I am doing some work on the emotional component of why I eat. This plan is like rebooting our brains and hopefully at the end of our journeys we will have a better relationship with food and ourselves. Thank you for sharing your story

  8. I love watching your videos and following your weight loss journey!
    You have done absolutely amazing and you should be so proud of yourself.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  9. It has been amazing to watch you shrink throughout your journey and to see a little of your personality shine through too!
    and apparently, lose a few years too!!! hehe

    I am so pleased that you decided to share your story with all of the members and I hope that they will be able to see how marvellous you are doing.

    I look forward to seeing many more of your youtube videos of how your journey progresses.

    Keep up the amazing work! Jo

  10. I’ve loved following you on YouTube. You have such a positive approach to this and it certainly reflects in your videos. Losing weight is by nature a very personal thing and it takes a great deal of courage and generosity to share your story with us. Thank you so much.

  11. Been watching your Youtube videos and I can’t believe how well you have done and it seems extremely quick when looking from the outside in, probably feels longer for you but you should be very proud of your current achievements. I look forward to your regular updates, keep it going!

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