Competition Winner Vanessa Hardcastle Spa Day Fun

Vanessa was one of 5 lucky winners in our Summer 2016 Challenge. The summer challenge which ran from January until the 31st of July 2016 was designed to give our members extra motivation to get in shape for summer. To see Vanessa’s before and after pictures please click here.

Vanessa says

Thanks for picking me for this wonderful prize. What a pick up, we had a lovely day starting off with a full body massage followed by a fantastic steak lunch and a swim in the pool.

Since losing the weight, thanks to Slim & Save, I wouldn’t of been seen dead in a swim suit, but I felt great and more confident. It’s also great that getting around, up and down stairs, etc. I’m not out of breath anymore like I used to be when I was carrying all that weight.

It’s really nice just feeling normal and being able to buy a size 14. I’ve gone on to lose another stone since the competition ended, so once again, THANKS Slim & Save, I couldn’t of done it with out you. 


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