Don’t let the scales rule your day; they aren’t telling the whole story!

Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with the scales? Do you weigh every day or keep to a strict weekly weighing routine? Do you have to stop yourself from jumping on the scales at every opportunity? Or, do you simply avoid the scales altogether?

We all know it’s so exciting to see how great we are doing when trying to lose weight and just can’t wait to jump on the scales to see if all our hard work has paid off. Then, Wham! you get up in the morning and straight after that first visit to the toilet, you jump on those scales and cry “No way, what is going on, they have gone up by a couple of pounds since just yesterday!!”

You start to think “OMG what have I done?” You start questioning everything you did the day before, what you ate and drank, when you ate, whether it was hot or cold out, what time you went to bed, what could have affected your hard earned results so dramatically? You unrealistically conclude that the diet doesn’t work and all your hard work has been in vein! And now to top it off you are in a rotten mood; all because of a number on the scales, which is now dictating how good or bad your day is going to be. Sound familiar?

But let me tell you a secret that not everyone knows about…

Weight fluctuations, whether they are up or down they are perfectly normal and happen to everyone. They can be caused by many different factors, such as what you have eaten, excessive salt intake, water retention, constipation as well as hormonal changes. These fluctuations do not come from body fat and can be water, waste products or other substances that are only temporarily present in your body and can cause a temporary weight increase of up to 5 pounds a day.

Yes, I know it`s scary but as I have said, it is perfectly normal as your system is processing the foods, fluids and salt that you consume. These will all contribute to your weight, even if you have eaten more that you should, your true body weight should not show significant increase overnight. Actual true weight gain/loss is a process that occurs over a longer period of time.

Just to show you how dramatically the scales can alter, I took on a challenge myself to weigh each day and report the findings. This was a challenge and a half I must tell you, as I never weigh myself. I usually gage my body weight by how my clothes fit, but as you can see my weight was up and down like a yoyo; and I’m now aware that I do fluctuate regularly around 3-4 lbs. Today I am back at around 9st 10lbs, which is “my normal” for me.

Week 1

  • 01/02/20 – 9st 8lb 6oz
  • 02/02/20 – 9st 10lb 6oz
  • 03/02/20 – 9st 11lb 4oz
  • 04/02/20 – 9st 10lb 8oz
  • 05/02/20 – 9st 8lb 9oz
  • 06/02/20 – 9st 10lb 8oz
  • 07/02/20 – 9st 11lb 6oz

Week 2

  • 08/02/20 – 9st 11lb 2oz
  • 09/02/20 – 9st 11lb 8oz
  • 10/02/20 – 9st 10lb 6oz
  • 11/02/20 – 9st 10lb 8oz
  • 12/02/20 – 9st 11lb
  • 13/02/20 – 9st 11lb 6oz
  • 14/02/20 – 9st 11lb

Week 3

  • 15/02/20 – 9st 10lb
  • 16/02/20 – 9st 11lb 2oz (I’m sure you are getting the idea!)

Understanding that these fluctuations are completely natural will help you understand the dynamics of your body, so if you are going to weigh daily, (and no this is not an excuse for you all to do so, as a weekly weigh in will give you a more accurate result ) just keep a track of the numbers by monitoring them so you get used to your own personal buffer and aren`t disappointed when you do see an increase because it’s likely it’s predominately just water.

I do need to point out that I am not on plan and have continued with my normal diet and daily activities such as bike riding each weekend and walking the dog 3 miles each evening. However, this little experiment does go to show that the scales do not tell the whole picture. Moreover, what the scales haven’t told you is how your health is improving, that you will have certainly lost inches, are enjoying dropping clothes sizes, people are starting to notice you are looking different, and you are gaining in confidence in yourself if only you would stop tracking the numbers so rigidly.

So, to sum up don`t take to heart what the scales are telling you, relax and once you understand how your body works your journey will be much more enjoyable!


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By Joanne Jones, Customer Care Advisor


  1. I find that weighing everyday might not help me lose weight but it helps in me not picking up weight! I know it is not for everyone however it os one tool that I use and know works.

  2. I do not own a set of scales and I am shielding at this present time, therefore I rely on a pair of trousers I bought in January which I could not zip up or fasten. I am glad to say I can do both now. I started Slim & Save on the 20th April .

  3. Your comments are so helpful. I’m just moving from another VLCD to this plan and found daily weigh-ins were completely throwing me off plan. I’d gain pounds out of nowhere and started to feel a sense of injustice! Having read your strategies, I think I’m going to try a monthly weight in…first of every month. I’ll try to experience the loss through how my clothes feel, how I feel in myself. Even a bad weekly weigh-in makes me feel wronged- there is no way I won’t lose in a week. It’s on! Good luck everyone.

  4. Thank you all for commenting on my Blog!

    I hope my daily fluctuations have given you all a little more understanding into how our bodies work and that they are perfectly normal, so there is no need to panic if you are weighing a little too frequently 😉

    Kindest regards,

    Jo x

  5. The scales broke so hubby went a nd bought a new set . Thanks for that. So the date is set for the diet to start. Monday morning kids off to school scales out OMG. How did i gagin that much. Now im questioning the scales .Are you accurate. Was it a new battery. Lets move it and weigh again the floor might be uneven. No the fact that my knickeres were getting snug should have told me a world of bad news . They are right . Dam you scales. But the kick i need chatting to my daughter she been on s&s for a short time and lost 27 lb so im looking to start s&s as soon as my packs arrive. Now where did my hubby go , must thank him for the now scales

  6. So at the risk of being controversial and unpopular I have an alternative/ reframed view of weighing and scales…….

    I love what Jo has done a s it certainly does highlight those day to day fluctuations that can throw us off track.

    However I do believe that just like there is a correct diet plan and fit for each individual, the sane is true for weighing habits.

    Honestly – I do weigh everyday. I wish I didn’t and I wish I was less obsessed by it but for the reasons below it keeps me safe and in track…, recently I’ve been less panicking about the numbers and also taking into account how I look in the mirror but the reality is the numbers do matter otherwise was losing 15 stone so significant if numbers don’t matter??

    Funnies??? I confess I have regularly weighed, gone to the loo and weighed again- we all do that right?? Will only weigh on one particular tiles on the floor, the results on other tiles don’t count! I’ve weighed after a shower just in case it made a difference lol

    The truth for me??

    It’s a lot easier to make lots of tiny changes and corrections along your journey rather than ignore the feedback and find yourself off course and miles of track and having to back track. Not keeping an eye and avoidance is how I got fat so start with.

    There is of course argument around day to day fluctuations, but consistently stepping on the scale focus on TRENDS over a period of time and in response to changes.

    It’s true you can’t spend all your time obsessing and focusing on what the scales say. (And this is one area I need to develop more confidence and balance) BUT you can’t spend your life driving with your eyes closed either.

    For me weighing regularly keeps me safe, in touch with how I’m doing, accountable, informing my journey, a reason to keep planning. It gives me a focus and plan for the day.

    The key is ensuring you manage wherever the result is and not allow it to define you or sabotage you. It’s merely an informant, you are still in control of your reaction and response.

    My own experience is less frequent weigh in leads to avoidance and loss of accountability for plan and eventually derailment!!

    I understand the reasons for not weighing everyday, not getting obsessed with it, but just like everything I strongly believe what is right for one might not be for another.

    At this moment weighing everyday is maybe not the healthiest thing but it’s right for me so I’m happy to be scale shamed lol!

  7. I don’t weigh myself anymore. Over many years. I have come to realise that those numbers are pretty meaningless for me and don’t reflect how I look and how I feel. Setting a goal of weight based on a point in time where my body was a completely different composition, and shape now seems silly. Weighing can both motivate and demotivate, and it can be dangerous to fixate. If it works as a motivational tool, great, but if you know that it can trigger a disappointment, then best to avoid. Looking and feeling better, a growing inner confidence, wearing clothes that fit better and feel less tight, can feel way better than a small shift in numbers of the scale. Try it, you might finally feel liberated!

  8. I’m maintaining now but I used to weigh every Monday morning, just out of bed and always half asleep. One particular morning the puppy was desperate to go for a pee so picked her up then decided to weigh quickly first. Was horrified at the weight I had put on and almost went into melt down until I realized I had picked the puppy up but not put her down before stepping on the scales. That woke me up for sure !!

  9. I am a slave to my scale. It’s mine and I refuse to let anyone else use it. Lol I find that if I weigh myself in the morning first thing, it does help my day. I also can see if it did go up I’ll know where I went wrong. Yes I know it can make me a monster on bad weigh ins. But I usually do extra better by drinking more water and doin a bit of exercise. I also am a kinda naked weigher! I will step on scale and if I think it should be lower, I’ll glance out window removed my pj’s and be stalkers in my kitchen!! Lol it does pay off most of the time. It’s slow goin but I am determined to get to my goal. It does help u learn what ur body can tolerate and what it can’t. The diet is fabulous and I’m off to a great start. I figure if I keep an eye on my weight even when I’m not dieting, it won’t get outta control again. I’ve made that promise to myself. Thanks slim n save for giving me hope again. Xx

  10. I used to hide the scales and try to pretend my size didnt bother me.

    Now I am s&s I weigh in on Thurs every week and feel so motivated seeing the number on the scales going down every week. If im struggling during the week I may have a cheeky weigh in on Sun or Mon to keep me going. I have never been so excited to get on the scales and see the numbers going down….

    The scales are no longer hidden from sight they’re my friend and im happier than ive been for a long time

  11. Since being on the diet my weigh day is Monday but every time I’m in the bathroom I’m staring at the scales like mad just wanting to jump on them but doing this will ruin my nice surprise come Monday so I’ve got in the habit of jumping on the scales mid week in a heavy dressing gown pockets stuffed with any heavy items to hand including tv remotes haha just to see if with all that extra weight I’m still lighter than the previous weigh-in haha super exciting when you are and you just know the next monday is going to be a good day

  12. hi
    i have my own little way for the my weighing.Every saturday morning between around 11am – 12.only get weighed once a week.Dont have any thing to drink or eat before my weigh in.So the body is empty lol .Just get weighed in underwear and ask the wife to look at the scales . i know sounds crazy but this is my routine. Ive lost 3 stone 11 lbs in 8 weeks.If i can any one can.Good luck to all on there Journey
    Keep strong

    Regards Rob

  13. Before I weigh, I have a bath and exfoliate. Then I take off every piece of jewellery, apart from my wedding ring. I take off my glasses and then realise I can’t see the number on the electronic scales. So, I have to put my contact lenses in as obviously they weigh less than glasses!! Finally I stand on the scales See what my weight is and then lean my hands against the wall until the scale says what I want it to say, that makes me feel great!!

  14. I weigh on a Monday morning. I do occasionally if having a shower first thing and no little people bothering me jump on but I take what is says with a pinch of salt as Monday is my day. I think the scales can sometimes cause major issues as they don’t always tell the truth. Probably best to measure and resist to a weekly weigh-in ideally at the same time roughly. I think for women things like the monthly cycle can cause your weight to increase so I think again don’t be ruled by what it says. You know your own body and if you are doing it right the weight will come off, try not to compare yourself and be proud of what we are all doing. Trying to lose weight for a healthy you is the best thing x

  15. I have been a twice daily weigh-er for as long as i can remember. When the number is DOWN I am elated and get ready for work in a good mood then when the number is UP I am left with such a low mood that every item of clothing gets tried on before I leave the house. My mood then affects everyone else at home. The trouble with both of these situations is when I’m happy with the figure on the scale I feel I have a bit of room to eat some naughty treats so jeopardise my weight loss attempts, and when I’m unhappy with the figure I then resort to emotional eating with the attitude of “why do I even bother”! ALL of this happening because of those pesky little digits on those scales! Since starting SNS 34 days ago I have vowed to weigh monthly and that is exactly what I have done..100% on plan to date and i firmly put my focus, will power and determination down to NOT jumping on those scales!

  16. I weigh myself once a week on a Saturday morning (after a morning wee). I don’t want to get too obsessed, demotivated or complacent so try not to get on the scales any more than that. I am 5weeks in on the simplicity plan and 1stone 2lbs down and feeling great. 5 weeks to go and one more stone to lose. S&S has given me the tools to control my weight, both now and in the future (I am planning on a 5/2 S&S maintenance approach after finishing the simplicity stage) thank you x

  17. Well done you for doing that ,me I hate the scales ,I will weigh on the first day then maybe 3/4 weeks !!! They give me the right hump !!!!

  18. I used to weigh every day, after every toilet trip!!!
    Then I used to try and just weigh once a week. And maybe have a sneak peek during the week.
    However currently I’m weighing every two weeks because I realise that what the scales say even each week can make or break me. And I don’t want to have them rule my life and my mood.
    If I didn’t like what I saw before it could throw me off my diet completely and I don’t want that anymore.

    So I’m trying to fix my relationship with food and the scale and go by how I feel and how my clothes feel. I feel now I’m more in tune with my body and the changes I am seeing in the mirror and in my clothes.

  19. I only weigh weekly. Although on that day the scales always start and end in the same place, I move them to various spots in the house to check it stays the same.

  20. I started my diet on a Sunday and weighed and measured myself then. After weighing myself a few times during the first week and not finding any change I was very dispirited and gave up until the next Sunday. When I found I had lost two pounds I was reasured something was happening. Have only measured on the Sunday morning since so as not to get disenhearted and two pounds seems to be quite regular now. Slowly but surely and I am pleased the weight is gradually coming off. I only need to lose two stone to get back to the weight I was in my twenties. The main aim is to reverse the type 2 if I can.

  21. I weigh myself every Monday morning & on the slim and save diet I will always loose 1kg or more each week.
    So I love getting on the scales.

  22. I weigh everyday and to be honest I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon. I dont find it affects my mental attitude to weight loss as I know fluctuations happen… if anything it spurs me on to get results!
    We all have to find our own way of following a weight loss plan and one persons way wont match another’s and this works for me!

  23. I used to be obsessed with the number on the scales and weighed at least once a day. This was really not good for me. My mood was so relient on that number, it could turn a good day bad instantly, which often lead to poor food choices too.

    About a year ago I forced myself to stop, I only allowed myself to weigh once a week, and between times I removed the scale batteries so it was a bigger effort to cheat.

    I thought I would find this so hard, but in fact I even stopped weighing every week. I started to notice the changes in my body shape and the way clothes fitted a lot more.

    I’ve now lost 7st 7lb and I only weigh maybe every 3-4 weeks. I don’t need that number to validate my progress anymore, and the mood swings that went with it are gone too. It’s still not an easy journey but it’s much less stressful now.

  24. I must admit I do have a sneak peek the first couple of days on week 1. Thankfully this week always shows losses. But on the rare occasion I check after that I know to ignore if a gain as more often than not you get a nice surprise on day 7 each time but it is hard to ignore if it’s a big swing.
    Now I try and avoid the urge to weigh more than once a week as it can be demotivating and I don’t want to get into the “oh well it’s already gone up might as well cheat”mindset

  25. I used to hide away from the scales. I didn’t need to see what they said to know I was putting on weight, I was well aware of that! To then be faced with having to know what I was starting at was a bit of a sticking point for me, I had to face reality and face the numbers. Having the knowledge I had reached an all time low (or high) with my weight was extremely shocking. Although I knew I was putting weight on, I was not aware to the extent. So I started sns again, I had previously lost 5 and a bit stone on plan, had to come off plan for 2 operations in quick succession, the weight hurtled back on as the one of the operations didn’t have the desired outcome, and all will power left the building!! Before I knew it I was above where I had started the first time. So here we were, needing to have confirmation that the weight was coming off, and the urge to weigh a lot of the time was almost as compelling as wanting to eat all the wrong stuff. Time to sort out this will power. So now I weigh once a week, I’m a fairly slow loser. This in its self can be a hurdle as there is even more need to ‘check’ that the weight is coming off. I now look forward to a Monday morning to see those wonderful numbers!

  26. I try to weigh myself weekly (and I only note down my weekly weights) but I do sometimes take a sneaky weigh at other points too. No idea why, as I agree that it fluctuates completely and can ruin or make my day. Due to several lapses in February, my month to month weight was only down 2.5lbs, but my monthly measurements showed a loss of half an inch round my waist, an inch round my hips and losses everywhere else (except my left thigh and my left forearm, which had stayed the same). Ultimately, it is the measurements which make us slim, not our weight, so I was really happy with that. Properly back on plan again now though, and my last weekly weigh showed a drop of 4.5lbs. It’s all relative, and I am still over a stone lighter than I was at the start of the year!

  27. I have been a daily weigher for years. Jumping on and off the scales 3 times to get an average. Only ever in the nude and after I have been to the toilet. I totally agree that this is detrimental to my mindset as a ‘bad’ result will demotivate me and a good result can sometimes make me complacent.

    So this time I’m doing it differently. I’ve got hubby to hide the scales and only give them back on a Thursday evening ready for Friday morning. I’m only ‘allowed’ to get on them once and that’s the weight I record. Last week was the biggest test as my loss was low but I stuck to my new rules.

    I know the scales are around, I could go looking but I’m practicing resistance to all temptation.

  28. I tend to weigh myself everyday but only the weight on Thursday morning goes on my chart if I find that I have gained a pound or two then that only makes me more determined to try harder and I know I’ll be resuming my downward trend within a day or so more important to me is my measurements especially the ratio between waist and hips and BMI. The main thing is keep positive, remember that a small gain is not a backward step just a pause for breath before continuing the journey.

  29. I’m afraid I have been in the habit of weighing most days. Every day when I first started back in September, because seeing the weight literally dropping off was a huge motivation to keep going. Then it stopped dropping off so dramatically and you are absolutely right, it was depressing to see and knocked me off a bit and then I tended to eat more than I should. Nowadays I still weigh most days, but since I know there isn’t going to be a noticeable weight loss every day I no longer let me put that off. I guess I had to learn for myself that letting the lack of weight loss put me off does NOT help and a stalled weight loss just goes on and on…..I only mark up my chart once a week (or at least if I do mark up other days, I remove those entries so I can see what I have lost in a week) and that is what I judge the results on now. It’s working for me……3 stones+ lost to date – and added to the 24lbs I lost on SnS between Sept 2016 and Feb 2017 (which loss I maintained until last September) means I am not very far short of being 5 stones lighter than I was at my heaviest.

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