Finding Your Why

Finding your “Why?”

Finding your why

Are you finding it hard to stick to plan, hit your goals, and is your motivation waning? Well, you are not alone, it happens to us all at the best of times and a little tweak to your thought process may help you to achieve all of the above.

Now might just be the right time to relight your fire and get your Mojo excited again! Even though you have all the weight loss tools available to you on your Slim & Save account, including access to all our support networks, live chat, support tickets, and Facebook groups to help keep you motivated, there is one more vital tool you need – and that is finding your “Why?”

What is a “Why?” you ask, isn’t that the same as a goal? No, they are not the same. A “Why?” is the reason or reasons for wanting to lose weight, whereas a goal is something to aim for.

Be clear about your Why? List the reasons why you want to lose weight and why it is important to you. It could be to improve your health, avoid getting T2 diabetes or put it into remission. Maybe you want to lose weight to get pregnant, come off a certain medication, become more confident in your skin, go on that trip of a lifetime without the stress of having to ask for a seatbelt extender on the plane. You may want to look good naked for yourself or your partner, tired of not being able to wear that outfit as it doesn’t come in your size. There are numerous “Whys” that are important and specific only to you. Ask yourself how your life would be different if you were healthier and slimmer?

Now write them down somewhere you can access them daily. Write them in your journal or on your phone. Get a post-it note and stick it on the fridge, on your computer screen or your dressing table, or even as a screensaver on your phone. You need your “Why?” somewhere that you will see every day as a vital reminder of why you are on plan and losing weight.

Finding your “Why?” will help you rekindle your motivation and it isn`t just about the weight that you will lose but the life that you will gain!

Want to win 20 packs of your choice? Tell us; “What’s your Why?” Our favourite three comments will be chosen on Wednesday 12th January 2022 at 4 pm!

By Joanne Jones, Customer Care Advisor


  1. I have asked myself “why” so many times in the past….

    Why do I want to loose weight??….Why do I want to be slimmer??…..Why do I keep loosing my mojo??…. Why do I keep putting on weight??…..Why do I keep yo yo dieting??

    And I have finally found my answers to all my questions of Why!!!
    Why I keep yo yo deiting and why I keep putting on weight and why I keep loosing my mojo is because I have never found the right reason I wanted to loose weight and why I wanted to be slimmer….its because I didnt want it for ME.

    I wanted it all for the wrong reasons. So the only way to get it off and keep it off can be for yourself and no one else

  2. A couple of accidents (both resulting in surgery and having metalwork installed to fix fractures) have left me with difficulty walking without pain, especially when I am overweight. I find it difficult to hold myself upright for very long, so walking for more than a couple of minutes is a problem. I recently also became single again, and find that my world has become very small. Many of the ‘get out there and meet people’ activities are difficult for me. Most things involve walking – something that most people do without thinking. I look at people striding from the carpark to cinemas and theatres, or wandering around town just window shopping and know that I just can’t manage these things without frequent stops. BUT…..when I am not overweight, my pain levels decrease markedly and my world opens up again! That’s my why.

  3. Before having my 2 children in the last 3 years I was always a size 10. But always so body conscious always covering my tummy and hating my body. I would worry that my partner now husband would want to be with someone slimmer etc. I am now the biggest iv ever been but actually so much more mentally stronger. How silly I was to hate my body and let it affect me in that way. Now I’m confident enough that you know what if my husband was to ever leave me for someone else (not that I think he ever would) that’s his loss. I want to lose weight to be my best self. Not for anyone else but for myself. I obviously want to be the best for my children to but honestly they don’t care what size I am. My why is totally for myself.

  4. I cannot thank you enough for commenting on my Blog “Finding Your Why”
    We have all been so touched by you posting such open and honest reasons for your Why`s and sharing them with us all and I hope that reading the blog and sharing them has helped give you the Oomph to reach your goals and become the person you want and deserve to be!

    Joanne Admin Support.

  5. My why…. I have been up and down with my weight for years and been on and off numerous diets. however during lockdown it really piled on. Working as a frontline social worker in incredibly stressful times globally, really took it out of me. Unmanageable caseloads and constantly feeling like I was barely keeping up with the demand, I began to comfort eat or just grab whatever I could after a 16 hour day. My ‘Why’ kicked in when I looked at myself in the mirror one day and just didn’t recognise myself anymore. Not just my weight and my body, but my smile had gone. I looked miserable, defeated and just barely hanging on. I had stopped doing my hair, make up and nails which I had once loved to do, my clothes didn’t fit and I just didn’t look like me. I decided I wanted to be the best version of me, for myself, my family, my friends and the people I work with.
    I’m excited for the journey ahead – my ‘why’ is me.

  6. My Why….. Ever since I can remember, I have always been ‘the fat friend’. Even from about 10 years old, I would compare my self to my friends and think “I wish I was as skinny as her”. But looking back on photos of myself from around that age, I was never as big as I thought I was, I was maybe a couple of inches bigger than my best friend, but my brain never saw that. It only saw the fact that I couldnt borrow her jeans or something like that. So the years went on, I lost weight here and there but never a huge significant amount, and from then on, as well as my brain thinking I was ‘the fat friend’ it made me ‘the sad friend’ and biggest of all……’the friend with no confidence’. I became ‘The Wallflower’.
    Then, a long time later I met Slim & Save. The first time I started this diet, my confidence skyrocketed with each weekly weigh in. I tried on clothes that I had bought many years ago only to find they were not tight and about to break, but fitting perfectly. I got to the point where I was able to ask someone out on a date without the fear of them looking me up and down and laughing at me…….and they said yes 😊 It may not have worked out, but it didn’t stop me asking someone else out a few months later. I would never, ever, have had the confidence to do that a few years ago, so when I start back this year, I’m going all in!
    Thank you to all the staff at Slim & Save for all of your help along the way!

  7. My why I’m on a mission to finally lose weight and keep it off for good- my 8 year old daughter, my bingeing, my clothes shopping trips, my worry about ever getting diabetes, my new hip replacement, my physical health, my mental health and finally my mirror.

  8. My initial “why” was very simple. I was recently diagnosed as type 2 diabetic and I had a serious heart condition. Being obese was a contributory factor and I knew I had no choice but to do something about it. Now I am at my goal weight, thanks in no small part to S&S, the “whys” to maintain this weight are many more. I am happier, have more energy, I’m more productive both at work and home. I can look in the mirror and feel good about myself. Finally, having reversed my diabetes, the major “why” is to stay diabetes free for the rest of my life. Integrating S&S products into my daily lifestyle for weight maintenance will help me do this.

  9. My why … My ultimate why … is to be confident on my 50th … I’m not a party person and certainly hate being centre of attention (lack of confidence and didn’t like the ‘size’ I was) … but in light of the last two years, I thought it would be lovely to get friends and family together so I’m having a “Hawaiian five-0” themed do in May … I want to look my absolute best and feel 110% confident on my birthday and be centre of attention 🥳 I want to be the belle of the ball in a figure showing off dress 👗❤️ … I can’t remember when I was anything near 13 stone and seen as this is the year I lost my mum 💖💔💝 it’s a number I’m aiming for … ‘why yes why’ 💥❤️‍🔥🥰

  10. My why is im going to orlando in October and need to fit on the rides and be safe not just for myself but for other theme park goers as well! Nothing worse than doing the walk of shame when you can’t fit on!

  11. My why is because I am worried about my health, I fear that I will develop heart problems or diabetes if I don’t lose weight now.

    I also would like to go on many more holidays without the fear of requiring a seat belt extender on the flight. I also like exploring on holiday and it’s hard to walk around all day when you’re so big.

    I would also like to feel good in myself and not embarrassed of how I look. I’d also like to look nice in clothes and stop avoiding the mirror / camera.

  12. My why… is to improve my whole health. As multiple health issues would benefit from a better BMI and lower hip to waist ratio. Hopefully this will add years, to my life. Where I can be active and also improve my mental well-being too.

  13. My why is simple, I want to be a better me. I’m taking life grabbing it with both hands and holding on tight to enjoy the ride feeling great on the inside and looking fabulous on the outside

  14. My Why – Back at the start of the pandemic, I was shocked to find out I was on the NHS/Government “highest risk/shielding list” 😳 I was only 37 at the time (now 39) and have 4 children now 6, 8, 12 (today) & 14. I knew I had chronic asthma and on numerous medication but to be at the highest risk of dying from covid gave me a wake up call!! My why, first and foremost – I want to see my children grow up, I need and want to be there for them as long as possible – losing weight will give me a much better chance of being around for longer! I also want to be happy being in family photos rather than being the photographer (when I’m gone, there are currently very very few photos with me in them). I also want to be more confident in myself and be able to walk into a regular shop and pick the clothes that I like rather the opting for something just because it fits 😊

  15. My why is to be the best version of myself I can possibly be. I have spent the last twelve years gradually getting bigger as I battled with peri-menopause related weight gain. All the strategies I have employed up to now to stay on top of my weight have failed as I have not been able to, or inclined to, exercise to stay in control. Menopause is a beaaatch but I think she has done with me now so my why is to get back to the person I used to be before, to be slimmer and healthier for my darling grand-daughter, my husband and my family, but mainly for me! I also have my son’s wedding in July and, as I only have two children and my daughter is already married, I would like to attend at least one of my children’s weddings feeling fabulous rather than fat!!!

  16. Why….. is the fact I reached my goal once and got used to being a size 12. I began to love myself.

    Why….. I find it difficult to keep it off is because some friends want me to go out for meals to places where the food isn’t healthy. Friends get tired of me dieting and and stop asking me if we fancy a night out.

    Why …..Going on holidays for long periods at a time.

    Why ….. because I am unable to accept smaller portions of food.

    Why…..not feeling confident with myself and depression sets in.

    Why….. I am in bad habits with nibbling and eating at the wrong time of the day.

    Why ….scared of strokes as they run in the family. This diet lowers both my blood pressure and cholesterol.
    Why…. not go on this diet? It is one I can follow and get support from fellow dieters or the lovely admin if I am unsure about something.

    Why because I know this diet works.

  17. My why is Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels! I want to be noticed for me, not my weight. I want to be able to walk my dog for longer than 15 minutes. I want to start living instead of existing, to stop cancelling plans because I’ll get out of breath or wont be able to keep up. I dont want to the fat woman in the corner anymore. I want to start enjoying life!

    1. My why is to bring back the real me. I avoid going out socially telling myself I’cant find anything to wear’. If I do go it’s always a black outfit. I want to lose weight get my confidence back and wear lovely bright colours that make me feel good especially now spring and summer are on the way. Good luck everyone!!.

  18. My ‘why’ is because I was always a size 12 in my 20’s and thought I was fat then. It wasn’t until I was trying for a baby with my ‘then’ boyfriend that I found out that I had PCOS and only one half of my reproductive organs. (The other half just hadn’t formed apparently). Anyway, we started the IVF journey, and I eventually found out that he was cheating on me with a work colleague. I kicked him out, then found out that they were getting married and that she was pregnant! The weight just crept on from there really.
    I lost a couple of stones here and there, and have always found slim & save so easy to stick to.
    I got to a healthy weight that I was happy with, then lost my dad in 2017. I was devastated, and the weight has crept back on since then.
    Anyway. I’m 50 this year, and determined not to be fat and fabulous! My dad wouldn’t want me to mope about, putting my health at risk, and I now have a beautiful 14yr old to think about! So I’ve decided that 2022 is definitely my year!
    4stone to lose once and for all! ❤️

  19. I have PCOS and I thought it was infertility and irregular periods until I had a health scare and had to have a biopsy. The Dr explained to me the health complications of PCOS such as ovarian/endometrial cancer, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, depression, thyroid issues and even STROKE. I work in a hospital and it really opens your eyes to how your “health realise is your wealth”. We could have patients at 80/90 who have no health implications and are admitted due to a fall or a virus and then there are patients in their 50/60 who are bed bound, have numerous health complications and are bed bound and on sp02. I am 37 and I do not want to be a “regular” in the wards. Plus my dad died at 57 from a STROKE.
    I want to be happier, healthier and the best version of me .

  20. My Why’s come from looking after my elderly Mother for three years and then losing her in October 2020. I lost weight through not eating and having to go through an Inquest in June 2021.
    I have been on my own for a few years, unable to date because of my role as carer. Battling Rheumatoid Arthritis and awaiting orthopaedic surgery.
    It got to August of 2021 and I decided to join a dating site, if only for friendship. Got the usual blah replies as we all do. Then a man messaged me. I messaged back. One thing led to another and we arranged to meet for lunch. Then, after a few more day dates he wanted to cook for me at his home. Long story short my beloved Italian swept me off my feet, leading to diamond earrings for Christmas.
    We both know that we were meant to be together and at some point this year we are going to house hunt share together.
    I know he is going to propose, I just don’t know when! It could be Valentine’s Day – Valentine was Italian after all. It could be my birthday in March. It could be Easter when his adult son is here from Milan.
    So, I want to lose weight for me, for my surgery to keep the anaesthetist happy, for my health and for my future with my Italian!

  21. Can’t see if this is how to post so sorry if not right.
    My why is because I have been at my lowest point in my life because of issues with food. I am a binge eater and have been in and out of counselling for years. I had a gastric bypass 15 years ago and lost 11 stone. However, I no longer get any resriction and have gained most of my weight back. I cannot get a revision and sometimes feel that I can’t go on. I think about food 24/7 and it drives me mad. S&S is saving my mental health and literally my life. I am 4 weeks in and feeling so positive. Yes, the scales are showing a big loss, but it is the control I am taking back that is important. I no longer think about food on S&S and I am greatful beyond belief that I have found this.
    1. It has brought me back from the brink of a very dark place to be
    2. It is giving me hope that I can beat my food demons
    3. I want to be free to live, not exist.

  22. My why is twofold: for the benefit of my health, my Dad died of a heart attack at 50 and I’ll be 50 in a years time – I need to live longer than him for my family.

    I have 2 teenage boys and I want to keep up with them and join in fun activities with them – no more sitting on the sidelines e.g. avoiding rollercoasters at Alton Towers!

  23. Because I’m fed up with having so many lovely clothes and not being able to fit into them because I haven’t behaved myself, im a chocoholic.
    The summer’s just around the corner and I really want to put those clothes on and feel good in them

  24. I don’t want to be defined by my weight, “you know the big woman”, “big thighs”, “she must be lazy”. All my life I’ve had to put up with personal comments which have destroyed my self confidence. Why?
    To regain self respect, to feel good about Myself, and to actually receive a positive comment or at least no personal comment at all.
    Regain health is a no brainier.
    To avoid knee replacement I’m scared.
    I want to be alive for my grandchildren when they arrive.
    To be a proactive mum/nana
    To buy clothes that I actually like not those that simply cover me up and to no longer wear baggy cardigans.
    To take and have control.
    Not to be ruled by food or think of nothing else but my next meal.
    To get on a rollercoaster/fairground ride without having to exit in disgrace.
    To be able to enter a swimming pool without creeping in with the largest towel ever made and having to throw it as I jump in.
    To be able to look at my reflection and not feeling like I want to vomit.
    Well enough said let’s just do it!

  25. Reading everyone comments above I can relate to so many of these whys. Here is a few of mine.
    Not having the panic if someone tags me on Facebook – that fear when I click through to see if you have been caught in an unflattering or unfiltered pose.
    The dilemma of where to stand in the buffet queue and everyone judging what I put on my plate.
    The wedding photo of me and my son that I cringe at every time I see it.
    The 95% of my wardrobe that I still haven’t slimmed into.
    I want to go to my next rheumy appointment and let my consultant see that I am helping my poorly joints.
    But most of all I don’t want my weight to be the one thing that dominates my life on a daily basis in some way or another. ☺

  26. My main why is to be able to travel. I am so big now it’s a struggle to drive any distance without getting pain n numbness in my legs so can’t get to the airport. If I could I can’t walk to the terminal so need one of those assistance buggies taking them away from those who truly need them. And then I can’t fit into a seat so would need to buy two seats. It’s got to the stage it’s embarrassing and people stare and say rude things on the street. I just want to be a more average size.

  27. Mainly! I want to prove to myself that I can do it. Prove to others that I can. I have all the same whys as most other people: for my children, for my health and for my self-confidence. Something that always sticks in my head though (it helped when I was learning to run on a treadmill … A lot!) is that when the zombie apocalypse happens WHEN I get my weight lost I will easily escape them 😜 if I stay fat I’ll get eaten, my knees will hurt and I’ll probably fall over.

  28. My why, why I do this plan. To fit in my clothes and for them to fit comfortable, to take my bra off and not leave an imprint behind, to be a more confident person with my body in front of my hubby.

  29. I’d like to give myself a chance against my medical conditions – having Fibromyalgia means my joints are painful; PCOS means I’m retaining weight, could be infertile, am excessively sweaty and hairier than I’d like; my Mental Health takes a beating because of my weight, and the opposite is also true, my poor mental health causes me to overeat. By breaking the cycle, removing the options around food for a while, until the majority of the problem is removed, I hope to solve this for myself. Easing the pressures I put on my body and rebuilding my confidence and self-esteem so that I can become more active, more able-bodied, and in less pain before I get too old to enjoy it!

  30. My why is to feel healthier happier and fitter and improve my mental health.
    I’m getting older and really need to think about how I’m going to feel if I stay at the weight I am now. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin and be able to wear nice clothes. It’s been a tough few years for everyone and I think losing weight is a nice start to a hopefully better year for us all! X

  31. In August 2016 I discovered Slim and Save. I weighed 16st 6lb, walked with a stick, used a wheelchair for distances and was a pre diabetic. In 8 months I lost 77lbs. It changed everything in my life. I could walk without a stick, my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms reduced, no wheelchair needed, pre diabetic no more. Why did I put all the weight back on over 4 years? I gained because I lost control, moved to a new area, illness in the family, lots of reasons or are they excuses?
    Why am I back to Slim n Save? I started Slim n Save on the 1/1/2022 16st 6lb, because I want to loose weight. I know it works, it makes you feel energised once in ketosis. I want to feel well again, stop using a stick and wheelchair again, walk hand in hand with my fiancée, walk on the beach with my love, come off medication, surprise my GP on weigh ins. I want to spend a long healthy life to be here for my partner, my children and grandchildren, stop them worrying about me. I will enjoy wearing and buying clothes again. People I haven’t seen for ages, not recognising me, go swimming, not afraid to come out of the water. You see I’ve experienced all these things before, it was wonderful. I felt alive! I’ve learnt so much about myself these last 4 years, it’s been a learning curve. I’m 65yrs old in May, I will have lost 5 stone by my birthday. Why am I positively creating my future full steam ahead, because life is for living.

  32. I think “why” is probably the same as most – to look and feel good about myself – I want to wear my clothes that have been in my wardrobe for years – to feel confident so I stop pushing people away; for Bella as I really don’t want her to have my bad habits xxx

  33. I have always had a bad relationship with food, always! I used to get told off if I left something on my plate because growing up we didn’t have much food. I’ve used food as a comfort for as long as I remember. I used to be frightened of feeling hungry like I did as a child so would eat to save myself from that feeling.
    Now as an adult I find myself very overweight but still frightened of feeling hungry. This is where S&S for me personally has been a savour. I’m finding I’m losing weight and being satisfied with the meals without being hungry. I know this isn’t a long term solution but already my head is in a better place.
    My WHY is that I want to break that unhealthy relationship with food and learn that I need to eat to live not live to eat. So far, it’s working! Thank you 🙂

  34. There are so many reasons why, I probably can’t even think of them all now but here’s a few…
    1. To not be the ‘big’ one in photos with my friends and family
    2. To make sure I get to old age without any weight-related health issues
    3. To not feel hideous when I go swimming
    4. To fly without a seat belt extender
    5. To be able to enjoy things with my husband without ditching at the last minute because I know that my weight will hold me back or I’m too embarrassed.
    6. To be able to run again without my stomach making a slapping noise on my body
    7. To wear really nice clothes, not the awful stuff shops think bigger people want to wear
    8. To be able to walk in heels again
    9. To go hiking on Dartmoor again
    10. To look in the mirror and be proud of what I’ve accomplished.
    11. To not be scared to want things in life that I don’t think I’ll get because of my weight like jobs etc.
    12. To sit in a deckchair and not worry that it’ll collapse.
    13. To get more tattoos without worrying that they’ll look odd, and in fact to be able to see that tattoo on my hip again.
    14. To be able to walk down to the beach that my husband and I fell in love with early in our marriage.. It’s been a while.
    15. To eat in public without feeling like I’m being judged.
    There are probably 100 others that I could write but all really important ones for me! 😊

  35. I have a list of 15 whys on my phone and it grows everyday. I want to do this for myself to feel healthier and happier, for my husband so I dont feel I have to hid myself in front of him and for my daughters so I don’t pass on my issues and insecurities to them. I also want to gain the confidence to be in the photos and memories not always the one behind the camera!

  36. I feel I have lived only half a life, never engaging in things totally how i would have wanted, not worn the clothes i wanted, danced like a loon in a night club, chatted up a fit bloke at a bar etc I have all the confidence (to the world) but inside I’ve been a mess. I want to be the person everyone else sees, I want to be braver. Because I have allowed my excess weight to define me as a person to my detriment. In my teens i believed because i was “fat” i was unlovable, i didn’t deserve respect or my opinion didn’t count. I’ve allowed it to control how I lived, too scared to try new experiences, worried about ridicule.
    I allowed my excess weight to over shadow both my pregnancies- i felt ashamed to be pregnant, never felt i could celebrate it, never looked it and felt judged because i was so overweight. Then later in life I’ve held back from pushing myself for promotions, in fear of that first impression as i walk in the door. My weight has forced me into the shadows of my own life for far too long. So Why am I choosing to lose weight- because right now its my time to shine.

    1. Why instead of a goal??

      I’m sick of buying clothes and wondering if I fit into them going to the plus size sites not finding things like in bigger sizes! Being worried if someone says we are going to wear matching t-shirts will there be one to fit me will it fit like a sausage skin!!!
      The why is on its way can’t wait to get down to where I want to be! This is one of my many reasons why! I have already accomplished the getting on theme park rides.

  37. My ‘why’ is my baby girl and my mental health! I want to be able to play with her without my knees hurting or getting out of breath. I also want to do it for myself! My confidence is at an all time low and i just want to get myself out if this rut iv got myself in! I want to be able to buy clothes and actually feel good about myself! Fingers crossed 2022 is my year!

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