Jackie Craggs – 6st Weight Loss

Jackie Craggs, Slim & Save GM

After putting on weight for several years, at my heaviest in the photograph I weighed 15st 2lbs and struggled to lose any weight. I decided I had to do something about it. I chose calorie counting and kept to around 1250 calories per day.

Over the first few months the weight came off very quickly, and within 10 months of healthy eating and regular exercise, I had gone from a size 22 to a size 8 and my weight went from 15st 2lb’s to 9st 5lb’s. The last two stone proved very hard to shift, so took a big step up in my exercise and even more so in my diet.

This new women was emerging, I had more energy, felt motivated to get myself a new job, and I also had a new man in my life, whom I married in the wonderful romantic setting of Tobago.

Over the following couple of years I slowly crept up to around 12st which was probably due to being content in my life. I chose at this time to use Slim & Save and managed to lose 3st in around 8 weeks. I still continue to substitute some of my meals, especially whilst in work to keep my calories low and my weight off.

From left to right: Katrina Ferguson-Moffat, Jackie Craggs and Joanne Jones.

Although I did not lose all of my weight with Slim & Save, I wanted to share my weight loss with you and let you know I understand what it takes to lose weight and the challenges you will encounter. No matter how you choose to take your journey it will never be easy but it will always be worth it.

Written by Jackie Craggs, Slim & Save General Manager.


  1. After 7 months I have finally navigated around the slim and save web site and then I saw your weight loss journey Jackie, wow you look stunning congratulations x

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