Jean’s Slim & Save Weight Loss Transformation – Current Progress

As an adult my weight has been always up and down, but I love junk food. I used to work as a professional singer and I guess a kebab or a pizza after bouncing about on stage for an hour and half never did me any harm. In 2006 I weight about 11 stone and was a size 12, I looked great. Then in 2007 I got pregnant. I put on a massive 7 stone taking my weight to 18 stone. All this for carrying a baby not even weighing 7lb! I was a single parent and after my son was born I joined a gym and got back to a size 16. Then in 2010 I met my now husband and being happy I guess I just got carried away.

Wine and takeaways. At my wedding in the June of 2011 I weighed probably my heaviest. My wedding dress in gold (I had two weddings 2 days apart!) was a size 26/28. Everyone told me how beautiful I looked and yes it was a happy day, but I can’t stand looking at the photos, I look so big!

I don’t mind telling you that I used to drink, a lot. Every night it was a bottle of wine, and two bottles of kopperberg cider, and 4 cans of lager for my husband. I hate cooking, I really do. I simply don’t have the patience for it and what I do cook are things like pie and chips or things that can easily be put in the oven. I am a very fussy eater, I don’t eat vegetables, except potatoes and processed peas! About 3 or 4 nights a week we would have takeaways, pizza, curry, kebab, Chinese or fish and chips. Not to mention when I was hungry at lunchtimes Id whip through the drive thru for a 20 box of nuggets. Or a big mac meal with a cheeseburger chaser! Meanwhile my career had also taken a dramatic change in direction. I am now a minister and conduct an awful lot of funerals. It is emotionally draining so I relied on the wine as a cut off on an evening.

It is very easy when you are in a routine of wine and takeaways to not notice your decline in health. I’ve always suffered with back problems especially as in 2004 I had a disc removed, and I knew that every time I went to the doctors they would mention my weight so I kind of stopped going and suffered in silence. My feet hurt when I walked and I absolutely hated clothes shopping! It was pointless looking for something nice to wear because the supermarket chains didn’t really go up to a size 24 and when they did I might as well have been wearing a sack-cloth and ashes. Good job I wear robes a lot for my work! It felt like a long time ago I wore sexy clothes from my singing days and all my knickers were massive things.

I always got sebaceous cysts in my groin and on my boobs, fungal infections and rashes underneath my massive boobs which I have actually no idea what size they were, just got a bra that looked like it fit. I couldn’t help but notice I was slowing down, every time I ate something I would be very tired so I bought myself some diabetic wee strips to test my sugar levels. Surprisingly my sugar was ok but I was passing a lot of blood so they sent me for a scan on my kidneys and a camera up my bladder. Looks like all the drink was taking its toll. I looked into the cost of a gastric band or balloon and even calculated the monthly cost of a loan. I had tried the Atkins diet years ago and even did 12 days on a juice diet after watching a documentary called fat sick and nearly dead. But I was soon into my old ways again.

Then spring bank holiday on May of this year, we went to Kent for the weekend. We met with a friend of my husbands. I had only met her once before at our wedding and when we arranged to meet her, I nearly walked past her! I didn’t recognise her! She had lost a lot of weight and I casually asked what she had done. She told me ‘Slim & Save’ and I didn’t press the conversation any further.

On the Sunday afternoon I drank two bottles of 11% wine and a small bottle of peach cider without really feeling the effect. I knew something had to change. As we were stuck in bank holiday traffic I googled Slim & Save and ordered a weeks trial pack. What did I have to lose really? If it didn’t work then its only £30. After about 3 days I thought, I can do this! So I ordered a months worth. And for our wedding anniversary I asked my husband to buy me a treadmill from Ebay, £60 second hand.

I had been planning on doing a Pretty Muddy Obstacle Course for Cancer Research so I bought a fit bit and twice a week I took my son swimming and every day I went on the treadmill. I thought the hardest part was going to be giving up the booze but funnily enough, I had found a new addiction, the treadmill. For the first few days I was taking it slow, just 45 minutes or so then started to gradually walk greater distances and increased the speed. I did set myself a target weight of 11 stone which to be honest when I started I felt was an unrealistic goal. But pretty soon the scales started moving and more importantly so did the inches. I also worked out how much we were spending a week on booze and takeaways it added up on average to £130 a week if not more.

By the end of June I needed a new wardrobe. So I went out and bought some clothes this time a size 20 and then over the next few weeks noticed that I was dropping even more and went to an 18. People started seeing the difference in me and I was spurred on even more. I ended up doing my 5K pretty muddy and raised £420 for Cancer Research and then a few weeks later did a 3K Bubble run and raised £70 for our local hospice.

My son is now 9 and during the school holidays I took him horse riding! The maximum weight was 15 stone, which I was just under! Great stuff! I finally realised on all the things that I had been missing out on……And my adventure didn’t stop there! I booked us as a family to go to the Trafford Centre Aerial Extreme. Although at this point I was 14 and a half stone I did struggle a little bit but could not imagine going around at my before weight of 17 and half stone!

I started buying even more new clothes, this time a 16! And for my birthday on 25th August on which I turned 43, I went to Ifly Manchester to do an indoor skydive! It was great fun and the day after, a cousin had invited us along to her new hobby of outdoor swimming. I managed to rent a wet suit and I couldn’t believe how good I felt in it! As I was at the end of my 12 weeks by this point and I had a bank holiday weekend planned away with my son, I decided to come off plan for about 9 days. I didn’t go mad, and I surprised myself with my restraint and how easily I was full.

Once we were back home I weighed myself and I hadn’t put on a single pound so I got back on plan. Then on 2nd September my weight was bang on 14 stone, and I went to Nottingham to do a real skydive, this time raising over £500 for my church. Today, after 15 weeks, I weigh 13 and a half stone and I have managed to buy a pair of size 14 Jean’s from a supermarket and they look and feel great! That 11 stone unrealistic goal, doesn’t seem at all unrealistic now!

This Saturday as a family we are climbing Snowdon and at the end of September I will be doing Via Ferrata in Honister rock climbing with my husband. For every KG I have lost I have been buying a bag of sugar, I have 25 bags now on my worktop and I can barely lift them all at once, that is frightening to think that is what I was carrying around with me! When I have finished I will donate the sugar to the local food bank.

Thanks to the easy plan and the very useful tools through their website such as measurement and weight trackers and at first I did use the meal planner but no longer need that now. It is the most inexpensive way I have found of losing weight. No juicing and messy juicers and a spending a load of money on fruit. No expensive meat and constipation from the Atkins. No cooking, no faffing about weighing food, the chocolate bars are just terrific and my favourite meal is definitely the hot and spicy spaghetti bolognese and the shakes are just amazing. The Facebook support group is just amazing full of people who encourage and support each other.

Needless to say I have now ditched the painkillers for my back, I no longer need them and I haven’t had a cyst in months. My kidney function is normal and in 15 weeks I have lost 12 inches off my waist and amazingly 5 inches off my thighs. My bra size is a 36F and I can sit on our sofa alongside my husband, and I can get the seatbelt around me in the car!

I am feeling very sexy and confident in myself indeed and have booked in for a boudoir photoshoot. I think my husband even fancies me again. Even people like the postman and my dentist have noticed this massive change in me not to mention all the mums at the school gates. I love feeling like this so I’m never going to put it all on again!


  1. I’ve read your story Jean and a lot of it resonates with me. Especially the use of alcohol to ‘unwind’ at the end of the day, the back and walking problems. Same here. I have started on the Simplicity Plan and lost 12 lbs in the first week. Your journey has shown me that all I need to do is carry on what I’m doing and I will see the results.
    Thank you!

  2. Wow Jean I am so impressed, you look amazing.
    I have been away and was only slightly naughty but what I did have was Atkins friendly (keeps you in ketosis) anyway I weighed myself when I got home with fingers crossed in the hope I had stayed the same and wow wee I had actually lost 5 lbs. But I have been wobbling ever since especially as I am going away again in 2 1/2 weeks. I have had a chat with someone who was very encouraging and after reading your progress and seeing how amazing you look I think I might be back on track. Thank you.

  3. Well done you are an inspiration! I am week 5 now and am now 11st 12lb, a weight I havnt been since my early 30’s. I have found the lifestyle plan so easy to follow, I have to pinch myself when I see my reflection as I can’t believe it’s me!! Well done and good luck to those just starting out, it really is worth it!

  4. Thank you for this! I am starting the Slim & Save journey on Monday and this is just the inspiration I needed as I am beginning about where you started.

  5. This is such an amazing testimony and you are a true inspiration! What dedication and ethusiam you have, resulting in such an amazing and dramatic loss. Many congratulations!!! Enjoy life 🙂

  6. What a fantastic achievement, you are an inspiration to us all whether we have a lot or a little to lose. Congratulations you look fantastic ❤️

  7. That’s amazing. I’ve been following your posts on the facebook group. I have a long list of health problems which is been made worse by my weight of almost 22stone.

    I taking my motivation from how you look now and the improvement in your health to spur me on. Very well done. Restart tomorrow, l’m determined. Thanks Jean

  8. That is amazing Jean, well done. You look fabulous and are a real inspiration. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m only in week 3 of a journey but this has given me real motivation to crack on xxx Ps – I quite like your Belle style wedding dress even if you don’t like looking at the picture

  9. Well done. I have been sticking to the Slim & Save 4 meal a day plan. Started with the 5 meal a day plan. From over 20stone, I am now 15st.12lbs. Started the diet 1st June 2017. Keep up the good work Jean & All who are on the Slim & Save Plan. At 5ft 10ins, I am hoping to get to 12stone.

  10. Well done on your journey so far, with your determination I am sure you will soon be at your goal weight!! Your story has motivated me to get started again as I have recently gone off the path – thank you. I think your ‘bags of sugar’ idea is excellent and have decided to copy it – it’s when I’ve ‘only’ lost a couple of pounds that I feel like giving up – but when you think of the weight of a bag of sugar it’s quite a lot! Thank you in particular for mentioning those things that many folk skip over – it helps to know that I am not the only person to have experienced cysts etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 🙂

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