Keeping your head in the game using Social Media!

Most of us are very familiar with using Social Media and most of us use it every day to keep everyone up to date with our lives, posting photos and reconnecting with family and friends that we have lost touch with.

But have you thought about using it for support during your weight loss journey? As many people embark on their journey to reach a healthy weight and maintain alone, are more likely to fail. Getting support when you are on your weight loss journey is crucial to enable you to achieve your goals and maintain your weight loss.

Sometimes it is really difficult to get all of the support that you need from family and friends. Occasionally they do not understand how important this is to you, or they try to sabotage all of your hard work. Most of the time they don’t give you the recognition that you deserve!

Recent studies have proven that using social media as a support tool has been really helpful to users. People who have used the tool have had good losses and maintained their weight loss compared to those who did not.

Positives of using social media as support are:

    • It helps create a great online community: Where you can chat with members who are on plan and form friendships and get help and advice from the members and share your experiences.
    • Gives your self-esteem a boost: Getting praise from others for your accomplishments and gaining confidence in the new emerging you!
    • It makes you accountable: There is no better way of keeping yourself accountable than posting your goals on Social media, check in each day with the members; share your favourite recipes your tips and even blips.
    • Don’t be afraid to use our Social Media platforms to track your daily progress. Not only will it help you see your habits and create consistency, but chances are it will motivate someone else in the group to start their journey also. Our Facebook groups are closed so only the members will be able to see your posts.
    • Support & Information: With our dedicated Customer Support Team giving you all of the help and support you need via our Social Media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you will not go short for help and support!

So get the Selfie taken, your goals set and join in with our Facebook groups!

Have you got any tips getting the best out of Social Media when trying to lose weight? Share them below to be in with a chance of winning a pack of 20 Strawberry Shakes!. Our favourite comment will be chosen on Thursday 15th November 2018 at 4 pm!

By Joanne Jones, Customer Care Advisor


  1. I couldn’t have lost 13 stone without the groups

    My Top tips

    When I first started and was really struggling I had a blog type post that I updated every day with what I had eaten and how I was feeling. Partly for support, partly to keep me focused and mostly to keep me accountable

    The monthly challenges gave me a public goal to aim
    For and keep updating it even if it is a 1lb here and there does help. It doesn’t have to be a weight related goal, I once posted on the monthly challenge that I wanted to make it 100% on plan for a month which helped

    Before and after pictures have been essential on my journey. Your body changes and you don’t personally notice but other people see it from a different perspective. It’s angreat visual aid instead of relying on the numbers in the scales

    NSV the scales are not always kind somseek g my own and others NSV help keep motivation up and reduce dependency on the scales

    Sometimes the group is a great place to vent with people who can actually understand because they are in the same boat and without judgement.

    Use the group as a distraction when you get impulsive and want to eat. Many a time I’ve logged in and posted or just read other posts to stop me eating

    I love the recipe sharing and ideas of how to use packs or even lifestyle meals

    Most importantly use the amazing support on offer, I’ve brver felt judged. I’ve asked a million questions, posted hangry rants, or emotional and upset posts but the support is always there from the wonderful members and excellent support team.

    Genuinely cannot recommend the social media groups enough

  2. Social media is an amazing tool as an inspirational aid to weight loss.! It is my daily treat to read the slim n save Facebook page every evening particularly after a hard day diet or work-wise.

    It is so motivating and makes you feel part of a community with a shared aim. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to post, and the wonderful s n s staff for their inspiring comments and genuine wish to help. Sometimes you don’t want to share the weight loss stuff with family or friends as they don’t understand why it matters to you. That’s when the social media family is so important.

    I really enjoy the visual side of it as well-the photos, motivational messages and short videos are fantastic! I also love the anonymity. As a shy person, I would never want to share stories and weigh in at a face-to-face meeting, but social media means you can still be part of a weight loss community. It is my favourite part of s n s and I’d find weight loss much harder without it!

  3. Keeping my head in the game using Social Media. Where do I even begin? I can honestly say without it I would not have gotten this far in my weight loss journey. Over 75lbs down, and about 30 more to go. Woop woop.

    I have tried other diets before, including a vlcd and have never had this kind of success. Some may argue I was never in the right mindset, but I honestly think it’s Social Media that has kept me going.

    Slim and Save Facebook Group.
    Amazing support from staff and members. So many times at the start of my journey I would simple scroll through the fb page. Just knowing other people were going through the same struggles, seeing the nsv’s I had ahead of me, progress pictures, all amazing motivators. When I hit a bump, needed some advice or simply some life style meal inspiration I knew I could get it in seconds anytime of the day.
    It was an amazing confidence boost when I shared some of my progress pictures in the fb group. I’m telling you if you ever need a boost or a push to keep going this group has your back.
    Even when I reach goal I don’t think I’ll ever leave this group. Best weightloss support group I have ever been apart of.

    YouTube and Instagram.
    The weightloss community on YouTube and Instagram is simply amazing. So supportive and educational. I reached a point in my journey when I realised I need to prepare for maintenance, learning about food, calories, macros. What does it all mean?
    If I want to keep this weight off after I finish my SnS journey I need to make changes, I can’t just go back to eating how I used to.
    The YouTube and Instagram weightloss community has really helped educate me. I am now way less anxious about maintenance.
    YouTube also has so many workout videos, any exercise you can think of it’s on there, and you can even find modified workout for beginners. Best part is it’s all free!

    I love hearing people’s inspiring weightloss journeys on YouTube. It really helps when I feel myself thinking sod it, I’ll just eat this whole packet of biscuits haha. Watch a few YouTube videos and bam the craving is gone.

    I also adore looking at people’s before and after’s on Instagram. I even set up my own instagram page to keep myself motivated and hopefully inspire others on their journeys. I have only had the account for a few weeks and already people are sending DM’s thanking me for my content. Little things like this keep me going.
    Not gonna lie the confidence boost you get when you share a progress picture is amazing. Definitely keeps me motivated to reach goal. I want to prove to myself I can do this and having people follow my journey adds to my drive.

    One of the main reasons I think Social Media has really helped keep my head I the game is that it is somewhere I can interact with people who are or have been on the same journey. Don’t get me wrong my friends and family are super supportive but sometimes I think they might be getting sick of me talking about my Nsv’s or how much I lost or didn’t lose this week. It’s really great to know that there’s always a place I can share my ups and downs and people will not only be supportive but truly understand the emotions that go along with it. I honestly could not have gotten this far without Social Media or SnS.

  4. I’ve loved hearing other people’s stories and successes. They’re really inspirational and have given me extra motivation. It’s also been great hearing other people have the same issues and concerns as me. Maybe I’m not as weird as I thought.

  5. I love knowing that everyone has good days and bad days. I love knowing that a cry for help and support is always answered. The pictures and the recipes and the NSVs – way way way better than getting on the scales once a week at a slimming group!!

  6. Be honest in a safe environment to get best out of the lovely members remember to be kind to others its everyone’s site and everyone is entitled to the same respect and support including you ! Be honest with yourself too its surprising how many others will identify with you issues and offer great support !

  7. The best thing I found from using the Facebook group was the recipe sharing and ideas on how to tweak the packs, discovering I could make waffles from the shakes was a complete game changer! I love seeing everyone’s success stories and the fact there’s always someone there to help keep you on track if you have a wobble, it helps to post and know others are in the same boat as it can be a lonely journey sometimes, I honestly think if I hadn’t had the group support I’d have given up a long time ago!

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