Laura’s Life Changing Weight Loss – Progress Update

Having just reached 12 stone lost and with 1 stone left to reach my goal I thought it would be useful to write something about maintaining my losses through my pregnancy and getting back on plan after pregnancy.

In July 2017 I discovered I was 8 weeks pregnant. By this point, I had lost about 8/8.5 stone. I was thrilled and excited about having a baby, and I was initially anxious about undoing all my hard work and regaining all the weight I had lost. I made a decision very early on that I was in charge of what weight I gained, and I could take control of this. The first thing I did was speak to my midwife about what I was thinking and asked to be referred to a nutritionist. I also took advice from the NHS online which gives guidance about how much weight you are expected to gain based on your BMI. My BMI was still high, so it was recommended I gained very little weight anyway. Before the first appointment with the nutritionist I worked out roughly how many calories and carbs I would need to maintain my weight and started taking a good pregnancy multivitamin to make sure I met all my RDA’s. The nutritionist was very surprised at all my research and existing loss and was really supportive of what I wanted to do and achieve and gave me the go ahead on my plan! I then needed to use everything I learned on the plan about making calorie-controlled meals and products that can help. For example, I couldn’t use packs, but I could use Waldon Farms products, Slim rice, everything I have learned about low-fat yoghurt, cheese and lean meats. I didn’t use pregnancy to go mad on bad foods and go back to my old ways and eating for 2 is definitely a myth. I managed portions, kept carbs low enough but not allowing to get into ketosis. I used a calorie and carb tracking app to ensure I was keeping track of what I was doing. Having read The Beck Diet Solution I could use everything I have learned to manage urges to eat inappropriately. I’m not going to lie this was hard work, but I wanted to be healthy for the birth and for my baby when he was born. I didn’t obsess daily about my weight, after after-all I was pregnant, but, I did regularly weigh to keep in control.

All of this worked, and I gained 4lb in pregnancy, fair to say I was really pleased with this.

When George was born I took a further 12 weeks off plan and lost 8lbs in addition to the 4lb I gained during pregnancy. I did this probably because I kept low calorie and carb as well as breastfeeding. However, as soon as the 12 weeks was over I was really keen to get back on plan. I was still really focused on my end goal. I haven’t come this far on my journey to stop now, and I still want to achieve what I set out to do.

Getting back on the plan wasn’t easy. There were a couple of false starts, not for lack of motivation but not planning well enough for my new lifestyle. However, once I started planning better for my new lifestyle and working packs around George, I got back into the groove. Getting past the first few weeks and then the first stone was a hurdle but then once I was on a roll I have just kept my eyes on the end goal. I started to reframe doing the diet with a very young baby as a lifesaver. With a little baby I don’t have time to cook meals, therefore shakes and microwaveable packs became a major convenience for a tired sleep deprived busy mum!! So I really had no excuses! Also with a new focus of being a mum, my motivation was I want to be a fit and healthy mummy, I want my baby to have a healthy relationship with food and for me to be a good role model for him. So I have to get to the end of this journey. What more motivation do I need.

So now I am 1 stone away from my goal of 11st 10lb, and still really motivated for all the reasons I already said, but as we get closer to weaning George, I have renewed sense of motivation and sense of responsibility. My motivation is to get this last stone before we start weaning George.

While I am super excited about reaching my goal, maintaining is a daunting thought. I am so determined not to be that person who gains it all back, and I’ve not come this far to eat myself back into a horrible state. Pregnancy was a great practice run for maintaining stage. I’m going to use everything I have learned from being on plan. I’m going to use a calorie and carb monitoring app. I’m going to reread the Beck Diet Solution. I have already thought out what my stumbling blocks and how I Am going to overcome them. Of course Slim & Save will be a huge part of my maintenance plan, I am considering a 4/3 or 5/2 maintenance plan and perhaps a full month on the plan once or twice a year to keep things in check. What I do know is if I can do it during pregnancy I can do it now!

Slim & Save has literally changed my life. It’s given me the tools and opportunity to be a fitter healthier person for me but now for me as a Mum. Last stone here I come!


Slim & Save Stats:

  • Time On Plan: 2 Years
  • Plan Followed: Mix of both Lifestyle & Simplicity

Weight Stats:

  • Start Weight: 24st 11lb (347lb/158kg)
  • Current Weight: 12st 10lb (178lb/81kg)
  • Weight Lost: 12st 1lb (169lb/77kg)
  • Goal Weight: 11st 10lb (164lb/74.5kg)
  • Left To Lose: 1st (14lb/6.5kg)

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  1. Hello, Laura l am ready to start again tomorrow. l read your story and bought the book as well. The day you started your diet to stick to it what was going through your head? How many days did you find hard until you realised there was no going back?Thank you Aldeen x

  2. Omg laura. You look amazing. I was considering coming and restarting my journey as i still got a ways to go and think you have just convinced me. Been watching your journey since the start and you are so inspirational. Thank you for sharing your story with us all xxx

  3. Amazing, I hope you keep telling us about your weight loss journey and then we can all join together on a maintenance life style. It would be good to have a maintenance group, I do still have a long way to go however, but I will get there.

  4. Amazing Laura I can’t imagine how hard your journey has been you have done absolutely brilliantly you have worked so hard as we all know on here how easy it is to crack and go off plan and out of control and gain what we have lost . You have proven how important self control , determination and planning is when doing the diet . Well done congratulations and good luck with the last leg of your journey x

  5. It’s my first day today and I have been feeling so down about my weight. Reading your story has really helped me Laura. Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately I have recently found out that I cannot have children naturally which has acted as a trigger for a lot of overeating which has compounded my weight gain. I am still working through the mental and emotional issues, and now need to address the physical one as well!!!

  6. Congratulations Laura on your amazing weight loss and beautiful baby. Your truly inspirational! I’m so pleased you published your story now I am just about to go on a months holiday and have been giving serious thought to my diet you have just given me the inspiration to carry on through it. Thanks and good luck with the final hurdle.

  7. Laura, your achievement is beyond outstanding, very well done! I’m especially challenged by you being mindful even during your pregnancy. It goes to show the power of the mind and strong conviction. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh Laura, I’ve loved reading this. I was here when you joined and know that the plan has been difficult at times (as it has for most of us) but you have been so disciplined. Thanks for sharing your recipes and thoughts along your journey. I wish you the best of luck for the last losses. Ps you look so happy with George and a yummy mummy in those black pants and heels. X

  9. Amazing Laura. You are an inspiration to other dieters. Congratulations. Looking forward to hearing from you again when you reach your target. What an adorable baby you have. X

  10. Thank you for sharing the story of your journey to a new you. I am hoping to lose 9 stone myself, and your story spurs me to continue, I am at 3 stone 4lbs so far. Happiness and good health to you and your family xxx

  11. Looking to start and I thought 7 stone was not possible, you have given me 100% motivation and lots of hope 🙂 Love your achievemnet you should be so proud of yourself

  12. Awe inspiring!

    An amazing loss and a baby inbetween!

    You have so inspired me to carry on and reach my goal, the determination throughout your journey us so inspiring.

    Well done.

  13. What an inspirational blog
    I am so happy for you and love your “I can” positive attitude it has made me realise that as a larger lady that I can achieve my weight loss goals and I shall definitely be picking up a copy of Becks.

    Good luck on reaching your target weightless and thank you for sharing your lovely and positive story.

  14. Such an inspirational journey you have achieved so far Laura. I know your determination and story will inspire many others. Thank you for sharing your story.

  15. Your boy is lucky to have such a strong mum. You won’t be the person who puts it back on because you’ve got a plan and that’s where it went wrong for me the first time, I had no plan. You will wean your boy on good wholesome food and be a great role model. Congratulations on such a momentous achievement xx

  16. Great work Laura, Im sure your journey will inspire others.
    You have learnt so much about your relationship with food, I am sure with your new relationship with food you will be able to wean baby George on a well balanced diet too.
    Thank you to everyone who has commented on Laura’s blog, I’m sure the comments will inspire her to complete her end goal!
    And thank you Laura for sharing your amazing journey with us all, and for all your support to our other members.

  17. Congratulations on your stunning achievement. You look amazing. The way you have kept your focus and worked so hard for two years is awe inspiring. You deserve your success and I know you will achieve your ultimate goal. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Xxx

  18. Very well done! This is inspirational – I am going to look into the Beck Diet Solution which you referred to in addition to the huge benefit of using the Slim and Save balanced nutrient packs. Xx

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