Learn to pamper yourself and celebrate your weight loss journey

It can be so disappointing when the scales haven’t budged and you have been 100% on plan all week.  It’s tough mentally and makes you question yourself and the plan.  If you have ever felt like this just pause, take a breath, and remember just how far you have come to this point.   Be kind to yourself, celebrate the successes you have already achieved and most importantly of all, do not let negative thoughts take over.

Do exactly the opposite.  Treat yourself.  Why not?  Reward all your hard work by creating your very own”Pamper Box”.   Let’s be honest who doesn’t like a little pampering?  

You could buy a nice fancy box or recycle an old box you have at home (one of our “Box Deal” boxes are ideal), and decorate it with a nice sheet of wrapping paper.  Once you are happy with your box, fill it with your favourite things.

Ideas for your Pamper Box: bubble bath or bath bombs, nail polish, face masks, moisturiser, face cream, a new lipstick, a new fragrance, some posh tea bags, a magazine, or even a gift card for your favourite store.

Gents we haven’t forgotten you!
Ideas for your Pamper Box: beard conditioner (if you have a beard) or a grooming session at your local barber for a wet shave, bubble bath, comfy socks, face mask, moisturiser, a new book, magazine, a new computer game, DVD of your favourite film, or a new scent.

Inside the lid of the box put a motivational picture of yourself, or a motivational quote, an item of inspirational clothing, a holiday destination or a function or event you are attending etc..  Keep some blank cards and write down all of the compliments that you receive on your journey, as reading them back will give you such a boost!  Or write inspirational messages to yourself.  

Your “Pamper Box” can be used throughout your journey.  Whenever you want treat yourself to an item, remind yourself why you are losing weight, and it’s a great pick me up when you have had a bad day or feeling down.  This will focus your energy in a positive fashion rather than dwelling on the negatives.  

What items would you put in your “Pamper Me” box? Let us know in the comments for a chance to win £5 in points to spend in store. The winner will be chosen by 29th June at 4:00 pm`

By Joanne Jones, Customer Care Advisor


  1. My go to items are new nail varnishes & make up. I often buy myself flowers and I’ve been wanting a new perfume for a while so I have treated myself to one as I have reached 2 mini goals since I’ve been on plan.

  2. My pamper night is usually a Friday – love to relax in the bath with my kindle. I often treat myself to a new book and have found since I have been on plan I am reading a lot more. It helps keep me focused and my mind busy. I often top up my “pamper box” with Bath salts, bath bombs, wax melts and I love a good face/hair mask. My skin and hair have never felt so good.

  3. As a male on plan I can’t relate to the pampering but another way I pamper myself is upgrading my wardrobe. With all of my losses I am currently 2 sizes smaller so it makes me want to start taking care of my appearance and I am getting so many compliments and I am feeling much more like my younger self – with just a few extra laughter lines ☺️

  4. This is a great article. Since being on plan I have treated myself to a spa day, manicures and pedicures. These have helped me stay on plan and they make me feel good about myself. I no longer reward myself with food which is a massive change for me.

  5. Seems obvious now that you mention it!! I hadn’t thought of this before. I think this is such a good idea because (preSnS) I used to treat or reward myself when I was stressed or tired or had finished work with a biscuit or a glass of wine or a bag of crisps (you know…’I deserve this’!) but setting up a pamper box whilst not being able to rely on those things will develop new habits to continue longterm.
    My pamber box will include:
    1) A cup of tea whilst I go ‘window shopping’ online to see the clothes I want to fit into.
    2) Sorting through my sewing patterns and finding patterns to make some clothes for my new shape.
    3) a bath bomb…..luxury and uses time to get away from self-sabotage
    4) cards with quotes on from the admin girls… eg does this take me forwards or backwards
    5) The Beck solution book
    6) Photos of me …before and now
    7) a reminder of the compliments I have received
    8) a new book or magazine to read
    Thanks Joanne..you’ve got me thinking!!!

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