Maintaining my weight loss and enjoying being fit and healthy!

Wow, what a year and a bit it’s been, I couldn’t have done it without the support of you my gorgeous slimtastical SNS Family!

JoanneWhen I got to GOAL on October 2020 I thought I’ve DONE IT!!!!!! Now, how do I maintain it? I received my maintenance pack, I downloaded My fitnesspal app, and I recorded everything I ate, (I still do).  I’ve had weeks where I’ve had a gain, only a pound or two – the most being 3lb in a week but I just got back on plan.  I ordered some SNS products to keep me on the straight and narrow and now eat smaller portions.  I have changed my mindset completely, having also read “The Beck Diet Solution”, which I find an absolute godsend. Pure food therapy at your fingertips.

Now as some of you know I’m quite a fitness freak, so when I started SNS and it said “only light exercise” I thought “how am I going to do my cycling and running?”  I thought, “I know I’ll do it first thing in the morning before breakfast”, which I did and still do most of the time. I also decided to give up alcohol and I didn’t drink on plan as it can be dangerous, so I just carried on and I haven’t looked back. And No I’m not boring, yes I do still get out (now we can) and it also saves on taxi fares! lol 

I am 2lb above my goal weight (I’m ok with that), as I know that I am in my safe buffer zone of 3lbs and if I go over I know with SNS I will get it back off off off.

I recently celebrated my first year still at GOAL and maintaining by doing my first ever Half Marathon in October 2021.  I’m never going to be the fastest but who cares, I really enjoy the challenge. I also always get a video at the end as I cross the finishing line after my husband.  We now as a family compete in the Parkrun every Saturday morning which is runtastical!  We have also invested in a Peloton bike which is amazing. 

If anyone would say to me “Jo you are going to run, cycle and keep fit” I would have laughed, but here I am living proof that if you really want something, I mean really want something, you can get it.  You just have to work for it, but it’s there waiting for you so grab it it’s yours.   

SNS has really and truly saved me.  I’m 3st lighter, I’m healthier, I’m happier and  I’m sober.  Go JOIO Go!

Three cheers for SNS hip hip hurray!

Why not take a look at Joio’s fantastic success story!

Why not share your top tips to maintaining weight to be in with a chance of winning £10 in points.  Our favourite three comments will be chosen on Monday 14th March 2022 at 4pm.


  1. As someone who’s been back and forth on this plan I aspire to joining team Joio !
    Fantastic achievement getting to goal and even more fantastic staying there – that’s the one part I haven’t mastered ( yet )
    Your posts are always so motivational , even the ones where you’re just arriving at ‘the big house’ , you’re always so upbeat , please continue to keep me on track as I take this weight loss journey for what I really really hope will be one last time xx

    1. Thank uuuuuu Sue for your kind words xx uuuuuuv got this uuuuuu can and will achieve what you put your mind to xx let’s do this lets gooooo 💪🏼👊🏼💪🏼👊🏼💪🏼👊🏼💪🏼Xx 😘

  2. Well done on your maintenance Jo! I have thoroughly enjoyed following your journey and how well you have done. You are a real joy to have in the facebook group. Your positivity always shines through 🙂

  3. So pleased to read your story and see you maintaining successfully in body and mind. It gives me hope that I too can get there and stay there!
    I’ve got The Beck Diet Solution already, just need to get reading to get my mind to the right place. Keep it up 🙂

  4. Well Done Jo!! That’s so inspiring! I hope it continues to be a joyful journey onward and upward, and look forward to the ongoing updates!

    My own top tips for maintaining and managing eating are these crucial rules:

    **Always eat before food shopping!! I find it so easy to buy too much to eat right now if I’m hungry when doing the week’s food shop, then get home and binge!

    **Always drink water before eating – since it’s often thirst that we mistake for hunger, I try to drink a glass of flavoured water or matcha tea before I prepare a meal, to better gauge hunger levels

    **Don’t get disillusioned when it goes off-course – there’s always time to correct the course, you don’t have to give up on a healthy approach to eating just because you had an indulgent holiday or went to a wedding and overdid it. Be kind to yourself and remember that health is for life!

  5. You are an amazing inspiration Jo. I started at a similar time and lost two stone but have struggled to continue. I maintained for a while but then a stone went back on. I think I will read the Beck diet solution I won in a competition on here in the hope I too can reach my goal.
    Good luck with maintaining. X

  6. Congratulations on maintaining your 3stone loss!
    It is lovely to read your story and to also have you in our Facebook groups. You are such a positive, enthusiastic person who many of our members adore.
    Keep up your amazing work ❤️

  7. A lovely maintenance story. I adore your enthusiasm and excitement, Jo. It’s infectious. Keep it up!
    I enjoyed reading your article. Exercise is your new passion in life. xxx

  8. Amazing. Well done you!!!
    When I’m having one of those “off” days, I’m going to come back here and read your story again for inspiration to keep going x

  9. What an amazing transformation. You’re always full of positivity and inspiration! You’ve done so well losing but even better for maintaining! Humongous congratulations! Keep up the good work and keep posting all your positive vibes our way xx

  10. Go, Go, Jo!!
    I love following you, Joanne. Your positivity absolutely radiates through our Facebook groups and we’re thrilled to have you share your maintenance story with us. Keep on smiling!

  11. It`s been lovely to see how well you are maintaining your 3 stone loss Joio and I love your positivity which has not changed from when you started on plan and how dedicated you are to maintain your weight.

    I have loved seeing your updates on Instagram of all of your mini-marathons and Parkruns, you are almost willing everyone to get up and have a go!

    Keep up the great work and Thank you for sharing. xx

  12. It`s great to see that you are doing so well and enjoying being able to get back to your love of running!

    Well done and keep up the great work, you are an inspiration.

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