Making positive changes to your lifestyle on the Lifestyle Plan

The Slim & Save Lifestyle Plan has been designed by our experts to offer you flexibility and choice. The Lifestyle Plan incorporates your choice of three Slim & Save meal replacement packs and your own choice of a home-prepared meal (low-carbohydrate/high-protein). It is ideal if you want to sit down and have a meal with your family or if you think you will miss having a conventional meal each day. Click here for a complete outline of the Lifestyle Plan.

In essence, it is all about flexibility but remember if you abuse the flexibility then you may jeopardise your weight-loss results. Therefore it is worth thinking about adopting new healthier habits in how you shop for, prepare and cook your chosen meals. Small changes will make a big difference and by following some simple tips you can be slim and healthy with little or no effort at all.

Successful shopping

  • Try internet or ‘app’ food shopping from the comfort of your own home – a great way to avoid temptations AND to save time
  • Always make a shopping list and try hard not to deviate from it.
  • Shop on a full stomach, not when ravenous.
  • Avoid the aisles where you know you will be tempted.
  • Go alone, not with the children (unless they will keep you on track!)
  • Give yourself a time limit to avoid lingering too long around food.
  • Don’t buy something just because you saw the advert on TV earlier.
  • Be ‘label aware’. Manufacturers may explain the nutritional content of one single serving of the product rather than the whole pack.
  • Ensure whatever you purchase is allowed on the Lifestyle Plan before you purchase. Check the Lifestyle Database here.

When Preparing High-Protein/Low-Carbohydrate Food

  • If you nibble when preparing food, have a glass of water before you start, or cut up some celery to munch.
  • Trim off any visible fat from meat and remove the skin from poultry.
  • Be honest when you measure – if it says 50ml of something then don’t be tempted to add more.
  • Make your own ready meals by preparing more than you need and freezing the rest for convenience.
  • Keep a good supply of herbs and spices to add interest to your food when you prepare it.
  • Always wash your hands before and after preparing food.
  • Leave your kitchen clean and tidy when you finish.
  • Don’t store cooked meats next to raw meats.

Learn to know what hunger is

The key to controlling our eating urges or hunger pangs is to understand the difference between real hunger and ‘emotional hunger’. Consider the following: Where possible, stick to a routine of eating at the same time every day. Going back to basics and training your body to eat at given times helps to encourage your metabolism to begin to automatically process in anticipation of food. If your metabolism hits the floor running you will burn more calories.

  • Slow down when eating. Put your knife and fork down in between bites, taking time to chew your food properly. If it’s food that you hold in your hand – such as a chicken drumstick – put it down between bites. The longer you take, the less you will eat in between that time when the Hypothalamus sends the first signal of hunger and the second signal to indicate that it is satiated.
  • Never eat in front of the television. With your concentration elsewhere, you become a ‘subconscious eater’. Try to eat at the table, with as few distractions as possible.

Building a healthy respect for food and mealtimes is vital to maintaining control over your eating habits. Understanding the importance of hunger, recognising the signs of real hunger as opposed to any other emotional feeling will provide you with the confidence to ignore the cravings, the hunger pangs and of course – the rumbling tummy. Here are some simple and proven tips for avoiding pitfalls at mealtimes:

Top tips for successful mealtimes

  • Plan ahead
  • Take your time
  • Switch off the TV
  • Sit down
  • Sit at a table if possible – don’t use a tray on your lap
  • Drink water before, during and after your meal
  • Chew thoroughly
  • Put your knife and fork down from time to time

Remember, we are here to help you and you can read more about people just like you who have lost weight on the Slim & Save Lifestyle Plan by visiting our Success Stories page.

Whichever Slim & Save Plan you choose, remember we are now one of the leading diet meal replacement companies in the UK with outstanding customer satisfaction. We believe the reason for our success is our dedicated support team, fantastic tasting range of TFR (Total Food Replacement) shakes, meals, soups and bars, and of course our sensible pricing.


  1. I personally do a mix of lifestyle and simplicity to suit my needs. I like to do lifestyle days though as they still keep me in touch with food but in a more positive way. Now i am thinking about my choices, i am planning what i am eating and not just eating without thought. The very fact now that i have to think more about food adds to the realisation of where i was making bad choices before. Taking time for food, preparing, weighing and cooking adds value to the food. no longer popping a ready meal into the microwave or just opening and snacking in front of the TV, the fact of it is most of the time i wasn’t even registering that i was eating. Now that i eat more consciously i feel that is a big part of why i enjoy the food more and feel full when i have eaten.

    Another consequence of the S&S diet is i taste food more now and appreciate the taste of fresh and home cooked food. I don’t want the taste of processed foods now which i think will be a key think for me when i move into the maintenance part of my journey.

    Another huge part of my life now is being aware of my fluid intake and always having a drink first when i feel hungry to test out if its real hunger or in fact thirst, i have been amazed at the amount of times a glass or water or ribena plus has halted what felt like a major hunger pang.

    In short positive changes means to learn and adapt…….

  2. I have followed Slim and Save Lifestyle Plan now for 15 weeks and, during that time, have lost 3 stones in weight. I turned to Slim and Save in desperation – I could barely walk because of painful osteoarthritis in my knees and had been warned by my GP that I was pre-diabetic. 15 weeks on my knees are so much less painful and I can now go for short walks without using a stick! I’ve returned to my GP who is delighted with my weight loss and now I’m out of that ‘danger zone’. Still a way to go but I’m halfway to goal now and feeling positive and full of hope for the future.
    I have to admit I didn’t really believe I could actual consume ‘real’ food on a very low calorie diet. I’d always associated very low calorie diets with shakes and the odd bar so resigned myself to being miserable for weeks and probably ditching the diet because it was unsustainable, like I’d always done in the past. Imagine my delight when I realised, after the first few days on Lifestyle, that here was something I could stick to – I could adapt to my life, needn’t feel deprived or fed up. It’s been a total revelation to me.
    Lots of people were horrified when I told them I was doing another vlcd (S&S isn’t the first!) and they said “Why are you putting yourself through this torture again?!”. But now, when they see how flexible this diet is, how I’m managing week on week to lose weight and still retain a sense of humour, they’re thrilled for me and one or two of them are looking at the whole topic of losing weight with Slim and Save in a whole different light, including my GP and Endocrinologist!
    Just as importantly, if not more importantly, I’ve learned so much about myself and my reactions/dependence on food as an emotional prop. It’s been a difficult realisation but totally invaluable because when I reach goal, as I know I will, those lessons I have learned on Slim and Save Lifestyle Plan will form the backdrop to my eating behaviour in the future.
    So I’d say to anyone – especially anyone with a lot of weight to lose and who has diet fatigue like I had – try Slim and Save Lifestyle Plan: you’ll be glad you did.

  3. Lifestyle is such an amazing plan as it really does allow you to have a life, whilst still dieting. I tend to stick to Simplicity during the week, but I love the freedom that Lifestyle gives me if I’m going out for a meal with friends, or having a ‘fakeaway’ on the weekend with my hubby 🙂 Swede chips & quorn curry is a firm favourite!

    For me, planning is the key factor in keeping on the straight and narrow, and doing my food shopping online has been a god send. No more setting foot in a supermarket surrounded by too many temptations. I plan what Lifestyle meals I’m going to have in the week ahead, buy just what I need for those (plus a coke zero or two!) and no junk 🙂 My waist is slimmer, and my purse a little fatter…never a bad thing!

    60lbs lost so far, with another 27lbs to go…and for the first time in my life, I have absolutely NO doubts that I’ll reach it with Slim&Save!

  4. I love incorporating slim and saves life style plan into my everyday life,
    Just sitting down with the family around the table makes all the difference,
    Even entertaining friends you wouldn’t think I was on a diet, it feels second nature now.

    The weekends were my vice, I would struggle as always had the mind set of unwinding at the weekend, and getting a take out,
    Well now I pre prepare my fake away, if I’m on a night out or a night infront of the tv, fantastic home made stir fries, fake away fried rice, and fake away pizza, not forgetting fake away fish and chips.
    If I didn’t learn these skills I would self sabotage, now it’s just second nature, and I mentally feel satisfied as I’m not depriving myself, or even my family ( as they will eat my take aways too), of anything I feel I would miss. Plus it’s much healthier = bonus

    Now the weight is falling off.

  5. I would say TALK… about your successes and your failures. It’s what inspires others. I have been lucky to have made some great friends through Slim and Save.We are ALL normal and talking about our struggles and successes is what helps us all get through the day.
    So my biggest change has been to be open and honeswith others which in turn has helped me lose 12 stone by being honest with myself.

  6. I cant believe how much more confident in myself this diet is making me. I would never have tried anything new before and always relied on my husband to keep me right. He cant believe the difference in me. I have cut out negative influences in my life and surrounding myself in people who love me for me.
    Food wise im enjoying experimenting with my packs and if it goes wrong then at least i tried whereas before i wouldnt even have attempted anything new coz i would have took a mistake as a failure. I feel totally in control of my life at the moment and the support from others on the diet is fantastic.
    A big thank you to slim and save and their amazing staff for all their support and for the first time ever i actually believe i can get to target for the first time ever x

  7. I’s the little things that really can make all the difference to dieting but more importantly, to keeping the weight of and maintaining once you’be refed.
    This is what lifestyle is teaching me, the portion control, the type of healthy foods to chose to feel me up. And then the little tips that Slim and Save gives, such as having the TV turned off and eating slowly, this is what really helps me to make long term changes to how I eat and my relationship with food.
    I can now enjoy eating food and stopping before feeling uncomfortably full!
    Thank you Slim and Save

  8. In a previous article, I mentioned that the Beck Diet Solution book is an absolute great read and gives you so much information on how to “re-train” your way of thinking with food and your lifestyle. I learnt most importantly to differentiate between actual hunger, cravings and desire for food; possibly the hardest thing to do in my opinion! We all get hunger pangs – I was taught by the book to imagine the worst pain I have ever felt (toss up between giving birth and having severe backache), and think of that every time a hunger pang ‘attacks’, and whether you are really hungry. Even when you have had a hard day – don’t give in! It’s emotional eating/wanting to veg out in front of the television, etc. I have to pinch myself HARD if I feel one of those moments coming on. I even ask my partner to pinch my hard as well (which he probably takes great pleasure in doing!)

    Before starting Slim and Save, my mind definitely had to be in the right place. I made sure I had a cupboard specifically for my packets and allowed ‘treats’ (sugar-free jelly, coke zero, etc!) and that I was NOT to go in other cupboards specifically for my partner/toddler.

    Also being out a lot of the day in my car working as a carer, during these summer months I have taken a cool bag with ice packs and kept drinks and jelly cold – it has been a lifesaver. The key in doing this was preparation. I had to do things each night before work, double check I had everything, and go to bed happy with positive thoughts!

    Furthermore, having to deal with everyday family situations whilst being on Slim and Save has been extremely testing. For example, cooking dinner for my 3 year old and my partner has put my willpower to the test immensely. However, doing the lifestyle plan of Slim and Save has been a godsend, so whilst I am cooking dinner for my other two, I can happily prepare my main meal knowing that I am sticking to the plan. I have a small fridge (large enough though!) for my things and the main fridge for my partner/toddler’s things.

    The Slim and Save Facebook pages/groups have been the best source of inspiration for me personally. They are well-staffed, people are willing to help and spur each other on, post pictures, share meal ideas and suggestions, welcome new members as well as returning ones!

    Being on the Slim and Save diet has definitely changed my attitude towards food completely. Portion sizes are everything, and looking a labels in supermarkets are also important, no matter how long you stand there looking for whether a product has Citric Acid in it!

  9. Lifestyle is the perfect plan for me as it enables me to fit in with my family. I have made some very positive changes to my eating habits and I feel confident that, once I’ve lost the weight with Slim & Save, I will be able to maintain my weight with a healthy lifestyle. I don’t really like the children to know that I am dieting because I want to promote making sensible food choices to them. So I save my bars and shakes (which they would notice as being different to normal food!) for during the day whilst they are at school and then we all eat a healthy family meal in the evening. I like to involve the children with meals – last week I let my daughter choose a recipe and then showed her how to do an online shop and then she cooked dinner (homemade turkey burgers with lots of veg and a huge stir-fry – it was delicious!) I am so grateful to Slim & Save for this flexible way of eating – it works for me!

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