Mandy Blake 30 Month Weight Maintenance

Exactly three years ago, I began my Slim & Save journey. My weight gain had been gradual, caused by the multiple medications I was “and still am” taking, and it was very difficult to lose weight as I have mobility problems which stop me from doing much exercise.

My 50th birthday was getting close, and I was starting to get fed up with having to go to the back of clothes rails to find the biggest size or, even worse, order clothes online because the shop didn’t stock the bigger sizes. When I was sharing this with a friend, she said that she knew the ideal diet for me “Slim & Save” and told me all about it. It sounded perfect and I was very keen to get started.

Your head has to be in the right place to make a major life change and I know that there were times in my life I just couldn’t have done a weight loss programme. I felt that the time had come and that I was going to be strong and stick to it from day one. I knew there couldn’t be any messing around.

First day on S&S and I sat down and cried. I was alright with a shake for breakfast and a shake for lunch, but I made the cottage pie (on its own!) for tea and I hated it. I was still determined to carry on, though! I then discovered the website forum and the Facebook group, so I was able to get l ots of hints and tips on how to dress the meals up; cottage pie is much nicer with some carrots, swede and an Oxo cube!

My first tip is to make sure you use the weight-loss time wisely, and learn all about carbs, protein, fat, etc. You can never go back to eating the way you did before, otherwise the weight will just pile back on. You really do have to change the way you eat forever. Make shopping lists, menus, anything that will keep you on the right track. Also have a maintenance plan, like S&S packs or 5:2, for example. If I’ve had a few treats or been away and eaten out a lot, I have a few days back on S&S to get back to normal.

My second tip is get rid of all your big clothes! I had an appointment with my GP when I was about halfway to target, and I’d had to buy a few emergency items of clothing before there were any embarrassing clothes malfunctions in public. When I told him that all I had was four tops, two pairs of trousers and a jacket, he fell apart laughing. He had a student with him and he started laughing as well, and the three of us just got the giggles. He kept saying, “You’ve really got rid of all your clothes?”. I sold some on eBay (to help fund my new wardrobe) and donated the rest to charity. My local hospice charity shop made over £100 from my donated clothes, so that was a good feeling, too.

If you do put on a few pounds, your lovely new clothes will get tight so you’ll have to lose the weight again to feel comfortable. If you keep bigger clothes in your wardrobe, you’ve always got something to wear so the weight could creep back on.

I still get a lot of pleasure from buying size 14 clothes instead of size 22-24, and I sometimes look at a size 14 and think, “That’s not going to fit”, but it does. And it’s a great feeling! I’m a chocoholic so if I can lose 5 stone 8lbs, then anyone can.

Mandy Blake

Mandy Blake Success Story

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  1. Well done Mandy.
    It is great to hear that you are maintaining and I find that so inspiring that you are doing so well as it will help keep me focused!


  2. Well done on maintaining for so long brilliant you have kept it off and know just how to get be I on it if you feel it going up ..again well done xx

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