New rates on Reward Points

Please note we have updated our reward points scheme with immediate effect. Please see below for full information.

We have some exciting news for our customers, the points loyalty scheme, which has been a huge success over the last 10 years, is going to see higher payouts for Silver & Gold members!

The current scheme provides the following rewards:

  • Bronze Members 1% of transaction value
  • Silver Members 2% of transaction value
  • Gold Members 3% of transaction value
  • Diamond Members 10% of transaction value
  • Platinum Members 15% of transaction value

With our new improved rates you will be getting:


In addition to the above changes, we will be withdrawing the Platinum Scheme for new customers after May 31st 2022. This means any customers who have not achieved the Platinum level by this date will no longer be able to achieve this status. Those members who are already Platinum members on May 31st will continue with their Platinum status, providing they place at least one order every six months. Anyone who loses Platinum status through not ordering for more than six months will be moved to Diamond status.

To re-iterate, this will not affect any customer who achieves Platinum status prior to May 31st 2022.

Want to see what your membership level is and how you can get to the next level? Click here to see. (You will need to be logged in to see your membership level).


  1. I’m a diamond member but can’t find it anywhere with this new update. Also…. I can’t make an order. I’ve pressed on the plan i want multiple times an still nothing. The old site worked perfectly there was nothing wrong with it..

    1. Hi there, sorry to hear about your problems you can find your membership levels here:

      I can confirm you are diamond member and will receive 10% in points on any purchases.

      You can see your points value by clicking this link:

      You can access all member features such as weight tracker, meal planner etc in your account home here:

      Please let us know if you need any further assistance with the new site.

      Kind regards


  2. Hello, I’m a Platinum member. Can I suggest that you remind us when we are nearing the six-month cut off for ordering? I would hate to lose my Platinum status for the sake of a week or two! Thank you x

    1. Hi Susan,

      Yes, this will be something that is automated and you should receive an email when you are nearing this time.

      Kind regards,

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