New Water Flavouring

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new water flavourings.

We now have the following flavours of water:

  • Hot Savoury Drink
  • Lemon Spritz
  • Mixed Fruit
  • Orange Fresher
  • White Wine

We have tested all flavours and can assure you they taste great! They do not contain Citric Acid so you do not need to fear any issues regarding coming out of ketosis.

Due to very slow and unreliable deliveries of the Wahoo from the manufacturer, we have decided to no longer stock Wahoo water flavouring.

One thought on “New Water Flavouring

  1. I have the white wine flavouring. I mix it with diet tonic water…and couple of ice cubes..its not like having a glass of wine. More like a refreshing lemonade. (That could be the tonic water). is still lovely and makes a really nice change as a weekend treat. It really helped me keep on track. Loved it

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