Of course you can be a Social Butterfly and stay on plan!

Have you heard the rumour going around that you cannot have a social life or still be the life and soul of the party over the Festive period when on plan with Slim&Save this, of course, is not true at all, you can still be a Social Butterfly and enjoy yourself with family and friends. There is no reason to stop you from going out and enjoying yourself and having some fun throughout Christmas and New Year, and with a little planning, you can enjoy your evening without impacting on the diet..

As always preparation is the key to Success!

Eating outCheers

Most restaurants are now very accommodating if you just ask!
If they have an online menu have a look if you are unsure of anything check with one of our Admin Support as we are here to help and will point you in the right direction helping ensure that you stay on plan.

A bit of Fizz.

Of course, you are going to be challenged by your family or friends to have a drink or two, but please remember that it is dangerous to drink alcohol when in ketosis, so please ask for our guidelines on how to carb up so that you are fully out of ketosis, if you wish to partake in a drink or two. You can pass off soda water in a tall glass with ice as vodka/gin and no-one will be any the wiser, also you could take some of our water flavourings to mix. And a big bonus is no Hangover the next morning! Remember stick to your guns and don`t apologise for not drinking. Be the designated driver.

Dancing the night away.

Get up and strut your stuff to all those great Christmas songs, the more you boogie the more calories you will burn! Keep yourself hydrated throughout the night as you may break a sweat dancing the night away! Plus it`s a sneaky way of getting some low impact exercise in, which is great for toning your body. Don`t linger after the event and go straight home so that you are not tempted by a late night kebab!

Getting all Glammed up.

Enjoy the process of trying on new clothes and take photos of yourself wearing different outfits so that you can see how amazing you look before making your purchase and don’t forget to experiment with your makeup now that have lost some weight the bone structure on your face will be showing. Who doesn`t love getting all glammed up for Christmas and New Year parties with family and friends 

Above all enjoy yourself over the holidays and it`s a great opportunity to catch up with family and friends.

*Please speak to our Admin Support if you have any questions in relation to coming off plan 48 hours prior to drinking alcohol.

Joanne FrankDo you have any tips or tricks for staying on plan over the holidays? Share below for a chance to win £25 in points! Favourite comment will be chosen on December 6th at 3pm!

By Joanne Frank, Customer Care Advisor


  1. This is a great read, I personally think I will find it too hard going out as the temptation is too much. Luckily for me I have the most supportive colleagues and we have arranged to go for a work meal and they have tweaked my meal so it is on plan friendly – so my top tip is if you are going out the restaurant will most likely accommodate your dietary requirements so it’s always worth asking ahead.

  2. I would advise to take it one day at a time. I am very new to this plan so everyday is a learning curve. I am trying to make sure I use the meal planner I find this helps. I do plan on having Christmas Day off to enjoy with the kids but I will be careful with what I have and I will not be drinking. I will be straight back on plan on Boxing Day. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas x

  3. A great Blog and really helpful. 🙂

    I have started asking for a large Gin glass when out socialising and have it filled with Soda water and nobody has guessed yet!

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  4. This is a great post. I will be staying on plan as I am 20lb off my goal weight so seems a bit of a shame to come off and potentially set my journey back. I keep telling myself next year I will be able to enjoy my Christmas even more being at goal and 4 stone lighter. So my top tip would be to stick at it and carry on if you can you will thank yourself when you reach your goal quicker!

  5. Planning is essential, I have asked for the menu for our works party and I am really looking forward to wearing my Christmas sparkly dress as nobody has seen me in ages.

    Keep strong and remember when you say no you are not offending anybody, you are focusing on yourself.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. My best tip would be to plan in advance, if you have any Christmas meals booked look at the menu prior to going so you know what you can have which is on plan friendly. The lovely ladies in the office are always on hand to help if you need any help looking at the menu. The great thing about Christmas is it is all mainly roast dinners and you can enjoy meat and veg on the lifestyle plan.

  7. Its all about the planning !! Stay positive & Plan around your Events and the big day… dont be scared of treating yourself but also don’t be scared of saying “no thank you”… remember just how far you have come … merry Christmas everyone xx

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