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Pickling has been around for hundreds and thousands of years. Many years ago when our ancestors used to live off the land a lot of people used to pickle their crop after harvesting to preserve it for the time the vegetables and fruits were out of season, to ensure they had a good supply throughout the year.

Nowadays, what with better machinery, logistical support, freezing, refrigeration, canning and the variety of many different supermarkets, pickling has become something more of a past-time and not often done today.

However for me, there is a lot of satisfaction in opening a jar of my own pickled produce. Currently, at the moment I have in my cupboard a hoard of beetroot, large pots of stewed rhubarb and pickled eggs. Knowing you have prepared this yourself is sure worth it, and it gives me a buzz. Its something I’ve done for years.

I know rhubarb is in season during the end of spring and summer months, but I can enjoy this freshly now and throughout the year when it’s not readily available in the shops. For our members who enjoy eating rhubarb on the plan and make recipes such as over-night oats, this would be a good idea for you to try.

It might seem a lot of work to some, but honestly, I can tell you it’s very effortless and rewarding. Simply save some jars at home, and when you have collected a few, you could make a big batch of your favourite picked foods. Do make sure that you wash the jars out thoroughly and pop the jars and lids in the oven for a short while; this will help to sterilize them.

If pickling, both malt and spirit types of vinegar are approved on the plan so you can use whichever you prefer. For me personally, I love the taste you get from malt vinegar; it has more of a nutty and earthy flavour. Spirit vinegar is usually the stronger of the two.

There are lots of different pickling recipes online, many of which are suitable when following Slim & Save, but honestly, there is nothing to it, so give it a try.

You could pickle peppers, beetroot, cauliflower, eggs, cucumber, and onions just for example. There are lots of different ideas, and the list goes on.

If you like a bit of a kick and want to spice it up a bit, why not try adding some dried chilli flakes to the mix or some mustard seeds. I’ve done this myself to my pickled eggs.

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What pickled food items do you enjoy the most on the plan? Have you ever tried making your own batches? I would love to hear your ideas and comments. It will also help our other members too. The more variety of different foods you can have on the plan, the better I say.

Happy Jarring!

Our favourite comment will receive 10 Packs of Mixed Crisps to enjoy, winner to be chosen on Tuesday 14th June 2022

By Katrina Moffat, Customer Care Advisor


  1. One of the memories I treasure from being a child was disappearing behind the curtain at the back of my nana’s pantry to investigate the jars of jams and pickles she kept hoarded there. Now with a home of my own and a husband who’s rather skilled in the gardening and cooking department, we also have a treasure trove of jam jars: pickled eggs (when we forget to cancel the order!); pickled onions for Christmas, and lots of different chutneys. My favourite is Pineapple chutney – of course not grown in our garden but an emergency ‘recipe-find’ when we had leftover pineapple. It’s now a family favourite with curries and casseroles. This year I’m hoping to persuade him to pickle red cabbage and to make some piccalilly…another flash of memory as they were favourites of my lovely dad’s.

  2. Picking up on Claire’s comment, I’m about to google Sticky Willie Seeds, I feel a need to begin my pickling life with some of those as an option! This was really useful, I’m not much of a cook which isn’t a bad thing for staying on plan… but hadn’t considered pickling myself. Interesting to read this blog, armed with the knowledge now that it’s really simple I intend to go off an explore. Liking the idea of combination, wonder if I can perfect a recipe of pickled devilled eggs that fit the plan. Can’t turn out any worse than my years ago attempt at making jam that led me to have an urgent need to go new pan shopping…. !

  3. I love to forage, course have been attended! I find that using jack in the hedges, sticky Willie seeds and ransoms in with eggs gives a really garlicky nutty twist…happy pickling

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