Setting Weight Loss Goals

It is not uncommon for dieters to set large weight loss goals this is because many of us think back to a time when they were younger maybe to their college years or even their wedding day.

Some even feel like they should look like a supermodel because that’s what society leads us to believe is the perfect figure when in fact being a healthy weight is much more achievable and better for you. Setting extreme goals can set you up for disappointment and failure. You can achieve your goal weight as long as it is reasonable and attainable.

This is a journey you are on that will not only improve your life but will improve your health and finally gain control of your weight. Remember its not about looking for perfection. So you may be wondering “How can I do this?” well the answer is by setting mini goals. Did you know that losing 10lbs can reduce your blood pressure, your blood sugar and your cholesterol?

Setting a goal a month at a time allows your body the time to adjust to you being on a weight loss plan. This will certainly help you in achieving your ultimate goal.

Track your progress using our weight loss tracker and joining one of our monthly challenges. Most importantly don’t forget to reward yourself for all your hard work in achieving each mini goal by doing something as simple as buying some new makeup, some new shoes or maybe a trip to the cinema. By rewarding yourself for each mini-goal you achieve your mindset will be much more positive and you will be more likely to achieve your next mini goal.

Here are 5 top tips on setting weight loss goals

  1. Don’t expect to lose 10lbs a week think short term at first. If you have a long road ahead why not set a month mini goal to lose 5 to 10% of your body weight first?
  2. Be prepared. What will your strategy be? Have you got all your packs ready for the month? Don’t leave it until the last minute to order. Have you set up a motivation board or diary? Motivation boards and diaries are fantastic visuals to show what you want to achieve such as a new outfit you would like to fit into or be able to have that operation you need to improve your health. Write down all the positives of losing weight, print out motivational quotes. Write about how you feel now and how you will feel in 6 months time.

  3. Distractions help with those difficult times when temptations are rife and cravings come and go. Plan to do some light weekly exercise such as gentle toning, walking, swimming or maybe some light aerobics. Add to your motivation board or diary and track how you feel each week, i.e. has your breathing become easier. Perhaps take up a new hobby painting, crafts, knitting or crochet. Something simple like calling a friend or family member when cravings pop up. Plan ahead and list what you will do to distract yourself before you need a distraction then you can look at the list and pick something.
  4. Be realistic when setting weight loss goals, don’t plan for a 10lb loss each week as TV shows and magazines can exaggerate losses and in reality, expect to lose 1lb to 2lbs a week and base your mini goal around that. If you lose more, you will have a wonderful surprise, but likewise, if you lose that exact amount over the weeks you will still be pleased and motivated that you have achieved your mini goal and much more inspired to keep on plan and move into the next month.
  5. Take time to track your successes and revel in all the hard work you are doing and how it’s paying off. Track your food via our meal planner and keep your weight tracker up to date. People who do this are more likely to stay focused and achieve their long term goal. Always remember to reflect on the past month if your mini goal was too high don’t think the plan is not working or I may as well give up. Tweak your goal, aim a little lower, maybe you didn’t distract yourself when you had that temptation to think about what you will do to change that next time. It’s a learning journey, and you will need to tweak your road map, but you will learn this from the little mistakes that we all make from time to time.

Good luck to everyone, its not easy but the rewards are worth it.

Have you got any tips on how setting weight loss goals? Share them below to be in with a chance of winning our Winter Warmer Special Offer Bundle! Our favourite comment will be chosen on Thursday 14th February 2019 at 4pm!

By Joanne Jones, Customer Care Advisor


  1. I’ve just placed my first order and am feeling very motivated after reading the comments on this blog. I have 6 stone to lose but think I will attack it half a stone at a time. I love the points idea and the motivation board! Thanks for the tips,

  2. Thanks all very motivational. I’m right st the start of my 13st weight loss journey but feel confident that this is going to help me change my life Instead if bring daunted I’m looking forward to the road ahead.

  3. Hi everyone , have been contemplating this programme and just reading your positive comments and great ideas for mini goals has inspired me to place an order. I have 6 stone to shift and now have many good tips from you all to break it into manageable goals. I really feel positive to succeed thank you x

  4. Keep a picture of yourself at the weight you are now, then as you lose weight or are tempted to pick look at the picture good motivation

  5. When you start you weight loss journey, write a list of all the reasons you have started and what you want to achieve. Write down what you’ll be able to do, that you can’t presently do, when you reach target and how your life will change. Then when you are finding it difficult to stay on plan, pull out your list and remind yourself why you started and how your life will change when you reach target, it’s a great motivator to stick to it and reach your goal.

  6. I,m on the lifestyle plan and its workin so far. I have lost 1 stone 5 lb on week 6 and weigh day seems to goin for the week when i get weighed. I measure too every sunday cos its not all about the scales. I chop up my bar with another one obv splittin it between two days

  7. Lots to lose? Set interim goals. Take it in manageable chunks. No one can eat an elephant in one sitting but a bite at a time is achievable. Maybe a half stone at a time and celebrate your successes. Maybe a bunch of flowers or a smaller pair of pants? Make it visible. Fill in the wheel provided on the website or find some thing that works for you. Don’t dream about it. Plan and prepare and one day you will wake up and your dream goal will have come true. Good luck

  8. Thinking about your health. Whether that be having more energy and being able to do more or for bringing blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol down. Living for longer with less pain and suffering.

  9. We all have that BIG goal that we all want to achieve, but I find that the little goals count just a much. Its not just about weight goals though, I find the NSV just as rewarding as the scale victories, plus the scale is not always your friend and doesn’t always tell you what you want to see! Try setting little goals but not to many as they will loose their value. I try to set one goal at a time so I don’t overwhelm myself with having to stick with the diet and achieve goals! Also I appreciate the achievements of things that I haven’t set as a goal.

  10. Try giving yourself non-food rewards. A lot of people including me ! Have in their minds that if you are good then lets reward ourselves with a takeaway. I even do it with the kids. Like “wow you have done so well at school, lets go out for dinner” . Instead you could make your rewards things that will help you on your way to your ultimate weight loss goal, like buying a new water bottle or a Fitbit, or you could make your rewards something more fun, like tickets to see your favourite band, or a trip to the cinema. 
    Another way of rewarding yourself is to get a jar and add a pound coin for every pound you lose. Seeing the pounds mount up is a great visual representation of your weight loss and it’ll also mean that you’ve saved up to buy yourself smaller clothes when you hit your goal weight. 

    Setting yourself small, achievable goals makes it much more likely that you’ll successfully lose weight. Breaking down the weight you need changes your thinking from ‘oh God, I have so much weight to lose, I’ll never do it’ to ‘hey, if I do this bit by bit I can actually do it and lose the weight’. So think about what you want to achieve and how you’re going to do it.
    What i say to myself is “I want to lose 16lbs, which is 5% of my starting weight, so that I can wear my favourite dress and feel good in it again. I’m going to do this by tracking what I eat using slim and save food tracker and I’m going to make sure I hit my carbs and foodpacks . On a lifestyle day I will be cooking more healthy meals at home. I want to do this in time for mini break away which is in 10 weeks.” – now, doesn’t that sound much more achievable than “I want to lose weight”?

  11. I started a bullet journal last November and I’ve set up trackers to visually help me see how many steps I’ve done, how many days I’m fully on plan, my water intake etc and I love seeing them filling up. Also it keeps my hands and mind busy so I forget about the kitchen right behind me!
    I’m also tracking my weight loss but only by the month, so I’m just looking at the progress that month. I do contemplate what it would be like to be a ‘normal’ weight but I don’t think I ever have been so can’t picture it and don’t want it to feel like an impossible task. I’m happy if I end each month weighing less than the last!

  12. I keep a visual representation of my weight loss on my desk at work. It helps to keep me on track all day whilst my colleagues are all snacking their way through the biscuit tin …
    I have a goal in mind and I am determined to stay 100% on plan until I get there. I also add a mark to my work calender for every day I make it through without a blip.
    The scales will say what they say… I can’t control how quickly the weight comes off. But I can control what I do to encourage them to shift in the right direction.

  13. I’m a big girl, I’ve lost 18 lbs in 3 weeks, I have inspired 2 other people that I know of to start there own journey, Ive never been an inspiration to anyone before. I can’t let them down now, they’ll keep me going

  14. Setting mini goals works for me. Every half a stone I lose I treat myself to a non food treat such as clothes or make up. This also helps my brain focus on the fact that all treats don’t have to be food related.

  15. As well as setting a long term goal set some smaller ones that are easier to reach. I have my total loss needed but also a weekly and monthly target that I like to hit. Also I find having a holiday booked for the future really helps to keep you on plan.

  16. I set as many targets and goals as I possibly can , to ensure I feel like I’m getting somewhere –
    Half a stone off , stone off etc but also getting into the next stone bracket down , getting below the next half stone mark ( ie xx stone 6lbs ) losing 5% of start weight , then 10% and so on , then there’s the non scale goals , not just getting into the next size down but just going to the next hole in my belt ( or watchstrap ) is an achievement worthy of celebration in my eyes – I have a points system , each goal passed earns me a point , each lb lost earns me a point , every person that comments I’ve lost weight earns me a point – at the end of the month I convert those points into £’s then use my ‘winnings’ to treat myself to a manicure , a new nail varnish , shoes , smaller jeans , a nice steak , some lo dough – whatever takes my fancy as long as it fits with the plan

  17. Don’t set weight goals have small milestones like getting your jeans done up or parking another road away from work so you walk further your weight will take care of itself having small regular life goals stops me stressing over the bigger picture and how long it will take that time will pass at the same rate regardless so make good use of it.

  18. I weigh myself in pounds so I can see the scales moving quicker, gives me more motivation. I have 11 stone to lose so I don’t treat myself with food when I’ve hit my target but with a cross stitch magazine. Doing a hobby helps me in the evenings not to fall off track. It also helps that my husband is doing the plan with me. Good luck everyone, we all can do it.

  19. I keep a weight loss journal and always write a positive motivational quote every day. I also follow other people who are on a weight loss journey with me and find that keeps me focused motivated and on track.

  20. I buy myself a new top or dress once a month (nothing too expensive, usually from Sainsbury’s), I buy it so it fits me but is tight on my shoulders/bust/bottom. I then hang it up on the outside of my wardrobe so I can always see it. My goal each month is to get that piece of clothing fitting me so I feel and look good in it. Each month I know my body is shrinking and the feeling is awesome!

  21. My top tip – keep the goals small and achievable – whether it’s half a stone at a time, or getting under xStone, or getting down to the next level down of the BMI, don’t be overwhelmed by a big goal that seems unachievable!

  22. When I started it felt like a massive mountain to climb as I had 5-6 stone to lose but the first couple of stone came off in no time so after that I was just thinking about getting down in to the next stone bracket. It made such a difference once I was seeing another number on the scales and that was what kept me going.

  23. Thank you for the inspiration! I’m just placing my first order and staring a long journey in the eyes! I’ll admit I’m daunted but will be looking into creating a motivation board!

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