The art of saying YES.

Saying yes could change your life for the better and help make your weight loss goals a reality.

Yes is a magical word that has such a positive impact. Just saying yes makes you feel better and makes you smile, and when you smile the whole world smiles with you!

Saying yes can sometimes make us fear failure.  We anticipate the worst as we don’t know what to expect, we are creatures of habit and it feels safe to stay in our comfort zone. It is true that any new experience or fresh ideas can be scary, but it’s not about being reckless or becoming a people pleaser. Instead it’s about becoming true to ourselves and saying yes to all the good stuff, enjoying the positive changes that will happen.

Say Yes to a slimmer and healthier future!

List your motivational reasons for losing weight;  are you wanting to run around with the kids/grandkids, wear a special item of clothing, go on holiday and feel comfortable in your clothes, have a photo taken without hiding from it, have an adventure day? If there is a picture that inspires you, stick it on the fridge.  Tell yourself that you are not depriving yourself of a treat but choosing healthier options to enable you to become slimmer and healthier.

Say Yes to little victories!

Embrace all of your victories by setting mini goals to help you achieve your ultimate goal of becoming slimmer and healthier. This will help to inspire and motivate you and remind you of how fabulous you are doing on your weight loss journey.  Here are some I have witnessed from our members over the years;  to be able to fly on an aeroplane without a seatbelt extender, painting my toenails, my blood pressure has dropped, I am no longer T2 diabetic, and I can wear my wedding bands again.   These are all significant milestones to be celebrated, so don’t forget to include them in your list of Non Scale Victories.

Say Yes to getting support!

When you start a new diet you can get a mixed reaction from family and friends, make them aware that you are in the process of making changes and that you will need some encouragement.  You may find that some of your friends are uncomfortable as they may prefer your old habits and not fully embrace the new emerging you, but once they see how happy these changes are making you, they will get on board and have your back! Use the support networks that we have in place for you.  Our Facebook closed groups are ideal and hugely important as you will be with other like minded people who are wanting to be slimmer and healthier. It’s a great place to share recipes, tips and support. Don’t forget about our Live Chat too if you need an extra boost of encouragement, or are a little shy in asking a question in the groups.

Once you get into the habit of saying yes it can transform all areas of your life, make you believe in your abilities and boost your confidence.  So what are you going to say the next time you question yourself?

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By Joanne Jones, Customer Care Advisor


  1. Yes to finally putting myself first!
    Yes to a healthy lifestyle!
    Yes to feeling confident!
    Yes to hitting small goals!
    Yes to fitting into the dress I brought 2 years ago and i will fit into!
    Yes to ME!

  2. Can I do this? I ask myself
    Then I here me whisper YES?
    can I fit in my favourite dress?
    Not quite yet but will I? YES
    Will I end up weighing less?
    Well that’s easy it’s a YES
    Can I put me before the rest?
    Absolutely YES YES YES

  3. After being off plan due to illness I’m saying yes to wiping the slate clean, embracing life and looking forward to a healthier me. Yes, let’s do this! Tomorrow is a new start. 😊

  4. I’m saying Yes to taking control. No more emotional eating when happy or sad. Tomorrow is a new beginning and daily I will remind myself, quitters never win, and winners never quit. Here’s to a fresh start and a new me!

  5. I’m determined to start saying yes to being brave again. I’ve spent the last two years mostly in isolation, and I forgot how to face the world. It’s a new month and I’m back on plan. Time to say yes to “succeeding”. Time to say yes to “keep going”. Time to be brave and proud of me again. Yes I can do this. Yes I’m worth it. Yes I’m brave ❤

    1. I’m saying yes to a healthier me and yes to all the opportunities it will bring.

      Yes to the world opening up and not being afraid to get on a plane.

      Yes to weekend activities involving walks, bike rides, camping and wild swimming.

      I’m so used to saying no.. I will be saying YES from now on.

  6. I’m saying yes to fitting back into my old clothes, I want my knees to stop aching, my back to be stronger. I have a drawer full of running gear and I can’t run at this weight unless I further damage my knees. I have 4 grandbabies that run rings round me. I have a 6 month old cocker spaniel that needs an active happy mum. Yes to controlling my life again!

  7. I will be saying yes to the start of a new me. Yes to putting my health and body first. Yes to taking care of my mental health. Yes to having more energy to playing with my 3 year old. Yes to being confident and happy 🙂

  8. I am saying YES to me! To taking control back, I have finally found a plan that works for me, people are seeing a positive change in me. For so long I’ve been down a dark hole for a number of reasons – the start of the year I said enough – if I don’t make a change now will I ever do it? It was the best change I ever made. I’m learning to love myself and showing a genuine smile to the world again! For whatever our reasons are for choosing SNS we’ve all said Yes for Us! We’ve got this!!

  9. For too many years I have been in denial and saying NO to many things. For example , do you want to come to this party- no. Why because I felt self conscious about my weight and the unflattering clothes I had. Saying No has cost me too much in lost time and experiences so now I am focusing on saying yes to myself. Can I go on that trip – Yes, will I go to that party – hell Yes and will Slim and Save help me achieve my weight loss goal – oh most definitely YesYesYesYesYes!!!

  10. I have said to everyone for most of my life but always no to myself… I’m not deserving like others are you treat myself with the same kindness. This has been my mindset for the past 20 years. Things are changing and I have decided to say yes to me! To bring healthy, putting myself first and changing my mind to believe that I am just as worthy of giving myself the love and respect I give to others. To treat my heart, mind, body and loose weight saying yes!! You can!

  11. ive worked hard at hitting goal… so it’s a big YES to getting me in that bikini on that beach this July…. YES all the way to Lanzarote!! Woop woop

  12. Previously the queen of saying to everything that is ‘bad’ for me, I’m saying yes to losing weight. Yes to improving my physical fitness and getting back out on the netball court and yes to finding a fella 😜. 4 years separated and now finally divorced, I want to feel comfortable to say yes to a date and well…who knows ☺️💗🤣

  13. I will be saying yes to my favourite jeans. Saying yes to going out in public and not feeling like a fat frump! Saying yes to feeling healthy, sleeping better and having more energy. And I’ll be Saying a massive YES to a week in the sun without feeling embarrassed poolside!

  14. I am finally saying yes to sustained energy by sticking to plan each day. I’m saying yes to seeing the inches fall off week after week. I’m saying yes to finally being able to wear some of the smaller sized clothes that have been hanging in my wardrobe for years. I’m saying yes to finally looking in the mirror and loving what I’m seeing. I’m saying yes to putting myself at the front and centre of my life for a change. I’m saying yes to facing the challenges that may come my way. I’m saying yes to my slim & save success story!

  15. I’m saying yes to success! Tired of not succeeding and blaming everything around me whilst knowing I am the only one that can actually make the changes necessary. So, it’s a yes from me from here on in!!!

  16. I’m saying yes so investing money in my health! My 5 children are my world and I have always spent every penny making there lives the best i can, holidays, experiences etc and was avoiding going back on slim and save because of the cost but decided to say YES to putting me first for once and spending that money on ME! What’s great is they are supporting me and still see the rewards because I’m happier in myself and more confident to do rides, trampolines etc when we out as a family.

    1. I’m saying Yes with a capital Y to finally believing in myself that I can do Slim and Save.
      Yes to trusting in the process and knowing that this will work.
      Yes to how I’m already feeling so much more confident after coming to the end of week two.
      Yes to fitting in all the clothes that have been in my wardrobe for ages, waiting for me patiently.
      Yes to smiling so much more as my clothes are getting loose.
      Yes to feeling part of the Slim and Save community and spurring each other on and congratulating our successes.
      Finally I’m saying a big fat thankful YES for finding Slim and Save .

  17. I have said yes to a much better me – I am so inspired by the Slim&Save system that I have decided (in consultation with my doctor) to start reducing one of my anxiety medications…the road of my anxiety is as long as the road of being fat and unfit but I have said YES and I will do it!!!.Thank you Slim& Save team.

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