The Naked Truth about Weight-loss for Men

Do you REALLY know the actual cost of being overweight or obese? At what point does your ‘Beer Belly’ turn into a serious health concern? In this ‘men only’ feature, we take a shockingly frank look at the hard-core facts.

Give yourself an MOT

You don’t hesitate to look after your car do you? I’ll bet you do both an annual MOT and a service on your four-wheeled friend. At Slim & Save we take weight-loss seriously. We want to help you look after your body as well as you probably look after your car – or preferably better. We know the dangers of carrying extra pounds or stones if you are a man.

If you know that you need to lose weight then Slim & Save is an ideal solution for you whether you are 20lb’s or five stones overweight – or more.

Being overweight exposes you to a number of serious medical risks. Slim & Save Experts say that men who are overweight, seriously increase their risk of developing diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep problems, increased risk of some cancers and increased risks of problems around the time of surgery. At Slim & Save we can help men lose weight quickly and safely and thereby reduce major health risks.

The truth is shocking

The more overweight a man is, the more problems he can encounter physically and mentally. For example, a man that is one stone overweight might carry excess weight around his middle. In which case his abdominal fat will cause insulin resistance, which leads to high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. A man that is three stone overweight will probably have a BMI of 30+ which means he is officially obese (you can calculate your BMI at the Slim & Save website). His health issues may include a risk of developing joint problems, cancer, gallstones, asthma and heart attack. His self-esteem may take a tumble too and this could lead to being passed over for promotion at work, relationship issues and a general lack of confidence.

A man that is five stone overweight may have a BMI approaching 40 or more. He will probably be having trouble sleeping (sleep apnoea is very common – and dangerous too). If that wasn’t bad enough he might even have lost his sex drive, or even the physical ability to get intimate. Liver problems are a risk along with serious heart disease. Coupled with swollen legs and a puffy face, his personal hygiene could have taken a turn for the worse – which doesn’t even bear thinking about.

Friends and lovers

Relationship issues are both a common cause and symptom of obesity. We’re not just talking between the sheets – but while we are on the subject…. losing weight will lead to better sex because it not only makes it physically easier but also increases your sperm count, raises your self-esteem and that gets your endorphins going.

When you lose weight with Slim & Save you may see relationships with other people improving as a result of your weight-loss:

  • Children: if you are a Dad then you are doing something really positive by losing weight. You are being a great role model to your Son or Daughter.
  • Mates and Buddies: once you lose weight you’ll feel happier in yourself and be more fun to be around.
  • Work Colleagues: fed up with being ‘the Fat Bloke’ at work? A staggering 9 out of 10 HR Managers say they would rather offer a job to a healthy weight man than an obese man.
  • Yourself: your relationship with yourself is THE most important relationship you will ever have. Learning to love yourself may sound soppy but if you don’t even like yourself then how can you ever expect to achieve anything great?

Get your engine revving again

Recent Government guidelines state that as part of a healthy lifestyle we should all aim to take at least 30 minutes of exercise at least five times a week. We know in reality that is not as easy as it sounds – but even exercising once a week is sufficient to reduce the risk of heart disease or stroke by almost 40% in men.

For more details check out Change4Life website. Fortunately you don’t have to take the prescribed 30 minutes of exercise as one big block each day. Splitting it into five or 10-minute bursts throughout the day can be just as effective. So, for example running up and down stairs or a brisk walk round the block is really good news for men.

The trick is to improve your level of cardiovascular fitness because this is what will improve your general health and wellbeing. But without creating extra time in your day to devote to exercise, how can you possibly raise the bar when it comes to working out?

When you do anything to increase your heart rate and you start to sweat a little, your heart and lungs will be working harder and faster which will be contributing to your overall level of cardiovascular health. The great news is that the more often you do that, the fitter (and slimmer) you will become. Watch this space for more features on great exercise regimes for men (and women).

If you are a man considering Slim & Save as a fast and safe way to lose weight then check out the success story of Simon H (and many more) Simon lost over four stones in a few months with Slim & Save and is now our mountain climbing hero.

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  1. My wife said recently that having only lost a coupe of stone so far I’d already stopped ‘squeaking’ in the night – sleep apnoea cured!

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