Will you be celebrating the Festivities on or off plan?

It’s almost Christmas, which means it’s that time of year where your calendar becomes jam-packed with festive nights out, family buffets and indulgent meals out to celebrate the season and you have the difficult decision as to whether you are coming off plan or staying in Ketosis.

If you intend to say in ketosis, here is some great advice from our blog – Christmas In Ketosis.

If you do wish to come off plan over the Christmas Period, and who can blame you at this special time of year, be prepared to accept that this will have an impact on your overall weight loss journey. However, if you can accept this and have the steely determination to return to Slim & Save with 150% determination in the New Year, then read on for some simple tips to ensure you can still enjoy the festive season sensibly without feeling deprived or like you are missing out, without going overboard.

  • Decide how long you intend to come off plan – Whether it’s for two days or two weeks and hold yourself accountable. Set a strict time limit for being off plan and be diligent when starting back on plan where you left off. Don`t forget to save the date to your calendar as a reminder!
  • Balance It Out – If you know you are heading out for a meal, aim to keep the rest of the day/week as healthy as possible to balance things out. Don’t throw in the towel because of a couple of bad choices. A lot of people say ‘well I’ve ruined it, there’s no point now’ but this can cause more harm to your weight loss efforts. Think of the 80/20 rule and stick to plan 80% of the time and aim to indulge just 20% of the time. Our range of low calorie meals and low calorie snacks are perfect for balancing out those indulgent meals.
  • Plan Ahead – If possible, find a copy of the menu ahead of time. This way you can look at the options and research the best option that won’t ruin your healthy eating too much, thus avoiding temptation. We’re not saying you should go for the healthiest item on the menu (no one wants to eat salad at Christmas) but there are some meals that are more calorie-laden than others. Which leads us on to the next tip…
  • What To Order – When ordering, it can be easy to either go all out or do the complete opposite and restrict yourself. Both of these approaches can be detrimental. Overindulging could mean ruining your efforts, but at the same time restricting yourself could lead to cravings later on, which if you give into could lead to over-consuming too many calories anyway. Instead, order something you are really craving and savour it. This way you can enjoy your meal out without feeling deprived.
  • Avoid Carb Heavy Meals – Any dishes, which have a large number of carbs, are best avoided, as these are often higher in calories. Instead, look for dishes that are mainly protein and vegetables as these usually contain fewer calories than the carbohydrate-heavy meals. Also, try and avoid dishes with creamy sauces as these are often high in fat and calories too.
  • Don’t Eat The Free Bread – A lot of restaurants offer free bread for the table and it can be easy to pick at whilst waiting for your meal, but these can be a waste of calories and carbs, so try and avoid eating it or ask the waiter to take it away. You don’t want to fill up on bread when you have a delicious meal coming anyway.
  • Stop When You Feel Full – It can be easy to wolf down a delicious dish without giving a second thought to your hunger and end up eating more than you need. Most of the time the portion sizes in restaurants are a lot larger than needed, so try and chew slowly and savour your meal. It can take up to 20 minutes to feel full, so aim to slow down whilst eating and you may actually end up leaving some of it, reducing your calorie intake.
  • Avoid Starters, Extras and Side Dishes – A starter can add extra calories to your meal and it’s not something you really need. Think about it, you wouldn’t eat a starter at home before your evening meal, so why would you do it while dining out? Try and focus more on enjoying just the main meal rather than adding extras, sides or a starter to your order. If you need a side, opt for vegetables or salad instead of chips or potatoes.
  • Hold The Desserts – Most of us crave something sweet after a meal, but these cravings can subside after a while so hold off ordering straight after your main. If you really need that sugar fix, try and choose a sweet drink instead or opt for a coffee with sweetener. If you really can’t resist ordering a sweet treat, share a dessert with someone else and half the calories.
  • Be Careful With Your Drinks – It’s not just the food that is high in calories when dining out. Alcohol contains nearly as many calories as fat and it can be easy to have a few glasses with your meal. Try and stick to one alcoholic beverage whilst dining out and ask for water for the table. Drinking more alcohol can also make you feel hungrier, which could lead to extra consumption of calories too. Remember you must be completely out of ketosis 48hrs before consuming any alcohol over Christmas.
  • Remove Distractions – It may not sound much but removing distractions such as mobile phones from the table can help you to eat less during a meal. Research has found that being distracted whilst eating a meal can lead to consuming more calories. So if you do head out for a meal, keep your phone in your pocket and avoid any other distractions that may divert your attention. Instead, focus on enjoying your meal and the company you are with as much as possible.

So if you have some festive meals out planned over the next few weeks, don’t fret. Enjoy yourself and the celebrations, just try not to over indulge, stay motivated and remember to get straight back to Slim & Save.

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How do you plan to tackle the festive season? Leave a comment to be in with a chance of winning one of five £25 Amazon Vouchers in time for Christmas!

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  1. I have been on the plan for four weeks now plan is to have Christmas eve off till boxing day and it a low fat meal through to new years eve and new years day then back straight on it as am hopefully getting married june 23rd 2021

  2. I intend to stay with the plan, the determination and will this plan needs and deserves
    Remember how we got to this plan because of our weaknesses of the bad eating choices we have had, the diet plan gives you to the opportunity for a lifestyle change not a diet plan
    For those with coming off the plan “AVOID” the carbs and the chocolate, Christmas is one day can put you back one week, there will be many more Christmas days when you are in the better zone of managing your new way of life – MERRY CHRISTMAS and a lot less weight for 2020 🙂

  3. I’ve just ordered some more meal replacements, so I will try to only go off-plan for a couple of meals over Christmas, when I’m eating with my family. I’ve also ordered the White Wine water flavouring, and will take some with me when I go out, then order water to drink rather than an alcoholic drink.

  4. Although I’ve been having a less-than-ideal couple of months dieting, I’m hoping to not “cave-in” to the festive junk-food until as close as possible to the big day! I then fully plan to get back on the SnS plan between Christmas and the New Year (maybe Dec 27th?).

    Here’s hoping…

  5. Having lost 2 stone quite easily on Slim and Save so far, I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year and wearing lovely new clothes!
    I will be coming off plan on 21st Dec for 1 week so I can enjoy a glass of red or 2 with friends and family. However I will be careful with what I eat and drink, making sensible choices and keeping up my water intake, so it will not be too difficult to jump back on plan after.
    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. Here’s to a healthy, happy and slimmer 2020!

  6. I will enjoy Christmas and then have no resentment of the plan in January regarding what did I miss. I will be sensible and my plan is no alcohol. I am cooking which helps with control over what goes on the plate. I think when you have been on plan a while your appetite alters which should hopefully limit calories. The best thing about the plan is I know that when I have been on holiday and come off plan, a solid week or two on S& S has dealt with any excess baggage so why should Christmas be any different?.The thing to remember is Christmas is one day! Don’t make it s-t-r-e-t-c-h out and you can really limit the damage. And if all goes awry then your New Year’s promise to yourself is for a healthier, happier you, committed to plan and aiming for clothes from the skinny rails. Merry Christmas Everyone.

  7. I have been struggling for a while but I will still be following these ideas to stop me going completely going off track and help me get back on plan on 2nd January.

  8. I have just ordered the sample pack it arrived yesterday, I’m so excited to start so I will be starting Monday the 16th & will be doing it all through the festive period I figured I could/would put on more weight by Jan if I waited so I’m just gonna do it! end of! Merry Christmas to everyone xxxx

  9. Seeing as I’ve been mainly good this year (Father Christmas will be back me up I’m sure 😉 ) I’ve decided to veer from the plan a little. My mum cooks the best food, and makes some lovely sweet treats. I always say that a little of what you fancy does you good.

  10. I thought I would really struggle to be good at Christmas, but the blog has given me some great advice. My favourite bit is the 80/20 rule, which means that you can have a treat as long as you just keep going with your plan 🙂 merry Christmas everyone

  11. I will be coming off plan! I think the part about consuming alcohol & how this affects your hunger is so true. I always have good intentions when coming off plan & sometimes is better than others. Merry Christmas everyone & here is to getting back on plan as soon as after Xmas. Ordering packs now so I have them ready after Xmas is important I think

  12. Coming off plan for a week but will be sensible and will limit my sweet intake .working most of christmas so Christmas day will be treat day as I’m off .

  13. Having a few weeks off plan but trying to be very sensible and watch the calories and the sugar, which is my worst enemy! Going to Spain for a week over Christmas Day and am a little concerned about the cheap rose wine but I am still going to weigh in so I can keep the indulgences in check and cut back if I see the scales tip to far in the wrong direction. I’ve lost 39lbs in 24 weeks and not going back now!
    Merry Christmas all and enjoy the holidays however you choose to celebrate.

  14. I will be on a break the week of Christmas, however I am very nervous about this (cant believe I am nervous about not being fully on my diet!!! this has NEVER happened before- but here we are and it’s true!) I have no intention of losing control and destroying all the hard work I have already done. So…yes I will be having a few extras but I will also be avoiding all of the sweety tins (strange how I don’t feel I have like I have a sweet tooth anymore – it seems to have vanished) – so no reason to tempt fate!)

  15. Thank you for this. I had actually been wondering how to cope with the christmas day as we are having friends over. hoping to stay on track. thank you

  16. I’m planning on just having Christmas dinner off plan, but within the set restrictions, like the example of Christmas in ketosis on sns. I’ve done the plan before and as yet it is the only thing that has consistently worked for me. Last time I did the plan properly was just before the Christmas period, and it was the best Christmas!! I was able to eat, be comfortably full and not feel as though I’ve missed out on anything.

  17. Staying on plan except for Christmas Day and Boxing Day but doing low carb meals, then back on, unfortunately, no chocolate but since on the plan I don’t really want them anymore Merry Xmas everybody and good luck

  18. I’m working Christmas (boooo) so plan to stick to it in the main but with room for slight deviation, if a mince pie or roast potato comes my way. Nothing too drastic though! I want to start the new year feeling good about my body.

  19. Brilliant blog ! Thank you. We’ve decided to go slightly off plan and enjoy the festivities sensibly just for a couple of days and then get back to it. It’s so easy to lose your way in a short time so together we will try and keep a careful watch on what we are doing. Merry Christmas everyone !!

  20. I’m sticking to plan all over the Christmas period, no deviation at all. Just treating it like a normal week. I’m 90lb down with 21lb still to lose. The end is in sight and I’ve been 100% on plan for the last 6 months and see no reason to stop for Christmas. I’m super excited to weigh in on the 6th January and for once I won’t be dreading the scales and wearing leggings in January!

  21. This post is really helpful. I am only going to take Christmas Day off – but again won’t go off the rails.

    I have lost nearly a stone and a half in 8 weeks and feel amazing for it, so don’t want to ruin it. I will really enjoy Christmas next year 🙂 Have a fab Christmas everyone x

  22. I just started today and I’m going to be on the plan throughout the festive period. I am determined to follow it through as my goal is to lose as much as possible between now and March in time for my upcoming holiday. Last time I did the plan I lost 2 stone in 3 weeks prior to my holidays to Mauritius so interested to find out how much I will lose this time around if I stick to the plan and also I would like to work on making sure I maintain my weight loss having read the brilliant advice on here first the festive period, I think it will be good for me to follow some of that advice throughout the year. Slim and save is one of the best diets I have been on to date, mind you over the years I have been on a few different diets.

  23. I will be doing the plan up to Christmas day and then have a Christmas day off the plan but with very low cabs

    Breakfast will be: salmon with poached eggs and skinny prosecco
    Then Christmas dinner will be: Turkey with sweet potato jacket, cabbage, Carrots, other veg, pigs in blankets stuffing but there be no gravy or Yorkshire puddings has a don’t like them
    then back on the plan on Boxing Day.

  24. I’ll be having Christmas off to enjoy with all my family but as soon as Christmas is over I’ll get straight back on the plan.

  25. Excellent plan, many many choices and lots of guidance. No headache of cooking. I love S&S because it makes my life easy. This is a very effective diet as proven by a shaped body that everyone notice and realise. I will continue my plan on big day.

  26. I am planning on celebrating off-plan. However, I may have the odd SNS meal here and there depending on how I feel. I haven’t been this weight since the 80’s so this is my treat. I will be weighing on the 21st December and then I won’t be weighing until Jan 11th. I am restarting on 6th Jan but I want to keep my weigh day to a Saturday. I won’t be beating myself up about any weight gain as I know I will lose it, as soon as I’m back on plan. Some people may disagree with how I’m celebrating but we are all different and it’s our own individual choice.

  27. As I recently hit my target, I have decided to enjoy the social events that I have been invited to and stay on plan in between, therefore maintaining my loss. There is no point in using Christmas as an excuse to ruin all my hard work in the last 6 months! Enjoy yourself but plan ahead and try not to go off the rails x

  28. I’m off plan over Christmas, as I couldn’t bring my supplies with me. However, it’s easier to stay on track than it is to say No to all those goodies! The reward of losing the weight is your Christmas present to yourself, and every time someone notices your weight loss makes it an even more wonderful gift.

  29. This year I’ve decided to remain on plan, too many times I’ve let that one day off turn into a couple of weeks lacking structure & control. Given the plan allows for lifestyle days, I intend to still enjoy a dinner with my family but omit the carbs for lots of lovely fresh veg and make a slim n save style trifle for dessert using a vanilla shake & sugar-free jelly. For the evening I’ll chop up a crispy caramel bar so that when I settle down to Christmas tv I’ll have something whilst my family overindulge.
    There’s always going to be temptations with food so it’s finally time to learn how to manage these better.

  30. I’ll be celebrating on plan. I’ve planned ahead . I even ordered a snack box. I’ll enjoy the festivities the same as everyone else . With a little imagination some Christmas spirit you can still enjoy Christmas on plan. Ho ho ho have a Merry Slimming Christmas everyone

  31. Been putting my plan together, just trying to decide how much water flavouring will be needed. Mwrry Christmas one and all hope 2020 sees us all hit our goals

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