World Cup Special – Be a weight-loss champion


Have you been enjoying watching the World Cup from Brazil this summer? Ooops – maybe it’s a sore subject for England fans! Nevertheless, football is our national sport and in this light-hearted mini-feature we look at how football can help you with weight-loss on your Slim & Save journey.

One of the most important parts of your weight-loss journey is the goal that you set yourself. Goal-setting gives you motivation and direction. Never be over-ambitious because even Lionel Messi has to train constantly. To become good at anything takes time and effort. However, when setting your goals do visualise yourself as you want to be – look in the mirror and see yourself slim. Think hard and imprint this image in your mind. If you are having a bad day and maybe about to score an ‘own goal’ then remember the image of you how you want to be.

What is your motivation? Be clear in your own mind about why you want to lose weight. All football players have a clear motivation – to win! Make your own reason clear – maybe it is to be slimmer, sexier, fitter, lighter, healthier etc.

Make a plan for how you will celebrate when you achieve your weight-loss goal. Most football players have their own unique goal-scoring celebrations. Plan what you will do. Maybe buy a new pair of jeans, get yourself the latest blockbuster DVD, go out with your friends or treat yourself to a new gadget. ….or even run around the garden with your T-shirt pulled over your head with your arms out like you are an airplane.

Don’t give in to the advertisers and sponsors

Snacking and drinking are positively encouraged by many sports advertisers and sponsors. Take our advice and don’t fall prey to the marketing gurus. If you are having a night in to watch the final, make sure you stock up with some chopped vegetables or salad to snack on well in advance. Stick to your Slim & Save shakes, soups, meals and bars. Try to avoid watching the games in bars or pubs, if you do, then remember alcohol whilst in ketosis can be extremely dangerous so be sure to choose plain or sparkling water.

Penalties……If you feel inspired by the World Cup to take up a sport or exercise then you may like to check out the NHS Change4Life website.


  1. Football, I’m Brazilian, so what can I say?! Do I like it? No…I LOVE it!!!! I’m watching every single match with my best friends and whenever Brazil plays there is soooooo much temptation and I ALWAYS avoid them! Popcorn is a number one…savoury and sweet…the smell kills me! But I don’t eat them, I’m in a better place with myself and I don’t want anything to spoil that…
    The other day my friends decided to order pizza from Domino’s! I thought that would be fine…but the game went on to extra time and penalties. Which meant that everybody ended up having too many beers to drive and the girls were too busy being hungry. Guess who was in charge of going to collect the pizzas??? Yep, ME! I not only got upset with them, but thought it was super cruel! One of the girls decided to drive me there after I complained, while everyone else just smiled and said nothing. Fine, at least one friend stepped up! Haha As soon as we got back I handed them the pizzas and went to the kitchen to make my dinner and to be completely honest, my fish with stir-fry veggies was soooooooo nice that my boyfriend even wanted a bit! Of course I said a big NO!!!
    It does take a lot of will power, but like I said before, I enjoy myself much more than food these days and on the very very very plus side the Slim and Save meals are so delicious that I never feel like I’m dieting!
    Another way in which football motivates me to keep going is that during our holidays in August in Brazil, I’m going to take my 4 year old to football lessons and plan on playing with him and my baby when we get back…and I can say that I am now fit to do that!
    I cannot thank Slim and Save enough for giving me the possibility of being happy again around others, but mainly with myself!!!
    And come on Brazil…we’re eagerly waiting for the 6th time we say we’re The World Champions!!!!
    Ah, if we do go to the finals there will be a bbq to watch the game! And guess which food my friends are thinking of cooking??? Fish, prawns and lots of salad! Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper!!!

  2. My motivation was easy…i asked my hubby to take a picture of me in my underwear as i wanted to see how bad my uneven skin tone is and oh my God i NEVER want to see that sight ever again! until i get to my goal weight/ideal BMI i’m NOT stopping. do you need a motivation? take off your clothes and take a picture, trust me you WILL be disgusted by what you see,i was, and every food you see you would hate for doing that to u. that is what keeps me going. i have never been this determined to achieve anything in my life..I do not see SNS as a diet i see it as a permanent lifestyle change and my goodness the slim and save facebook group support is second to none.i immediately feel so good airing my frustrations with the support i get from the wonderful people on there with the same mindset and positivity it is amazing and when i see before and after pictures i am rest assured that it is definately going to happen and not just a wishful thinking. visualising myself in a tight pair of jeans relaxes me and helps me stay focused. i had a small loss in my 1st week and i was over the moon because guess what? that was 4lbs OFF that would NEVER come back on again so RESULT!!! even if i get a 1lb loss i would be happy afterall its 1lb lost and not gained so that’s my goal weight minus 1 yay!!
    My tip: When you are feeling down or worn out Stay strong, The mood will pass.
    Be the JUDGE of who you want to be and take control…i have taking the control off of food and i will not let it decide what size clothes i should wear!!
    See you on the finish line xx

  3. Winning or losing is not the point in my opinion #world cup. The point is being happy that you are doing the best you can. I got married last year on July 3rd and I was overweight. I didn’t know about Slim and Save before I got married but I wish I had. Don’t get me wrong..I was happy on the day but I would have given anything to be a smaller size. Slim and Save provides an even playing field for those of us who want to score goals in the weight loss field and I cannot give enough praise to those in HQ that are constantly helping us with our ‘goals’ and driving us to a better performance. Our ‘coaches and managers’ constantly provide us with the most updated information to be the best in our field. Onwards and upwards and constantly reaching (scoring) our goals is the way to go. Thank you one and all for your constant support and for helping us to achieve our objectives. #worldcup #winningteam #slimandsave

  4. Is there football on? I hadn’t noticed ☺ I’m being forced to watch every match which I don’t mind really as it gives me quality fb time!

    I started on my SnS journey after a very rare night out with the girls for my cousins 30th birthday. Being in a trendy bar with skinny dressed up, made up girls made me feel lower than low, and older than dirt! Not to mention the size of a house.
    But out of every bad comes a good. It was the kick I needed. I had said I was going to do it but as always spending money on myself always comes last after the children and the house. But no more! I ordered my trial pack and a months worth of shakes and feel amazing. Just over a week in and I can feel the difference in my body but the main part is the satisfaction and pride that I’ve done this for me!

    With my 30th in September I am going to be looking amazing for the first time in years. I’m going to enjoy my photos and I’m going to enjoy a weekend away just me and the husband in London. Not to mention the shopping trip to sort out the new outfits!

    Thank you SnS from picking me up from my darkest place and being in my pocket with inspiration, motivation and support

  5. I have loved the World Cup. Why? As I’m Scottish and it’s quite nice to watch a good game of football.

    Coming from a family of football fans I’ve grown up with a like of the sport. You can imagine my mum being gutted having 3 daughters and none of us enjoy shopping and all love football. Ha.

    My son is really into football and wanting me to join in playing with him and my husband has inspired me to diet.

    I have a million and one things planned when I get to goal. But first on the list is a lottery win to fund it all. Ha.

    I would love to be able to tell my story, I would love to fit into a pair of Victoria Beckham jeans, I would love to buy an item of clothing from any shop…. The list goes on but most importantly I want to have a long, healthy life with my husband and son.

    It’s my 8th wedding anniversary on Monday and this is the lightest my husband has ever seen me. I am proud of where I am but I will be prouder when I get to goal.

    Thank you Slim and Save.

  6. I’ve always been a goal maker, 26 years yoyoing in & out of my fat shell my protection. In my life I’ve been very hurt by people so I suppose my goal in life was to hide so no one could hurt me Hence my fat suit. I stumbled across slim & save by accident I have done vlcd many years ago and did well my Goal then was to be slim to make other people treat me better? Crazy I know but I see slimmer people don’t get hurt so badly which of course they do but I was under the impression my fat made people hurt me so if I got even fatter they’d not see me. My Goal be as fat as possible so I could disappear into a haze. 2 years ago I made a major life changing decision leave my ex who had spent 9 years treating me awfully bad but doing this if have to leave my home & business ? So my Goal was to lose my fat suit and my comfy but abused life. I lost 5 stone and left my absurd life and meet a guy who made me see I shouldn’t be treated bad he made me feel amazing. Sadly I gained 1/2 my weight back as I had an exercise injury usually I’d gain it all back and much much more but that Goal of getting to Goal weight was so near & after stumbling across slim and save & the Facebook group I started immediately … I no longer want to hide behind that fat suit & I’m getting married in 5 weeks and I plan to carry on my SnS journey to the end to get to my Goal Weight as 26 years trying I now seem to have found a place that can get me there. In a short 5 weeks I’ve made some axing friends in the sns group they know who they are & without them I’m sure I’d of stumbled badly.
    I will see you at Goal x

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