Allowed Drinks List

Whilst Slim & Save do not recommend drinking anything other than water whilst on plan, we realise from the many requests we get each day that our customers often have the need for some other drink options. To get the most from your weight loss plan we would strongly advise that if you are having drinks from the approved list below you stay within the guidelines provided.

The drinks listed below are currently suitable to have on Slim & Save diet. In general these drinks do not appear on the meal planner except for Water, Tea, Coffee and Boullion. When purchasing branded products please ensure the ingredients do not contain citric acid (or E330) or natural fruit flavouring and contains less than 2 Kcal per 100ml.

Unlimited Drinks (which also count towards water intake)

  • Tap or Bottled Water
  • Plain still and sparkling mineral water
  • Soda water (check that it contains no citric acid as some do)
  • Decaf Tea & Coffee
  • Peppermint Tea & Redbush tea
  • Slim & Save Water Flavouring
  • Bouillon (use the meal planner as it contains carbohydrates)

Bottled Drinks (Can be used with water as cordial)

  • Ribina Minis Blackcurrant bottles (200ml) 8 Calories – Use meal planner.

Unlimited Drinks (These do not count towards daily water intake)

  • Teas made from leaves or flowers eg. English Breakfast tea, green tea, liquorice tea (no teas with fruit or fruit flavours) Twinings buttermint Tea, Twinings Salted Caramel, Twinings Liquorice Tea.
  • Coffee
  • Flavoured coffees from Douwe Egberts or Beanies.

(Avoid caffeine in the first 3 to 4 days of plan)

Fizzy Drinks (Maximum 500 to 600ml per day)

  • Coke Zero
  • Cherry Coke Zero
  • Dr Pepper Zero
  • Sainsbury’s sparkling Blackcurrant & Cherry Flavoured Spring water
  • Tesco
    • Xero Cola
    • Xero Cola Cherry
    • Diet Cream Soda
    • Dr Fizz Zero
  • Aldi
    • Vive Cola ZX
  • Asda
    • Cola Zero
    • Diet Cola
    • Sugar free Cream Soda
  • Morrisons
    • No Sugar Added Cream Soda in Bottles Only
    • No Sugar Added Doctor Pop

Whilst we are not able to make a list of drinks which are not allowed we would like to confirm that “Diet Coke” (by Coca-Cola) is not allowed as is this the most frequently requested drink.

We try to keep the above list up to date, but unfortunately manufacturers do change ingredients so whilst every effort is made to ensure the list is accurate you may find listed products contain citric acid, caffeine or more calories than we believe. If you spot any inaccuracies then please let us know as soon as possible.