Exercise FAQ’s

Q. What exercise is permitted whilst on plan?
Q. Why is exercising too much on a VLCD bad for you?

A. You are only on 650 calories a day, and you need all those calories for your basic bodily functions so you shouldn’t be doing anything high impact or that will burn a lot of calories. If you do, you may find that your weight loss stalls where it will hang on to fat instead of burning it, and it can start to burn lean tissue and muscle instead which can be dangerous. So listen to your body, if you get tired don’t push yourself. This is especially important as you no longer have glycogen in your muscles. Glycogen comes from carbohydrates and is the reason why athletes carb load before a race or event. It’s what allows your muscles to work longer and harder. We don’t have any glycogen at all in our muscles on this diet, it’s burned off in the first week, so our strength and stamina are affected. You’re basically aiming for exercise that will tone you up and keep you moderately active. This is one diet where exercise will NOT help you to lose more weight or lose it faster.

Q. Can I do yoga/pilates whilst on plan?

A. Yes, any form of gentle, toning, stretching exercise is permitted whilst on plan. Remember, the key is to listen to your body and not do too much. Never push yourself more than you can manage.

Q. Can I do spinning/high impact aerobics/long distance running whilst on plan?

A. No, all of these are much too high in intensity and will stall your weight loss and potentially cause you harm.

Q. Can I use Power Plates whilst on plan?

A. Yes, using Power Plates whilst on plan are acceptable they are very good for toning you up. They wont speed up your weight loss, but they help with toning and body conditioning.