General FAQ’s

Q. What is the difference between Simplicity and Lifestyle Plan?

A. Simplicity offers a no food (TFR) approach you will only need 4 packs per day to meet the requirements of the plan. You do have the option of vegetables and milk if desired. Many people find Simplicity helps them stick to the diet easier without the temptation of going off plan by eating conventional foods.

For those who prefer to enjoy a meal with family each evening you are best with the Lifestyle Plan, 3 packs per day plus a low carb meal. This offers more choice and variety with the plan as you will not be restricted to simply the packs. If you find you start to cheat and struggle as soon as you start eating ‘conventional food’ then you would be better abstaining from food and sticking to 4 packs per day Simplicity Plan.

Both plans will invoke ketosis and be based around 650 calories, staying under 75g carbs and consuming around 50g protein per day. You will be able to achieve exactly the same weight loss results on either plan ensuring you are sticking to the guidelines 100%.

Q. Which plan will I lose the most weight on?

A. Regardless if you chose to follow the Simplicity or Lifestyle plan the weight loss will be pretty much the same providing you stick to either plan 100%. If you are following the Lifestyle plan it is essential to use the Meal Planner to ensure you stay within the daily allowances of carbs/calories/protein to stay in ketosis.

Q. Can I swap between Simplicity and Lifestyle Plan?

A. Absolutely, you can fit both plans around your particular lifestyle. Some people like the strict regime of Simplicity during the week and choose to do Lifestyle on a weekend when they have more time to spend at home cooking and preparing meals. Some people enjoy Lifestyle all week then require the discipline of Simplicity to keep them on track at the weekends. Or, if you have an engagement to attend during the week you could add in a Lifestyle day to accommodate a low carb meal. You can swap and change to suit your needs, the only rule being to make sure you use the meal planner on Lifestyle days to ensure you are within all your daily allowances.

Q. What is Ketosis?

A. Ketosis occurs when your body does not have sufficient carbohydrates to burn for energy, usually less than 70g of carbohydrates per day. Once ketosis occurs your body will burn fat as energy. Fat from your body and fat from the food you eat. This is far more beneficial to anyone who is trying to lose weight, as many diets sacrifice muscle for energy rather than fat which in turn lowers your metabolism. There are so many diets out there that create a low calorie environment, but not low enough carbohydrate to induce ketosis. Ketosis is a great way to lose weight as it will enable the protection of muscle tissue (which in turn helps to maintain your metabolism) as well as helps to control your hunger.

For a more in depth look at ketosis see the following page “What is Ketosis“.

Q. Do I have to have all the packs every day?

A. You have to ensure you have all your packs every day, even if you are not hungry. If you fail to do so it could cause your weight loss to stall by your body going into starvation mode and you would start to lose lean muscle mass rather than fat, and it can lead to further health contraindications. The packs are made up of 25% RDA, and it’s essential you have your 4 portions each day on either plan so you are reaching your daily allowance of vitamins, minerals and micro and macronutrients for your general health and well being.

Q. What is the average weight loss I can expect to lose whilst on plan?
Q. Do you have Consultants?

A. We do not have Consultants, but we do offer help and advice for free via many different methods such