Water Flavourings

Low carb ketosis friendly water flavourings! Buy More – Save More – Save up to £1.50 per pot!

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Add some flavour to your water intake with our low-calorie water flavourings. We’ve created a range of ketosis friendly water flavourings that will satisfy your sweet cravings for sugary drinks, and even alcohol! Simply add the flavouring to either sparkling or still water to enjoy a great refreshing taste, the handy compact pots mean you can slip one into your bag to take with you on the go!

Our innovative white wine and mulled wine water flavourings are ideal when you’re trying to resist reaching for the alcohol. Containing no alcohol, these water flavourings create the same taste as your favourite beverage, without the calories (or the hangover!).

Our water flavourings are ideal to use alongside the Slim and Save meal replacement products, including our meal replacement shakes, low calorie soups and meal replacement bars. We also offer great value multipacks!

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