Adele T Weight Loss Success Story

I have tried the Slim & Save plan a few times but could never get past 3/4 days. My weight got drastically out of control, and I decided to get a gastric band in Oct 2018. This worked I went from 17 stone to 11 stone. December 2019 my band needed fully exasperated and then covid restrictions hit before I could get my band completely active again. I inevitably had an inactive band during the full lockdown, and was experiencing extreme stress due to being a student nurse and still working in my role as a support worker.

I put on three and a half stone, and my mental health had hit an extreme low. My weight was climbing quickly and I gave myself the excuse as I was waiting on the bariatric clinics reopening. I had to ask the university for bigger trousers when I returned to placement after restrictions allowed us back, I grew and grew and then started to feel the tightness of the bigger trousers I had only got eight months ago, and that is when it hit me, determination and motivation to not allow my food addiction to control me any longer ( as I can definitely say I have a food addiction and has controlled me since I was 11 years old).