Amanda Gains Weight Loss Success Story

I have always been a ‘big girl’ and the only time I successfully lost weight was for my wedding 18 years ago. I lost almost 2 stone and my wedding weight was 10 stone 12 pounds and I felt fantastic. Since then the weight has just crept on and went on even faster after having my beautiful daughter 8 years ago. Last year I was 40 and we went on a family holiday to Turkey and although I always wear nice clothes and do care about my appearance when I saw those pictures I was so ashamed. I couldn’t believe I had got so big and nobody had told me just how big I really was.

I think I made the decision then that I needed to do something about it but because I have joined slimming clubs before and given up after a few months I don’t think people (including me) expected me to stick to it, especially with it being so strict. I ordered my first pack of slim and save at the end of August 2012 and haven’t really looked back.

I feel so much better in myself and feel fantastic when people who I havent seen for ages compliment me. I will be going on holiday in 5 weeks time with my size 16 clothes compared to my size 24’s last year. I still have a little way to go but just knowing how far I have come helps to spur me on and the only thing I regret is not doing it last year for my 40th but they do say…life begins at 40! xx

Amanda Gains

Amanda Gains – iPad Mini Winner

Amanda was also voted runner up of our iPad Mini contest which was held via Facebook in the summer of 2013

Amanda receiving her iPad Mini from Slim & Save’s Customer Care Manager Karen.