Andrea Bailey Weight Loss Success Story

For most of my life I have been overweight, even as a child. There has been the odd occasion in my teens and early 20’s when I wasn’t overweight, but that was the anomaly, rather than the norm.

2017 wasn’t a good year for me, both work-wise and personally. At work I felt like, no matter what I did it wasn’t good enough and, consequently, I wasn’t good enough. And, on a personal note, my father could no longer care for himself adequately, so he needed to move into a residential home, which is hard on me as I’m in the UK and he (along with the rest of my family) are in the US.

It felt like everything was spiralling out of control and I needed to do something to get myself back in control. My weight had rocketed to the highest it has ever been (17s 3lbs) and I was just completely unhappy. One of my work colleagues had been following another VLCD and I thought that, perhaps, that was the way to go. I had tried Slimming World previously, but it left me with too many choices (and loopholes) and I wanted something more strict, but still with choices.

I researched the many different VLCD that I found online. Of all of them, Slim & Save was the one that looked like it had the best selection of “meals” as well as very good reviews (of both the products and the customer service) and prices that fit my affordability criteria. I read everything on the website before I started as I wanted to be prepared for what I needed to change. I decided to follow the Lifestyle plan as it is important to me to spend time with my husband and being able to share a low calorie/low carb meal every day fit into my life.

So, in August 2017, I began my journey. My goal was to get to 10 stone. It seemed a nice round number and one that should be achievable within the 6 months that I was planning to be on plan. I was hopeful that, if I lost 4 – 5 pounds per week I would achieve that goal within that time frame.

I came off plan at the end of March, which was about 8 months, less the 5 or 6 weeks I didn’t stay “on plan” due to planned holidays/events. When I came off plan, I weighed 12 stone 12.8 pounds. Which means I lost 4 stone 4 pounds (and a bit) – that’s 60 pounds!! I am very happy with that. I can’t remember the last time I was under 13 stone! I haven’t yet reached my ultimate goal, but with Slim & Save I now have the self-belief that I can do this!

Things have changed for me at work – I am now in a different department and I found being on plan was harder as it’s a more “social” environment than I worked in previously. I’ve migrated to following another well-known diet, but without Slim & Save, I wouldn’t have the strength or determination to follow it as it needs to be followed. I have learned a lot about myself on my Slim & Save journey – about why I eat (or overeat) and how to combat the emotional eating that has been part of my life for what seems like forever.

I still have about 3 stone that I want to lose and I know that, if I don’t manage to stay on track with the path I’m now following, I will be back to continue my Slim & Save journey. The customer service, quality of the packs and the support of the Slim & Save community is fantastic! There are so many folks with so many good ideas on how to adapt packs and prepare things in such different ways that it really doesn’t get boring!

What I have lost with Slim & Save, weight (60 pounds) and sizes (from a 24 to a 16/18 depending on style), is fantastic – but more important to me is what I have gained. I have regained the belief in myself and my ability to reach my goals. It can be hard work, but hard work has never scared me.

I always try to remember that the weight didn’t just appear one day – it was gained gradually and, as long I keep my resolve and don’t fall in to bad habits again, it will come off gradually as well.

Andrea Bailey