Ann Brown Weight Loss Success Story

Hi my name is Ann Brown, I have tried various VLCD’s which were okay but very expensive and tasted horrid. Plus, I got no help when I reaching goal weight so I always went back to eating rubbish and drinking alcohol. I ballooned from 9st 3lb to 21st 2 lb and got more and more depressed. I had arthritis in my hips and knees and was in lots of pain. I also had diabetes and high cholesterol and was taking high dose medication, I knew something had to give.

The turning point for me was when we were on holiday in June 2016, my knee gave way and I fell face-first onto concrete damaging my left shoulder and various other body parts. On returning to the UK I saw my Consultant and he informed me I would require three operations but would need to lose a significant amount of weight before he would even consider surgery or an anaesthetic.

Due to health issues I had previously been on a very well known diet and lost around 3 stone but it wasn’t quick enough for me so I did some research into VLCD’s again and found Slim & Save. I gave them a ring and had a chat with admin, and was very happy with what I learned so promptly decided to order my first months supply. They tasted delicious. I struggled a bit the first few days but wanted to lose weight more than I wanted food and my determination and the support from admin and the people on the group page on Facebook helped me a lot. In my opinion they are second to none, everyone is so friendly and helpful no matter how many times you need them. I didn’t feel alone, I felt like part of the sns family and still do!

I started Slim & Save on 31 October 2016 at 18st 5.5lb and on the 10th April 2017 had lost 75lb. I am 67 years old so have decided that I look okay now at my current weight and am happy with where I am currently at. I would highly recommend this programme to anyone wanting to lose weight it really works! DIET WHAT DIET?