Benjamin M Jenkins Weight Loss Success Story

I started putting on weight when I was 15. I wasn’t too conscious or bothered by it, like any teenager you tend to expect to put on some puppy fat. Although, it got to the point when the puppy fat justification wasn’t much of an excuse anymore!

I was at my largest at 18 years of age – I was 19stone. To be honest, if I look back, even though I hated looking in the mirror and hated my body, I was somewhat oblivious to how big I really was. I went to University at 18; I struggled in social situations, I didn’t want to interact or go out much. I was embarrassed and disgusted by how I felt and looked – yet I kept eating and did nothing about it.

When I reached 19, I decided that something needed to change. I joined a diet club, it was great, and over the course of two years I managed to lose three and a half stone. I was so happy, I became a different person, and I finally started living my life. There was a catch though, it was only when I lost this weight that I then realised how overweight I previously was. Although, three and a half stone was a great feeling, I was still overweight for my age; it started to make me more aware of what I was eating. Consequently, I began to develop severe body image issues.

I was 21 just graduated; I had a great friendship group around me as well as my amazing family. Hypothetically, things on paper were good. Except, deep down, I was still conscious and unhappy about my weight. I tried so hard to eat healthy, but failed miserable and just couldn’t stop snacking or binge eating. I went though a long period of trying different diets and I’d completely yo yo, losing weight then putting it on etc. I took the saying – yo yo dieter to the NEXT level. I felt so defeated! I began to completely regress; I closed my curtains – I hated natural light, I kept myself in baggy clothes or just wore my dressing gown. I entirely shut myself off from my friends and family. When all my friends were going out celebrating the end of Uni, I was indoors feeling sorry for myself.

Then, I just snapped out of it! I changed my mindset, I just thought to myself, get yourself together, sort your head out and do something about it. One day, I wrote on a piece of paper – ‘Stop moping about and have some control over your life’, I stuck it to my door! I knew that I had managed to lose weight easily before, and wasn’t 19 stone anymore, I was much lighter, so I just needed to keep going and find another method that worked for me. By taking control and changing my mentality, it quite honestly changed my life.

I merely stumbled across Slim & Save. I went on the diet for 4 months with some breaks in-between. I managed to go from 16st to 12st 10lb. I was doing light exercise as well and the weight just came straight off! I cannot stress how much Slim & Save has completely changed my life and overall outlook on food. It has taught me that you can still enjoy a sweet snack without having to eat a massive chocolate bar. Frozen yogurt and fruit is just as rewarding! I’ve learn t that roasted vegetables, salad and some form of protein are just as filling as toast or pasta. I now have a better relationship with food; it is not my enemy anymore! I have continued to use Slim & Save packs to support further weight loss by doing the 5:2 diet. I am now 12st and will go between 12st to 12st 4lb. I regularly exercise and now I am much confident in life. Yes, I have bad days but Slim & Save has allowed me to have more good than bad!

Benjamin Mathew Jenkins