Benjamin M Jenkins Weight Loss Success Story

I started putting on weight when I was 15. I wasn’t too conscious or bothered by it, like any teenager you tend to expect to put on some puppy fat. Although, it got to the point when the puppy fat justification wasn’t much of an excuse anymore!

I was at my largest at 18 years of age – I was 19stone. To be honest, if I look back, even though I hated looking in the mirror and hated my body, I was somewhat oblivious to how big I really was. I went to University at 18; I struggled in social situations, I didn’t want to interact or go out much. I was embarrassed and disgusted by how I felt and looked – yet I kept eating and did nothing about it.

When I reached 19, I decided that something needed to change. I joined a diet club, it was great, and over the course of two years I managed to lose three and a half stone. I was so happy, I became a different person, and I finally started living my life. There was a catch though, it was only when I lost this weight that I then realised how overweight I previously was. Although, three and a half stone was a great feeling, I was still overweight for my age; it started to make me more aware of what I was eating. Consequently, I began to develop severe body image issues.