Bev Walmsley Weight Loss Success Story

I have always struggled with my weight, at only 5ft 1inch every pound shows. Five years ago I managed to stabilise at 9st 7lb but when I got married two years after, my husband and I had a lot of holidays and the weight crept back on.

I tried unsuccessfully to diet by calorie counting, but I didn’t learn any healthy new habits, I just ate rubbish. I was always hungry and gave up after a couple of weeks.

In January 2016, I decided it had to be a fast weight loss diet as I’m impatient and get disheartened easily. I initially chose a rival VLCD but the one to one support was terrible, I got the feeling they wanted me on the plan for life as I was an income to them, plus the selection of shakes and food was severely limited and it wasn’t sustainable nor was the price.

I did some research on Google and came across Slim & Save. I’m so glad I did, the plan is so flexible and the shakes, meals and bars are all gorgeous. It’s taken me 8 months, firstly I’m a slow loser averaging 2lb a week but I’ve also been on five holidays this year, so I’m on/off plan every six weeks or so, but I never have trouble getting back into it as it’s so easy and I never feel deprived or hungry.

I started in January 2016 at 11st 12lb, my original goal was 9st 7lb but as the diet was so easy, I changed it to 9st and then 8st, which is where I am now. I’m looking at maintenance soon and have realised that low carb is the way to go. I’ve learnt once I go back to lots of carbs and rubbish food, my cravings start again, which is a great learning curve for me. The diet has taught me that I don’t need potatoes and pasta with all my meals.

The Slim & Save team have been fantastic with support and have answered all my questions. I would say to anyone thinking of choosing this diet, try it the results are fantastic.

Bev Walmsley