Brett M Weight Loss Success Story

At the Back end of November, I weighed myself and was over 23 stone. I had no energy and was struggling at work. I’m a self-employed plumbing and heating engineer and up and down all day. My knees were taking a battering, and I was always tired and in pain. I couldn’t really play for long periods with my grandchildren and would make excuses not to.

Brett M
Brett M

I decided I needed to do something, and with help from a friend with a change of mindset, I set about this plan. I have mixed the lifestyle and simplicity plans on a pretty relaxed basis. At the end of the day, if I’ve felt a bit hungrier or it’s not been after 6 pm I’ve had a meal to keep the food aspect and if I’ve not felt hungry or after 6 pm, I stuck with the shakes, bars or porridge.

Some weeks I’ve lost nothing at all but haven’t weighed myself religiously, only weighed myself when I’ve felt clothes getting looser/baggier. I’ve personally not found it that hard myself, and you can do it. It does work. Good luck everyone

Brett Meese