Charles Reilly Weight Loss Success Story

My story is probably much like most people’s when it comes to weight loss; I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and thought to myself “When did this happen?!”. Also like most people, I didn’t do anything about it straight away. Instead I said that I was having a bad day or I was bloated or something.

The tipping point for me was the realisation that in a year and a half I was going to hit 30 and I wanted to change. With a fixed time frame in my mind I sat down and thought about all of the things I wanted to do and wanted to be. Top of the list, before learning another language or getting a promotion, I wanted to be healthy and in shape.

With that goal in my mind, in January I bought a one month box from Slim & Save. In it I had a nice variety made up of Bars, Shakes and Meals and it really went well… for about 3 weeks before I fell off of the wagon and started buying sandwiches from the deli at lunch time, and having takeaway with my girlfriend in the evening and… Well you know how it goes.

A couple of months later it really sank in what I’d done and I felt so incredibly guilty; I’d set a goal, something that would really make a difference in my life and I’d given up on it! So I made the decision to give it another go, only this time I’d be held accountable for my actions. So I made a blog. I posted pictures, wrote what I ate that day and how I felt and to this day I don’t know if a single soul actually saw it but that didn’t matter, I felt a responsibility.

On April 13th 2013 I climbed back on that wagon, started the blog and gave it another go, at 215 lbs.

The weight flew off. I started to see a difference in a few weeks, photographing my meal sachets became a routine every morning (even though they were practically the same every day) and I stuck with it. I teetered a few times, I won’t deny that, and I had a week off at one point where I brought myself out of ketosis so I could drink a glass of champagne at a friend’s 30th birthday but if I fell, I got back up; I had a goal in front of me and it was rapidly approaching because I had to get down to 12st for my birthday in July and that meant dropping over 45lbs.

I’m not going to go week by week saying how it was as it was pretty much the same, but what I will say is that if you can handle the monotony, this diet can change your life. I’m probably not like most people, in that I have no problem eating the same thing every day, day in day out. Once I knew what I liked, I stuck to it. Porridge in the morning, a bar at lunch and two bowls of Spaghetti Bolognese in the evening; simple tastes eh? Sometimes I would add herbs or hot sauce to the Bolognese in the evening to add variety but that was about it! I kept hunger at bay with a pint glass I had in work, it would always be full of water, and as soon as I finished it I would get another from the cooler. I’m now getting through 7-8 pints a day before I even go home now!

I reached my goal 5 days before my birthday and have already treated myself to the most awesome birthday present, a gym membership. I’ve gotten myself half way to my goal thanks to Slim & Save but now the responsibility lies with me to get the rest of the way. I’d be devastated if after coming off plan I let myself put that weight back on so instead, I’m going to go the other way and keep getting better. I’ve got slim for my birthday; let’s see if I can get a six pack for Christmas 😉

Charles Reilly