Christine Davies Weight Loss Success Story

Before I started this diet I had no confidence in myself with low self esteem as I could see I was getting bigger and bigger and reached 13st 3lb. I hated to see photos of myself, hated buying new clothes because I didn’t like what I saw in mirrors.

Each time I went to the doctors it was always the same negative comments that I needed to lose weight. I didn’t need to be told this because I already knew. I was on blood pressure tablets for high blood pressure. Was there ever going to be an end to my weight gain I wondered, also I started to make excuses, “well it’s my age, well does it matter? Deep down I knew it did matter even if it was only for my health. I needed help after trying numerous diets I soon gave up on.

One day I opened up to a friend of mine and said how depressed I felt. With this my friend told me about Slim and Save explaining how it worked and this is where my journey began last September.

Christine lost 3st 3lb on Slim & Save!