Christine Davies Weight Loss Success Story

Before I started this diet I had no confidence in myself with low self esteem as I could see I was getting bigger and bigger and reached 13st 3lb. I hated to see photos of myself, hated buying new clothes because I didn’t like what I saw in mirrors.

Each time I went to the doctors it was always the same negative comments that I needed to lose weight. I didn’t need to be told this because I already knew. I was on blood pressure tablets for high blood pressure. Was there ever going to be an end to my weight gain I wondered, also I started to make excuses, “well it’s my age, well does it matter? Deep down I knew it did matter even if it was only for my health. I needed help after trying numerous diets I soon gave up on.

One day I opened up to a friend of mine and said how depressed I felt. With this my friend told me about Slim and Save explaining how it worked and this is where my journey began last September.

Christine lost 3st 3lb on Slim & Save!

I first started with the starter pack and thought wow these meals taste ok. As I was so focused on losing weight it felt an easy start. I was one of the lucky ones who never suffered headaches as I was warned this was a side effect of the diet in the first week.

In the first week I lost 7lbs and thought this is fantastic a diet I can stick to, enjoy and lose weight. Another brilliant thing was the support you are given on the Facebook Website where you can chat to others who also was losing weight, sharing your problems with them and the lovely admin who are always there to give you support and help you out when sometimes you may struggle.

I started to lose weight losing on average 2lbs per week. I thought this is brilliant and when I went to Tenerife for 6 weeks end of October I took my packs along with me too and yes I dieted all through the holiday. I was so focused that I wanted to look better. I soon realised because I was losing weight I no longer needed my medication!!! Now that was a win, win for me and I was so pleased about that. It was hard when others were drinking alcohol and I was sticking to my water but for me it was worth it.

At Christmas it was very quiet at our house so again I followed the plan never, ever wavering from it. I have always remained positive, determined to reshape my body. If ever I felt low there were always admin I could chat with to support me. Most of the time I was upbeat and supported other dieters too. Up to now I have lost 43lbs (don’t tell the admin but I have weighed myself a little earlier as they like you to weigh yourself weekly as your weight can fluctuate.)

Now I am 10st which is my final journey but it won’t be goodbye to everyone as I intend to still support others any way I can. Also it will help keep me in check. To help me I may start the 5 – 2 diet having packs on a couple of the days during the week.

I would recommend this diet to anyone. The reason I say this is because it works. Give it a go there is loads of support which some times is what you need.

Good Luck.

Christine Davies