Christopher K Weight Loss Success Story

I had been wanting to lose weight for a number of years, trying various diets for a couple of weeks at a time – but none of them stuck. During the Black Friday 2016 sales I saw an offer from Slim & Save that peaked my interest, and I plunged for a 4 week supply that just sat in a corner until 15 May 2017.

What was it that made me finally start Slim & Save?

I found out I was going to be an uncle! I was overjoyed. I want my nephew to grow up and see me as a cool, fun uncle, and don’t want to say no to a little football match with him due to health issues I’d undoubtedly develop if I stayed at the weight I was. This has remained a motivator but since that news, I’ve also booked a holiday to Tunisia this Summer – that’s helped kick things up a notch… I want to feel more comfortable in my own skin by then, enjoying the swimming pool and sunbathing without a care in the world, and taking part in whatever activities I fancy without worrying about weight limits.

My journey so far

At my heaviest I weighed 22 stone – with a 52/54” chest and 46” waist. Today, thanks entirely to the Slim & Save plans, I’m 15 & ½ stone with a 36” waist and 46” chest. I’m able to buy clothes off the peg, I can walk distances I used to puff & pant after, but now don’t break a sweat at, and I feel all the better for it – physically and emotionally.

I still have work to do though! Ultimately I want to get to around the 12 stone mark, an ideal weight for my height. I’ve sacrificed too much to let it fall apart now, so I’ll make sure I’ll get to my goal weight – however hard it is, however long it takes.

How I handled the diet

Consuming 650-800 calories and 70g carbs a day is extreme, and when friends and family first heard of it there was a mixture of positive and negative reactions. Point is, this IS a pretty extreme diet and it will undoubtedly come with some skepticism but providing you follow it correctly, it’s perfectly safe and I and others from Slim & Save’s “Success Stories” prove it can yield fantastic results. You just need to commit to it for the long haul, tune out the nay-sayers and you’ll prove the doubters wrong in no time. Stay positive, even if others aren’t.

Before I started, I had to get into the right mindset. I got rid of anything “off plan” from my cupboards, fridge and freezer – this helped eliminate temptation and prevent moments of weakness. I have had planned days/weeks off here and there and perhaps over-indulged during them, but the key with this diet is to keep yourself motivated and determined enough that you won’t one night just order a takeaway from JustEat and ruin a week of work, which I’m proud to say hasn’t happened to me.

Things I learned from Slim & Save

Firstly, join the Slim & Save Facebook group if you haven’t already. It’s a fantastic source of inspiration, motivation, support, and seeing other people’s tips & tricks. There’s too many to list, but here’s what I would say are my top tips for surviving the journey.

Get your packs right. Slim & Save do starter packs to let you sample the different flavours – there’s so many that I’m sure you’ll find at least a couple favorites you will love. Don’t stick with packs you don’t enjoy as it will make staying on plan hugely more difficult. If you have only the packs you enjoy, it will be much easier.

Switch & Swap. Slim & Save offer two plans – Lifestyle, where you can have a low cal/low carb meal, and Simplicity, where you have only the packs and some allowable extras (within limits). The great thing is, weight loss is the same on both, so feel free to switch between them however you like… Just stay within your calorie & carb allowance.

Make peace with the diet. Before you start, understand that if you have a lot of weight to lose like me, you’ll be on this diet for months, and the sooner you make peace with the fact it will be a long time before you can enjoy the odd takeaway, Bloody Mary, fruit salad or chips, the easier things will be. Fruit is the single biggest thing I miss the most and what tests my commitment to this diet more than anything else. Not crisps, chocolate, or any other junk food… It’s fruit!

Take it one goal at a time. While some people may find it better emotionally to have one single goal in mind, I felt it easier setting smaller goals. This helped keep my motivation up and feel like I was making real progress. Getting from 22 to 16 stone was my first goal which I’ve now hit, so I’m now working on getting to 12 stone – goal #2.

Final words from me

I’m proud of where I’ve got to thus far but I know I still have more work to do, and will continue using Slim & Save to help me get there. I’m on the S&S Facebook group so feel free to say “Hi” if you see me, and I hope to share a further update sometime in the future once I reach my ultimate goal weight.

PS. My all-time top 5 fave packs are (in order): Cheesy Pasta, Scrambled Egg, Orange Truffa Bar, Oatmeal, White Chocolate & Raspberry Shake

Christopher K