Claire Haywood Weight Loss Success Story

As a busy working mum of three I found myself making unhealthy choices and gaining weight over the last two years, it affected my confidence and I was making me feel very unhappy in all aspects of my life. I stumbled across Slim and Save after an internet search. I had done a similar VLCD years ago with some success, however I found it very restrictive. I decided to order the starter pack, and upon stepping on the scales was horrified to find I weighed 14st 12lbs (size 18) which is far too heavy for my 5’6 frame.

I loved the choice and variety Slim and Save offered, the fact that you can move from the Simplicity to Lifestyle plan has being a god send, it meant I didn’t have to miss out on socialising with my family and that I could still stick to plan.

Eighteen weeks later I have lost 3.5 stones and now weigh 11.5 stones (size 12). I plan to get down to 11 stone and them re-feed. I could not have done this without firstly the choice of packs, the quick and easy delivery, and finally the Facebook group which is fab and has really helped to motivate me!

Thank you Slim and Save x

Claire Haywood