Dale Roberts Weight Loss Success Story

On father’s day 2014 whilst playing with my children I fell and hurt my knee quite badly. I was told by the Hospital in no kind way, I was too overweight for an operation to repair the damage.

My BMI was 41.9 which was very high, I would need to have a BMI of 35 before I would even be considered for the operation. With no idea of how to lose weight without exercising, I went away from it feeling determined I would lose the weight. I now have a BMI 27 and have now been referred by the Doctor for the operation to go ahead.

I researched diets and I came across Slim and Save, I read the reviews and it really appealed to me and the prices were very reasonable.

It was hard losing weight but I was determined. I loved the Slim and Save community, so many nice people all have the same goal as you. The weigh tracker and measurement guide is the best thing as well. As long as you track and follow the plan the weight does come off.

The benefits I have had are amazing, I can now do exercise with limitations and sit-ups.

I understand how and why I got so big. I know now I can maintain my weight loss and go forward after the plan with the support from Slim and Save. My Friends have also followed my lead onto the plan and are seeing the same sort of weight loss I have experienced. I recommend Slim and Save 100%

Dale Roberts