Debbie Joslin Weight Loss Success Story

I have been overweight all my adult life and tried countless times to lose weight. I would do really well but put it all back on again plus a little more! Then earlier this year I had a visit from my nephew who had lost an amazing 3 stone with Slim and Save.

I was so impressed and after checking out the web-site thoroughly and preparing myself mentally for the challenge I ordered my first month’s supply. I decided to follow the Simplicity plan as I thought that cutting out ‘real food’ altogether would suit me best.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved the food packs! The choice was extensive and I really didn’t get bored with it at all. The weeks went by so quickly and the pounds kept coming off and after 6 months I was at my goal weight and had lost a staggering 74lbs!

Clothes shopping is now a pleasure instead of a chore and my confidence has soared! It has been two months now and I am still at my goal weig ht and I am determined to stay there!

The support I received all the way through from the Slim and Save staff and other members on the forum has been invaluable and I would urge anyone who needs to lose weight to give it a try.

Debbie Joslin