Deborah Murray Weight Loss Success Story

My name is Debbie, and I would like to share my weight loss journey. After an accident, I woke up, in a hospital bed having had surgery for a badly broken leg in several places, held together with locking screws. This was the beginning of fit to fat for me, it was slow, but the weight crept up year on year. Then the beginning of last year my friend said I’m going to have a gastric band, having also gained weight with age. Horrified I was like “No you can’t”! However, she was adamant.

I said to my partner, can you believe she would do such a thing when all she needs to do is diet and lose weight. The shock on his face was a picture. He told me a few home truths, “If it were that simple you of all people would have done it. Debbie, you’ve never been a hypocrite, but today you are”. At that point, I decided to try Slim & Save, which I had seen online previously.

When it arrived on the 1st February 2019 I thought I’m far too lazy to do anything but Simplicity, however, after a week I found this hard and thought, I’d try the Lifestyle Plan. I was still a bit lazy, and it took me time to start using the meal planner right. I found straight away I was unable to stick to the milk allowance. So I used almond milk because you could have more but still went over my milk allowance!

I discovered lots of delicious recipes. One of my favourites was a meal of a two egg omelette with a Babybel and a few mushrooms. Then swede chips, which I think are amazing! I never knew about them before and it still amazes me. But my real find was rhubarb. Omg, I had not had it since I was a child, but boil the water and add rhubarb till it’s just covered, then six sweetener tablets, and it is really lovely. It’s what saw me through.

The diet feels quite tough, I talked food, I looked at food, but I didn’t eat anything that was not permitted on the plan for 12 weeks, then I weighed myself and was ten stone. My goal was ten stone 4, so I actually went over my goal.

People along the way were sometimes negative, “You will put it all back on. You need to stop now your looking thin”. These comments were when I was 11 stone. Nevertheless, I did reach my goal, and I attended the hospital when my friend had her gastric band. I so hoped it would change her mind as an example that you can lose weight if you stick to the plan.

I did panic once I reached my goal, worrying about what I was going to eat, as you then realise that the diet is the easy bit. It’s so easy to follow the structure of eating three packs and a meal. However, I have succeeded. I’m one year in and on maintenance. It’s not easy, but it is achievable if you always remember “I’m lucky I have Slim & Save in my back pocket, other diets don’t”.

So what do I do, on a typical day I have porridge for breakfast or the little cereal packets you get in a variety pack or granola. Then an omelette with a side salad. Say I decide to have fish and chips or a donner kebab I’ll have a bar later, then for a couple of days I’ll have two meals as shakes or bars, then two regular healthy meals, so my weight remains consistently the same.

One year on I’m so happy I started this diet, everyone says I must have lost at least four stone, and are shocked when I inform them I only lost just over two! I would recommend this diet to anyone.

Deborah Murray