Diane Cowell Weight Loss Success Story

For much of the past 19 years and especially after returning from a holiday (with croissants and Moroccan pastries every day for breakfast!) celebrating both my husband’s and my 60th birthdays, I found myself three and a half stone overweight, and facing the inevitable winter weight gain, with Halloween, Thanksgiving (I’m American…) and then Christmas coming up, all holidays that my family celebrates with food traditions! I decided that I couldn’t kid myself about being overweight any longer. I love being active, I ride horses (poor things, having to haul my fat bum around) and my weight was beginning to affect how active I could be. I didn’t want to be old before my time and really needed to get rid of this excess weight.

Like most of us on the plan, I’ve been on low calorie diet plans before but always failed to reach goal because they took too long and they didn’t really make me confront my issues with food. Although I rarely ate for ‘comfort’ I did use food as entertainment, and in times of boredom, loved nothing more than whipping up some fattening treats to enjoy! Anyway, I had heard about vlcd plans and decided that although it might be expensive, it was my last chance to live the rest of my life at a healthy weight. I was desperate and really at rock bottom and told myself before I even started that no matter how much it cost and how miserable I would have to be, I would succeed!

I happened across Slim & Save whilst researching vlcd’s and couldn’t believe the comments from other successful clients: ‘weight falls away’ ‘never hungry’ ‘best tasting meal packs compared to other plans’ and was delighted that the cost of it per week was much more reasonable than other widely advertised, better known plans; in fact, I spent less than I would have at the supermarket buying food every week that wasn’t really good for me! So, with the full support of my GP, I started on November 2nd, doing Simplicity because it enabled me to spend as little time as possible with food preparation; and portion control wasn’t an issue.

I was surprised how tasty the food packs were; the Cottage Pie, the Chili Con Carne and the Thai soup being my favourites! The food bars are really good and satisfy any yearnings for chocolate. (I still have them instead of chocolate). The first few days were hard but I was determined to get through them and I found it easy to stick to the plan once I was in ketosis. The quick weight loss (about a stone a month) was a powerful motivator to stick with it, and I was determined not to spend one more day than necessary on the plan! Whenever I felt hungry or weak willed, I came onto the facebook Slim and Save web page for a few minutes of ‘therapy’ where I always found people in similar circumstances facing the same struggles as I was.

I took several days off plan at Christmas and was ecstatic to restart on 1 Jan without again but am pleased to say that I was able to stick to the plan at all other times, using Lifestyle options for a meal out or a weekend away, once to Rome and another time to Dublin! I got to my goal weight after 4 months (3 and 1/2 if you take out the days I was off plan at Christmas) and have gone from 15 st 7 pounds to 11st 10 pounds, a loss of 3 st 11 pounds and from a size 18-20 in trousers to a 12-14, and 20-22 tops to size 14-16. My family can’t quite believe how quickly I have lost this weight!

I can’t say enough good about this plan! If you make the commitment to stick to it, you will be successful! My whole attitude to food has changed due to books recommended by the Slim and Save team that I have worked through and from things I have learned from my fellow dieters, and I am into my first few days of re-feeding and maintenance without the urge to binge on all the foods that I haven’t been eating these past 4 months. I’m sure I will have ‘treats’ in the future but I now know how to control myself and am confident that I can maintain my weight loss. Thank you again, Slim and Save for such wonderful products and for the staff that are so dedicated to helping us succeed!

Diane Cowell